The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!?!

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The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!?!

Is Furbo Dog Camera the ULTIMATE dog training tool?! SAVE 53%: 🤩 It’s their BIGGEST SALE EVER!!

Furbo is an incredible dog camera that:
– Lets you see your dog in HD video
– Lets you hear and talk to your dog with 2-way audio
– Lets you toss treats to your dog from anywhere in the world
– Can send you super intelligent notifications like Bark Alerts, Crying, Howling and Continuous Barking Alerts, Dog Activity Alerts, Person Alerts, Home Emergency Alerts like smoke alarms and glass breaking… and they’re even working on Dog Emergency Alerts to notify you of potential medical emergencies with your dog!
– Furbo’s Dog Nanny service will even record every event that triggers Furbo and save all the videos to the cloud, PLUS automatically send you a 60-second highlight video of the most interesting moments from your dog’s day!

Furbo Dog Camera has already saved over 2800 dogs’ lives with these intelligent alerts 🤯

Furbo is having their BIGGEST SALE EVER right now – save 53% HERE:

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45 Thoughts to “The ULTIMATE Dog Training Tool!?!”

  1. Mike Doe

    Love ya, Zak, but this is a hard pass from me.

    If you don’t have time for your dog, don’t get one. Interacting through a camera is *no* substitute for bonding in person.


  2. Josie Quintrell

    Hello Zak. Do you know if they send to DK?

  3. Rakul

    From the title and the thumbnail I thought this was going to be a cute homage to Inertia and her contribution in training both George and Chop…. Kinda disappointing it’s just an ad for a camera. I get that brand deals is how you make a living and I don’t mind them in the regular videos. But a video that is 100% an ad should be more obviously labelled as such imo.

  4. kiba Schikorra

    Awww they dont send to denmark 🙁

  5. panzertoo

    that I’m the only one actively pursuing the phone pager on the collar is sad really based on the unbelievable results and its pure science

  6. supersnailboy

    Inertia is beautiful

  7. Astrid Jordan

    Tell the company it needs a microphone so you can speak to your dogs too. Now that could potentially lead to some training otherwise it’s a glorified camera, nothing else Nice video though

  8. Rich O'Platt

    Furbo also has a monthly subscription for some of these features I believe.

  9. Rich O'Platt

    *sponsored video…..?


    i would like to know how dogs are trained for blind people to guid them.

  11. Maja Ambroziak

    I need this

  12. SoundClout

    Purchased immediately. My pup is just over a year old and I’m feeling confident enough to leave him here alone in the house THANKS TO THIS CHANNEL! Seriously, I started training him at 8 weeks thanks to Zak.

  13. Heather

    Sold! Seriously. I’ve wanted one for a while and the price was right. Although I couldn’t get the exact same Zac George discount on the Furbo Canada site, it was still a great deal. Can’t wait until it arrives for our four-month old puppy because at some point I’m sadly going to have to go back to the office. Our entire family loves your channel and we’re always excited when you add a new episode. If Bree is thinking of getting another rescue dog at some time in the future, we’d love to follow her along with her training journey. Not that we don’t love you Zac, because we do. It’d just be funny to see you two swap roles. We could then hear off camera comments from Zac captioned along the bottom of the video. It’d be fun to watch. LOL.

  14. Chelmin Media

    So this is just a commercial?

  15. Cards Are My Canvas

    Love this! It would be great for our little mini trailer! Zak please tell turbo to put sensors in for ac going off etc or at least a temperature reading so we know our pooch is safe when camping!

  16. Sasha Rhodes

    A whole video for sponsored content…

  17. Haul-LongBear

    Another hackable data monitor…. With dog treats this time

  18. Harish Kottayam

    Amazing videos.. i have taken lot of help from here for training my Eva 😍

  19. ~ Avery ~

    I love your videos!

  20. Cute Japanese Cats Channel

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  21. Christine Alix

    Hey Zac you can send your clones to work at all the animal shelters and train some awesome adoptable pets🐾🐾🐾

  22. D Guarino

    Why are you dressed like Captain Kirk?

  23. Claire

    How do I teach my dog to run next to a bike with me

  24. Claire

    Will you ever do a series on puppy raising a service/guide dog?

  25. demzii

    I wish I was in Alaska though I’m in georgia

  26. Lauren

    You sold me and I don’t even have a dog

  27. Azmoks’s Canine Training

    where did your ‘Interia’ and ‘Indie’ photographs go?

  28. Co Co Bean

    I love your channel

  29. Jazz Arts

    Aw man I thought this was finally an Inertia video lol

  30. Top Notch Dog Mogul

    Nice video here i also train my dogs and also eliminate all bad behaviors i also recorded a training for it on my profile check it out if you are a real dog lover hope its helps you out …. :)🐩💗🐩🐩💗

  31. Samurai

    That’s not even a training tool… It’s literally a camera with sound detection.

  32. Lexi Jefferson

    Brb, gonna go buy this (and possibly some Zac clones) for my pup😂

  33. Hardika Suthar

    Cant waittt its gonna be amazing!!!!

  34. Ashley Baker

    Clones 😂😂

  35. mcatronw

    I feel like there needs to be a prominent #ad in the title, description, or beginning of the video.

  36. Cheese

    Lmao, I can imagine a neighborhood full of a million versions of Zak, walking dogs.

  37. Pokémon Master

    What do I do if I’m allergic to dogs? Everytime I’m around dogs and I try petting them I’m always sneezing and I have a really bad runny nose and then it lasts a long time. I really like dogs but with me always sneezing and having a bad runny nose it’s like I can’t even get a dog 🥺

  38. Bree George

    THE CLONES 😆💀💀

  39. Hardika Suthar

    It would beeeeee amazingggggg

  40. Bree George


  41. WOLFST3R Gaming


  42. Hardika Suthar


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