THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

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THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.

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33 Thoughts to “THE TRUTH: We are Leaving Our Dogs Behind in ALASKA.”

  1. Patricia Fletcher

    Perfect for Halloween 🎃

  2. Amanda Riley

    Come to OHIO!!! Help train my dog and I will provide free (a whole side of a house- neat/ clean/ nice!) free! I’ll feed you guys too!!! Go visit the pro football hall of fame, etc!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    I have a 14 week old havapoo! Would love to have you guys train her. Dead serious! 🙏🏻

  3. Here This

    That was nice , Inertia didn’t try to “steal” the frizbee , when Veronica was learning to catch it .☺

  4. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Future video, Inertia vs Veronica frisbee contest!

  5. Ankita Tasin

    Why does it seem like Bree likes Veronica better than Inersia?

  6. Jenny Bozynski

    It took me two years to train my poodle. She is doing great now.

  7. Julie Cee

    Surely…you are not leaving your lovely inertia in alaska. Are you doing a delivery? Love your videos…

  8. Lisa DeHart

    Great video. I always learn something new. Soon I’ll be inheriting my son’s 2 year old dog. So I may have to go back to the basics 😬 Thru your vids I’ve been able to train my 2 year old dog amazing well. Hope I can do the same with my son’s dog🤞

  9. Miss cranky pants

    Omggg I loveee that werewolf toy it’s ingenius.

  10. Nimrod nachmias

    Hey Zak, what frisbee brand would you recommend for small dogs? I have a type of spitz which seems to be crazy for the disc !

  11. Auric Goldfinger

    I was initially a big proponent of your positive reinforcement training exclusively. However, After 6 months of working humane societies and fostering, I’ve come to respect a more balanced approach with some corrections ( verbal and leash) and avoiding top pulling harnesses at all costs. Slip leashes , rarely prong collars, and eventually a front martingale type of harness ( easy walk) are the way to go with all training challenges. In my humble opinion

  12. The Migraine Warrior

    I’m loving watching your adventures and daily life along with your training and we love our SuperChewer Box! We got that glow-in-the-dark ghost toy in our Halloween Box! I’ll admit that I’ve used a bungee leash with my dog before for similar reasons to the ones Bree mentioned (though my dog is much bigger.) But it’s definitely contextual and I mostly use a regular 6 foot leash. Is there any reason why Inertia doesn’t wear a harness? I’m only asking because Veronica wears one so I’m curious about the thought process. Keep up the great work! 💜

  13. Raven Rose

    Our cctv camera from Yi helped with being able to leave mine. All i had to do was tell her to “lie down and settle down” and she would!

  14. Larissa Sparks

    Love your videos – always entertaining and informative. Love seeing a little bit of your life with Bree and the pups ❤

  15. technicolor965

    This was the funniest barkbox ad you’ve ever done, I loved it 😂

  16. Courtney Breaud

    I’m excited I’m getting my puppy early December a mini Aussiedoodle

  17. NoOffensePies


  18. J K

    collar or harness? im at a crossroad here lol

  19. Falindove

    This is really helpful to hear because I’m training my dog right now but I’ve traveled with him ever since he was a puppy and it’s really difficult to decipher what he needs trained on because he was good in some ways on the road but now in a house he has a lot of problems I didn’t see and on top of that he has a problem I did know he had.

  20. Ambi Cahira

    Have you done a DNA test on Veronica? If you did I missed it. She is just so cute and interesting looking!

  21. Henry Cavill

    It’s insane how much time you have to put in for training a puppy. That’s what this channel has taught me. Putting in the work and teaching with positive reinforcement is worth it.

  22. Clara Casabona

    Thanks for all the free content about training dogs and sharing all the challenges of it!. Thanks to your recommandations our puppy is learning so much 😍🐕

  23. 𝗦𝗘𝗫-𝟲𝟵.𝗙𝗨𝗡

    👆 – LIKE MY HOT PHOTO HERE! 😍❤r💥

  24. Deano benegrado

    Have a Golden Retriever (Halley) can you make a video how to crawl

  25. Kim Reese

    Always enjoy your training. I miss your traditional content without the silliness, but that’s just me. Still hanging in to try to learn. Take good care always.

  26. Emma & Frankie ♡

    Veronica is doing super well with her training and bree is doing amazing with her.

  27. AniFam

    Sooo cute and funny~👍
    Thank you for sharing this video~🤗

  28. foxxycat !

    Veronica is so cute! More training content on her? Also I think you should get a cat! Your dogs are well trained so they probably won’t be a big threat. And if you don’t like them, a lot of people don’t. Until they actually get a cat and realize! <3

  29. Rebecca Dennen

    That bear is freaking huge

  30. Chriztine111

    Your content is awesome! I just wish u’d lose the clickbaity thumbnails.

  31. The random planet

    The barkbox toys are so cute 😂🎃

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