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The truth about dog potty pads

The truth about dog potty pads

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Okay, yes. Dog potty

: They are not the most charming things around. However, when training a puppy, many pet parents feel that it is much better than certain things other Lying at home, in a puddle.

Welcome to your potty exposure. We have broken down the advantages and disadvantages of potty, which dogs (and pet parents) can benefit the most from it, and which potty is the best on the market.


Potty pros and cons

The advantages of potty are obvious:

  • They are great for dogs
  • They make cleaning up easy
  • They are convenient for potty training
  • They are a good choice for dogs who cannot go out due to health reasons

What are the disadvantages? The most concerning issue of using potty is Dogs can be used by them. In other words, they may think that they can enter the house, and they are unlikely to undergo full potty training.

The key to eliminating this potty dependence is to wean the dog. Although the potty pad is a useful tool to help you with potty training, especially for pet parents who cannot go home all day, it is not a long-term solution. Read more tips on how to do potty training and recommendations on basic supplies.

Which potty is best?

If you think potty is suitable for your dog, then these brands are the favorites on the market today. Generally speaking, unless they use unique materials, there is not much difference between them, so the most important considerations will be size (depending on the breed), price, and ultimately the dog’s preferences.

Full absorption and super absorption training mat

  • Dry the surface quickly to prevent wiring
  • Holds up to 3 cups of liquid and turns urine into gel to prevent spills
  • Neutralize odor
  • A very affordable option

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Four paws wee puppies housework mat

  • Available in various sizes and styles, including weeding and deodorizing
  • Super absorbent core with quick-drying top layer
  • Attract dogs

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Real grass fresh patch disposable dog potty

  • Environment-friendly green bedpan mat made of natural grass
  • Completely disposable, no cleaning required
  • Naturally absorb urine and odor
  • You can buy grass Separate from tray

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What do you need to start

Dogs don’t automatically know how to use the potty, so training is important-we provide a step-by-step guide below. In addition to the potty, you also need some necessary tools in the arsenal. An accident happened, especially at the beginning!

  • Nature Enzyme cleaning agent. Works like magic. BacOut and Nature’s Miracle are our two favorites.
  • Steam cleaner. Ideal for carpet families. of Carpet Doctor It is our favorite in the rover’s office. Hoover Do this More affordable, and the reviews are also very thoughtful.
  • Training snacks
  • Paper towel

Is it all in stock? Big! You are ready to start playing potty games.

Potty training method (with video)

1. In the potty training stage, it is best to tie the puppy on the leash, preferably on the his, Whether it is a kennel, bed or pen. When he seems to be thinking about reducing his pressure, say your Choice word (“Potty” is very popular), then quickly brought him to the mat and let him do business.

2. Was it successful? Praise, praise, praise good work A lot of positive reinforcement.

3. Not very successful? Let go of yelling and take him to the matInstead of. The goal here is to avoid instilling fear in the dog, which may confuse him and make him think that as long as he is not around, he can save himself in the wrong place.

4. Follow the schedule. Most dogs eat twice a day: morning and evening. Set out the food, wait for 15 minutes, no matter how much food he eats, take it away and let it out (or say the magical “potty?” word). The purpose of this is to arrange some potty to reduce accidents.

5. Teach the difference between floor and mat. When you are not there to watch the puppy’s every move, put the dog in a closed room (such as a bathroom or laundry room), keep food, water, toys, and bedding, and place a potty on the entire floor. Do this for a few days, and then remove one of the mats. In a few days, take another one. This idea? Train Fido to prefer mats on the ground.

6. Regular travel Go to the potty every few hours and wait for him to go. After eating, taking a nap, after playing, just go! Tie him to a belt, give him some privacy, and praise him generously as he leaves.

7 Practice makes perfect! The more you practice (and repeat some steps if necessary), the more you will be rewarded for positive behavior, and the more likely you are to have a well-trained potty.

Who gets the balm pad?

Indoor potty training is Small varietyEspecially those who live in cold weather areas of the country, and those who live in high-rise apartments.

Potty is also suitable Older, sick or disabled dogFor Puppies that have not been vaccinatedwith Owners who work long hours.

Bottom line

To recap, you need:

  • Potty choice
  • Enzyme cleaning agent
  • For carpeted houses, use a steam cleaner
  • A lot of hospitality
  • patience!
  • More enzyme cleaners (indeed, we like this thing)

Remember: the potty pad is a step in the potty training process, not a destination. It is important to keep your dog exercise and walk every day. If you work long hours, seek the help of a trusted pet sitter or dog. It is best to wean the dog from the potty and teach her to go out.

Learn more about puppy essentials here.


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