The Top 10 European Dog Breeds

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The Top 10 European Dog Breeds

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Many dog breeds have fascinating stories with some going back centuries.
Selective breeding has fine-tuned a lot for particular jobs, standards, and even personality traits. Large numbers of them trace their histories back to European countries, from familiar pups to more obscure ones.
The American Kennel Club recognizes 195 different breeds from its beginnings in 1878. Some dogs make it evident with nationality or place in their name. Others don’t provide clues, or perhaps the distinction fell out of favor over time. In this video, we have listed Top 10 European dog breeds.

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20 Thoughts to “The Top 10 European Dog Breeds”

  1. Luxury Life

    I want a Cane Corso

  2. Vikram Mallick

    Rottweiler is the best

  3. J. Mendana

    My favors of these breeds are?
    A) Rottweiler. True companion loyal and pretty protective of his family.
    B) Doberman, not too much a differences from the Rottweilers that I had described, but quite fast second faster dog in the world.
    C) Beagle! Yes, these rascals are any match to an 8 years old child, smart agile and don’t be fool by his size he got balls to stand up to any big guys out there and quite a watch dog. Live all three had enjoyed theirs company till they have departed.

  4. Joshua Bonifacio

    German Shepherd should’ve been number 1 in this list

  5. notsosilentmajority1

    Where is the Doberman? The Doberman is recognized all over the world simply by its look. It is the ultimate combination of brains and brawn and has been used by military and police. Their beauty, power, intelligence and loyalty are remarkable.

  6. Black Jesus

    The disrespect to the Doberman

  7. Ashley Gizmo

    I wish the Siberian husky was on this list and the Labador retriever but at least there was the yorkie and the poodle and the beagle

  8. Black Bean

    U pronounce it ‘yorksher’

  9. Mary Herron

    So happy to see the Beagle and the Yorkshire made the list.Two of my favorite breeds.

  10. Anuroop Chatterjee

    The fearless Rottweilers and Cane Corso !!

  11. Jamie Benitez

    I wish the Siberian Husky was on that video but at least a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd were

  12. dralien playgames

    Top 10 South American dogs

  13. Aaron Pritty

    hey dog fans

  14. Oscar_

    You when your dog’s breed is on that list


  15. Laurentiu Vasile


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