The Strongest Dog Breeds For Their Size

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It doesn’t come off as surprising when a muscular strong person lifts something heavy or breaks wood in two. But when a small kid has the ability to do lift heavy weights, while being 50 kg themselves, that’s news. When I say a pitbull is strong, not many people will argue with me, but what if I told you a Rat Terrier is strong too? There are small dogs out there, that may seem cute, but their deed is mighty. These dogs run fast, hunt like experts, and are willing and more than capable to fight. Their aggression and toughness will makes them strong, no matter their size. In this episode: Dogs who are the strong for their size, and what makes them so powerful?

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25 thoughts on “The Strongest Dog Breeds For Their Size”

  1. People see little dogs and go on they’re so cute and they don’t realize what kind of monsters are inside of them

  2. My top favorites are all here!
    Mini bull terriers, Jack Russell terriers and Staffordshires

  3. I’m most interested in the Rattie cause I want a small athletic dog with a a easy-going temperament.

  4. Where’s the Doberman?
    Where is the German Shepherd?
    Where is the German Pinscher?

    Malinoa is weak

  5. Blue heeler is the top dog even though it wasn’t in the vid strongest and best dog you will get

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