The Smartest People Ever #shorts


The Smartest People Ever #shorts

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12 Thoughts to “The Smartest People Ever #shorts”

  1. Deel aka Sirdee Edwards

    His power is enormous “vegeta


    How would have gotten lLenardo da Vinci IQ. Bullshit

  3. An American Veteran

    Joe Biden IQ: Ice cream

  4. Daniel Fritz

    Okay, so fun fact, those IQ numbers are impossible… But okay yt shorts

  5. Strange Guy

    Fun fact: almost no of these people ever took IQ test, and tht number is ‘estimated’ (=guessed out of wind)

  6. King lol

    I never believed in IQ cause these people died before IQ was a thing and before IQ tests existed.


    snoop dawg 170
    don’t you know 🙁

  8. Simon 05

    Prob not true

  9. cat catterson

    Man I wish telsas’ idea was actually thought out and made so I can have free electricity.

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