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The secret of breaking into an adult dog


When most people think about letting a dog into the house, they imagine a cute puppy dog ​​that fits in the palm of the hand, playing with toys all day long-in other words, a puppy.

But what if you have a big dog that has not been damaged by the rescue? Rules Training adult dogs It may be different. First, you need to determine two things:

  • The problem is not caused by a medical problem.
  • Fouling is not a behavioral issue.

If you find that the problem is related to the above two situations, you can take some specific measures based on the actual cause of the problem. Your veterinarian can provide you with medical guidance. If the soiling is related to behavioral problems, you may need to consult a canine professional.

Convinced that their toilet problems are simply due to lack of training? continue reading!

Use scheduled, consistent feed

Feed the dogs at the same time every day, and take their bowls between meals. It can be said that this will reduce their chances of “refueling”.

Arranged a consistent elimination time

Even a well-trained adult dog should let it go Go to the bathroom At least four times a day, so you want to give your dog plenty of time to do his business during training. Another “consistency” that can help is to go to the same area to eliminate. Smelling yourself can encourage him to go.

Reward good behavior

When she is doing business outside, make sure you are there to reward her with hospitality, compliments, play or walks.

Scared, don’t be afraid

If and as long as If you find that they have taken an extermination action (not after 5 minutes!), please applaud to make them shocked by what they did. Then take them outside and praise and treat them after eliminating them. Many pet parents are impulsive yelling or threatening or Punishing their dog Eliminate the heart, but all this will make them afraid of you. When this happens, most dogs hide from their owners only when they need to walk away. This is why they only start it when they actually enter the dog house. If no corrections are made during the abnormal behavior, they will not establish a connection.

Follow them closely

Some dogs send out very clear signals when they need to walk, such as scratching at the door. No one else. To prevent accidents during training, please pay attention to the signal. If you can’t do this, you must be crate-trained before they can secure them until you can take them outside. Most cubs simply cannot eliminate their crates.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

No matter how vigilant you are, accidents may happen. Unfortunately, dogs tend to continue walking to places they have visited before, so you need to do some deep cleaning to really remove the smell of any soiled area.

These tips are sufficient to house most dogs, but if your dog continues to disappear indoors, you may need to seek expert help.

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