The Rottweiler VS German Shepherd
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The Rottweiler VS German Shepherd

In today’s episode, we present… Two of the most popular dog breeds… The Rottweiler and The German Shepherd… Both originating in Germany…
One was bred for guarding and the other for herding… And now… they’re every family’s favorite… They are powerful, protective, and two of the most intelligent breeds in the world… Today, let’s take a closer look at what makes one better than the other! As in all battles, there’s only one winner… Only one NUMBER 1 dog! Rottweiler VS The German Shepherd

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57 Thoughts to “The Rottweiler VS German Shepherd”

  1. Sooma Mohammed

    The. Rottweiler. Is. Still. The. King 👑

  2. Dookie 123

    My favorite dog breed is rottweiler


    gsd vs timber wolf

  4. Kendra Green

    kangal vs german shephred

  5. Pervaiz Ajram


  6. Boo Romero

    My German shepherd is 130 pounds and about 36 inches at shoulder heigh

  7. Daisy Royal9818

    My aunt has a four year old Rottweiler male he is very kind but every time the door bell rings he starts barking

  8. TealWolf

    Do Dutch shepherd vs Belgian malinois

  9. crack shot

    yes I like the Germansheperd

  10. olumide kayla

    German shepard is the king

  11. Rodan the fire demon

    Do Greyhound vs Whippet

  12. Rodan the fire demon


  13. Keyonte Hill

    Belgian malinois versus German Shepherd

  14. Creston Cook

    I swear I thought y’all did this video a while back!!!! But still great video tho

  15. Steve



    Always rottwieler

  17. Sahil Sharma

    Boxer dog vd gsd plsss

  18. I Fallxn I

    He already did

  19. Rauha Innocent

    German sherperd vs border collie in the next video

  20. Kapsulainen

    I think about rottweiler is better but german shepherd is very lovely too😀👍

  21. eruvuevuevue

    i still think rottweilers are better i have a rottweiler

  22. Paul -Wade- Hampton

    Just a to know about me, , I have helped breed all walks of life here & there for dog species in my life from hunting species to guard dogs to herding species of dog ! I liked the blue healer mixed with dingos / red healer, a rare mix ! Outstanding dog & the Australian Shepherd to as well !
    AND I’M NOT BLAMING HIM THE POSTER OF VIDEO, he didn’t know in advance !….
    So don’t take it to heart, facts & reality / truth !…. Thanks for reading & for posting the videos Respectfully / Sincerely Sir !….

    So, to share :

    The original history of our German Shepherds, from Germany, was rewrote, it was much larger NATURALLY until they started out breeding with other dogs & it was a pure breed of bread wolf’s from Germany, long ago ! Now in today’s times they still exist but aren’t well known & sadly the American German Shepherd breed had a lot of dysfunctional breeding controlled & inbreeding from EXTREMELY poor lacking in education, trainers who had caused them to develop a ton of health issues along the way BUT HOWEVER””” THEY HAD BREAD IT ALL OUT OF MOST OF THE SPECIES OTHER THAN HIP DISPLACEMENT, that is being working out with thorough breeding for the last 20 years or so from there ORIGINAL MESSED UP ups they even ALLOWED ! Surely the breed has had enough troubles ! Also it was the most universally used from Antarctica to the Syrian desert ! Deployments of military 😉 to Police force k9 units 🙂 ! Best regard breed & well YOU CAN HEARD WITH adaptabilities & the MYTHS TOLD AS LIES / FAKE TRUTHS MIS-EDUCATION ! THAT’S FINE & DANDY ! YOUR MISTAKEN FOR THEM FOR THE ORIGINAL GERMAN HEALER OR AKA MIXED & KEPT AS A HUNTER A GERMAN WOLF AS YOU CALL THE BIGGER GERMAN SHEPHERD ! & THE PRAIRIE WILD LAMB DOG, that herded cattle & sheep & chickens but had a major issue with size, as a PRAIRIE DOG, known to get hurt alot, so they MIXED IT WITH A AS YOU CALL BIGGER GERMAN SHEPHERD OR AS WE ALL KNOW THE GERMAN WOLF”, Hyper intelligent, great with children & elder so long as it’s taught & EDUCATED, PROPERLY & not given poor treatment or poor training & has no medical issues from poor breeding ! You’ll be fine if you understand & know exactly what your doing & understand there nature !

    NOW AS FOR THE SMALLER AFRICAN ROTTWEILER, transported TO GERMANY’S FINE MOUNTAINS, the German Rottweiler is known for its size over the African due to breeding & genetics they used to breed only / strictly the largest of it’s breed for over 100 years & by the 1799’s was a grand breed ! HOWEVER” WAS TRANSPORTED A LOT from there to north America in the 1800’s & is a good little 130 lbs dog standing 2 foot 11 inches tall for the pure breed on all fours & versus the pure bread German Shepherd only 143 lbs pounds solid muscle naturally with a standing of around 3 foot 8 inches tall & can utilize it’s claw back arm force to claw like a bear if needed ! Hyper advanced & OF COURSE IT’S IS ADVERTISED AS HIGHER FOR THE GERMAN NEWER BREED ROTTWEILER OF AROUND 1200 PSI BITE FORCE HOWEVER THE ORIGINAL GERMAN WOLF SHEPHERD AS YOU CALL BIGGER GERMAN SHEPHERD, PURE BREED, HAS A BIT FORCE OF ONLY 2956 PSI LBS POUNDS PER A SQUARE INCH & IS FASTER THAN THE ROTTWEILER & MORE ABLE IN MANEUVER-ABILITIES, IN A ALL OUT FIGHT, THE WOULDN’T STAND A CHANCE WITH A PACK TO SURVIVE !!! HOWEVER, IF IT IS IN PURE COMPARISONS OF PULL STRENGTH THE ROTT CAN OUT PULL SHEPHERDS ! IF IT IS LIGHTER WEAKER THINNER COATS MAKING FOR A EASIER TARGET, ROTT ! IF IT IS IN REGULATIONS BITE FORCE TEST FAKE !…. ROTTWEILER ! NOT ACCURATE THOUGH,LOL, IF IN HUNTING SKILLS, DEBATABLE BUT THE AMERICAN GERMAN SHEPHERD VS THE GERMAN ROTTWEILER, WELL THE BETTER HUNTER IS THE AMERICANS GERMAN SHEPHERD, IF IT’S AFRICAN ROTTWEILER, GENETICALLY THE AFRICAN WAS DESIGNED TO HUNT & TO MONITOR PRAIRIE LIKE YOU SAVANNAH PLAINS, ROTT WINS THAT TO ! PERIOD ! ITS DESIGNED & MADE FOR IT ! IN THE CITIES DEPENDS IF ITS THE GERMAN ROTT, HE’S MORE LIKELY TO SURVIVE IF ITS IN THE WILD ITS THE GERMAN WOLF SHEPHERD ! AKA GERMAN SHEPHERD ! REALLY DEPENDS ON TRAINING & DESIGNED HOW IT REACTS & ACTS ! I’VE HELPED RAISE ALL SPECIES OF THEM ! I KNOW FROM COUNTLESS PUPS TO PERSONAL EXPERIENCES ONE OF THOSE DOGS ! GOOD DOGS IN GENERAL MAN…. ! DON’T SAY IM ONE SIDED EITHER, I GIVE JUST FACTS & COMMON SENSE ! The facts from actual living experiences I am telling you with over 80 of each breed of them all ! Bet you didn’t even know that true history I dare you to research & look up origins of the African Rottweiler & the German wolf from world war ll / 2 period ! You’ll see a 4 foot 3 on all fours 200 lbs pounds German Shepherd that was massive & genetically modified versions of the 165 lbs pounds German wolf ! Differences between them both ! Test knowledge & find out ! Now I mustn’t terry to long ! I hope you all take very good care to all who see !

    Respectfully, / Sincerely.

    Signed :


  23. Deogratius Kapinga


  24. Nandakishore M

    Can you upload a comparison video of kangal vs tibetan mastiff pls

  25. King in the North

    Next *Akita vs pitbull*

  26. Jill Collins


  27. İsgender İsgenderli

    Good dogs

  28. Johan Santana

    can you do american stafforshide terrier vs american pitbull terrier?

  29. Melvin Chavers


  30. Kaleb Green

    Do German Shepherd vs akita!

  31. Madhav Ranjit

    Labrador retreiver vs golden retreiver

  32. Madhav Ranjit

    German shepherd vs malinois pls


    Rottweiler is the best dog

  34. Maireg Kibru

    Cocasian sheperd next

  35. Antonie Scargo

    Deutsche Schäferhund, DDR Linie. Mechelaar. Hollandse Herder. The Western German Shepard is not good
    . It is a showdog. DDR Linie GS has a straight back. The Americans buy the Mechelaar /Malinois. They are better than the GS.

  36. IQ superkid

    German shepherd is my dream dog breed

  37. Mercedes Benz

    This time pic the actual winner

  38. Mercedes Benz

    Do vid about german shephard vs belgian malinois

  39. Matt The Gam3r

    My next dog would have to be a full blooded Rottweiler or a full blooded Shepard

  40. Naveen Elango么

    u should make a lab vs golden retriever

  41. Queen Angela

    Can you make a video of Labrador Retriever vs Golden Retriever

  42. Debashish medhi

    Love from Guwahati ,Assam (India)

  43. Cillian Carey

    German Shepherd fans

  44. Victor Vilhelmsen

    You Should make a versus video with the belgian malinois vs dutch shepherd.

  45. Xian Lex

    I got german shepherd

  46. Vinayak Ajesh

    I agreed 🥰


    love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  48. Brandon Tilley

    The German Shepard will definitely win because there my favorite

  49. Walid Walid



    We all love both don’t we

  51. amen binyam2009

    Hi I want a shoutout

  52. Veronia’s World

    First to comment

  53. Issac George

    Rottweiler fans

  54. Bj Leblanc

    First comment

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