The Rottweiler VS American Bulldog
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The Rottweiler VS American Bulldog

Two breeds that we often confuse for one other… Known as dangerous dogs with their muscular and stocky builds. Hmm… leaving these preconceived thoughts behind, they appear to be very sweet-natured, social, and loving dogs, Definitely very misunderstood reputations, But… what makes these two similar breeds differ from one another? Who makes a better family dog? In today’s episode… Pitbull VS Rottweiler Pits are medium-sized dogs, with an average height of 18 inches and weight that ranges from 30 to 85 pounds. Rottweilers, on the other hand, have a height that ranges between 22 to 27 inches and weighs around 95 to 130 pounds. Hm… apparently these babies are bigger.

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44 Thoughts to “The Rottweiler VS American Bulldog”

  1. Alaskan Kodiak Giant Bear 🐻

    I like American Bulldog better but the Rottweiler would win

  2. Miguel Barrera

    I’ve seen American bulldogs(scott) that are 28-29 in. Tall. So first point is base on ur opinion. Not a fact.

  3. Cryptophage

    <3 Rott' <3

  4. Critical Comrade

    I don’t know what my American bulldog is bred with but its way bigger than a rottie it had red/ hazel eyes its almost tall as a Doberman with the muscle mass of a body builder chest well over 20 inches im genuinely confused maybe its bred with mastiff maybe its mixed with dogo Argintino it walks like a damn lion it doesn’t trot it stalks when it walks it walks with his head low his eyes up tail and stiff high looking at every single person that walking even 9 feet close to me it towers over pitbulls and rotties dogs almost never bark at him they just stare I don’t know what the hell I have the shelter didn’t even know what it was all I know is a love this little monster my Instagram is “l0wkeyq” if you wanna check him out or maybe give me advice on what it is

  5. Laura Maldonado

    Rottriler is the best One

  6. William Strickland

    Personally I think the narrator is being partial to the rottweiler from the get go! I’d take the bulldog any day.

  7. Kevin Young

    Right off the bat you way undersized then American bulldog I’ve never met a male American bulldog under 110lbs

  8. Sameer Riley

    Yea rottie I’m getting one

  9. Bryan Crisanto

    German shepherd vs presa canario

  10. Primal Critters

    Sorry to say this and for all the lovers of the American Bulldog please forgive me but I do think that they are ugly dogs. That short muzzle similar to the boxer is just so unattractive.

  11. Ghost

    rottie vs cane corso.

  12. Thomas Hutchins

    Another reasons I unsubscribed is because I’m sure the police were using bloodhounds long before they used Rottweiler I’m pretty positive of that too

  13. Thomas Hutchins

    I quit watching and unsubscribed because of that 1 point each crap

  14. Thomas Hutchins

    That one point each bs doesn’t seem right or fair it’s like getting a trophy for not winning the point should go one way or the other or your not truly separating the breeds like affection they always give 1 point to each witch is absolutely usurped in my opinion the AB way more affectionate than any Rottweiler I’ve encountered just my opinion 1 point one way or the other or your not doing the viewers any real justification

  15. David Hoyt

    My last three dogs have been American Bulldogs. I’ve lived in apartments with them and never had a problem when at work. Later I became disabled and the American Bulldog I had then was so understanding and was fine just getting let out back. They were all great family dogs and protective. Bad note: none of the three played well with other dogs. In my book the American Bulldog wins.

  16. Snowy Moe

    Can you do German shepherd vs American bully

  17. David tigar

    American bulldog strynger

  18. Jill Collins


  19. Thunder2970

    Can u pls make Gray wolf vs Arctic wolf 🐺

  20. Burim Kzyeziu


  21. Akash A

    Please next video
    German shepherd Vs Rough Collie
    Which is the best dog


    Still Riding with the Am Bull!

  23. Bhavya Batra

    Next,Please do belgian malinois vs rottweiler and golden retriever vs husky.

  24. eruvuevuevue

    im so happy the rottie has won ive been waiting for this day please can you do the different types of rotties

  25. Around The world

    Rottweilers thank

  26. Barbara Garcia

    Pitbull vs rottweiler

  27. Maya Fantana

    I’m gonna be petty and say that you spelled “general” wrong

  28. Nautica Greene


  29. Nautica Greene

    Next video can you do husky vs 🐺 beolf

  30. Γιαννης Γκουγκουλης

    Do a cane corso vs GSD

  31. Agnaldo

    It looks like an Argentine dogo in the photo huh….

  32. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois Number 2

  33. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    Labrador retriever vs golden retriever

  34. Angela Garcia

    pug vs french bulldog

  35. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    Great Dane vs Saint Bernard

  36. Diganth's cafe

    Next video Rottweiler vs husky pls

  37. JJ_and me

    Let’s goooo

  38. Tamara Williams

    German Shepherd vs Pit Bull

  39. SingingQueen

    I love these xx

  40. Isaac Hostynek

    i think you got their life span’s wrong american bulldogs live up to 10 to 15 years of age rottweilers live up to 8 to 10 years of age 🙂

  41. Akhil Jose

    Do a vedio about Kombai vs Rajapalayam

  42. Utpal Mondal

    1st view ❤️😎

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