The Puma Killer!

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The Puma Killer!

The Dogo Argentino or sometimes called also the Argentinian Mastiff is a powerful, athletic, agile, and very loyal dog. Their most distinctive feature is courage which they show through their appearance, this breed can reach up to 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh up to 100 pounds. Bred in 1928 by Antonio Nores Martinez in the Argentine province of Cordoba, the Dogo Argentino is the result of cross-breeding between many large and powerful breeds for the purpose of big-game hunting, including a dangerous animal like the Puma. But can Dogo Argentino actually kill a real beast like the Puma? With a bit of force exceeding 500 psi, speed up to 25 mph and the courage of a fighter, Dogo Argentino would get into a fight with a puma and kill him! In a province of Argentina, two girls were rescued from this breed while they mistakenly encountered a puma. The Dogo Argentino faced the puma and mercilessly killed it.

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4 Thoughts to “The Puma Killer!”

  1. Tony

    Another dog myth, a Dogo Argentino cannot beat a healthy adult puma

  2. blackchang1981

    How large and how old was the Puma? I doubt a one on one against a 200lb puma or even a puma of equal size & weight a Doggo Argentina would win. 🤔

  3. Novawax

    My maligators would definitely eat the face off a puma 😁

  4. Novawax

    I love my dogo Changita and Machito, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. All they do is live for kisses treats and kibbles.

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