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The Most Illegal Dog Breed

Presa Canario, considered one of the best guard dogs in the world, has a long history behind it. The history of this breed dates back to the 15th century, when it was first brought to the Canary Islands by Spanish invaders. Today, Presa Canario is the symbol of this island and received a high honor.
But these dogs are not welcomed all over the world since countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine and Singapore have banned the import and sale of this breed within their own country. In fact, Presa Canario leads the list of the most illegal dog breeds in the world. According to the authorities of the states that have banned it, this breed is uncontrollable and can cause great harm. In fact, such a reputation has been created by irresponsible breeders who have pushed these dogs to become as aggressive as possible in order to be used for dog-fighting.
Presa Canario is a loyal protector who would give his life for his family or property, and with little training and socialization, he can become a great family dog as well.

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  2. Gemma Harvey

    I say it’s way the owner brings there dog up not all dogs or aggressive beautiful dogs 😊💖

  3. Albi Berisha

    Please mace a mach betwen illyrian shepherd vs caucasion shepherd or doberman vs kangal or rotweiler vs caucasion shepherd or doberman vs caucasion shepgerd

  4. Albi Berisha

    Pitbull is most ilegal dog in the worlld

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