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The look of love

Before teaching a dog, ask his/her “look”

We all know how difficult it can be when trying to attract the attention of people who are focused on mobile phones. Well, when they let their dog focus on the whole room or things outside the window, it’s no different. Teaching your dog the “look” command will lay the foundation for all subsequent training. This simple reminder not only strengthens the bond between you and the dog but is also very useful when dealing with countless disturbances in life. Once your dog has a reliable “look” reminder, you can prevent all kinds of bad behaviors and let the dog focus on you and your tasks.

what do you need

  • Super delicious dog likes These ones, These ones Either These ones
  • Quiet and controllable practice environment

“Watch” training skills

  1. First, use the dog’s nose (with your right hand) to hold the dog’s nose briefly-long enough so that he/she can smell the food and know that you have food in your hands.
  2. Pick up the snack and keep it next to your right eye. (How to enjoy food will also become your gesture). *
  3. As soon as the dog looks at you, tell him: “Good-looking!” and entertain guests several times. Your dog only needs to keep his sight for a second.
  4. Repeat these steps a few times, then take a break.
  5. Finally, on this basis, let your dog look at you for at least one second while repeating “good-looking” before giving treatment
  6. After several repetitive exercises, give a reminder and then swipe your hand to the side of your eyes without waiting.

The training sessions should be short and interesting-take a break before any one of you gets frustrated. When your dog starts to understand clues, you will enjoy food less and less. However, don’t just stop giving treatment. Look for situations where he is good at reacting to clues. For example, give treatments that respond quickly and/or maintain eye contact.

Once your dog is stable in a controlled environment, add some distractions. I often practice with him outdoors or on foot, and put on a “look” from time to time to keep him on his toes. Remember to praise him whether he looks back, no matter how short the time is.

You have my attention now?

Once you can reliably get the dog’s attention with the “look” command, you can use it as a pre-cursor for other simple commands such as “sit” or “down”. Then add more interesting activities in “Appearance”, such as “Appearance”-let’s go for a ride, “Appearance”-let’s go for a walk, “Appearance”-“Let’s take a walk”. These types of activities are like rewards for successful “looks.” You will speak “look” very quickly, and your dog will quickly turn its head towards you with its lop-eared ears-not wanting to miss the opportunity to please you and eager to know what’s next.

*If you are left-handed, please hold the snack with your left hand and swipe it to your left eye.

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