The Health Benefits of Fish Oil For Dogs
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The Health Benefits of Fish Oil For Dogs

Do you give your dog a fish oil supplement? Do you know how much he or she needs? Too little or too much is NOT HEALTHY!

Feeding our dogs fish oil, mostly a couple of pumps of salmon oil has become very normal for dog lovers. But, do we know what our dog’s levels of fish oil or DHA / EPA are? Testing our dogs for their proper omega levels, an adjusting those levels, can help alleviate stiffness, arthritis, inflammation as well as many other issues.

I’ve recently discovered this test for our dogs, as well as for humans – and personally used it. I LOVE IT!

In this podcast I talk to Dr Kristina Jackson from Omega Quant about their new test for dogs. Super easy, just take the test and your dog to your vet, send in the sample and you’ll get a result in about 10 days. Surprisingly even my dog on a perfect raw diet was insufficient in his Omega Levels. At, 11.5 years old, I can tell you he jumps around like a young pup. All of my dogs take a fish oil supplement.

Give this a try using this code “CABRAL10” and save 10% as well, you’ll be supporting this channel. Or you can simply use this link:
Omega Quant Test for dogs –

Would love to hear your levels and results in your dogs health in the comments below.

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11 Thoughts to “The Health Benefits of Fish Oil For Dogs”

  1. Robert Cabral

    For more info on my dog training check my online lessons at:

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Sadly Zed is intolerant to fish and fish oil. Not sure what to give her to cover not only Omega levels , but B vitamins as well. Her Glucosamine is made with crustateans though .Interesting, thank you Robert : )

  3. terrierized

    A local company here produces (responsibly sourced) dried shark skin and mackerel etc Tasty and of course chewy so dental health is also addressed 🙂 🇦🇺

  4. terrierized

    Sardines once, twice a week Great for heart, brain, skin, coat and joints. The only downside is they are shipped from the other side of the world! Always look for local wherever you live 🙂 whether it’s fresh or canned or bottled Thanks Robert, and thanks 2 Kristina 🇦🇺

  5. Walid A

    Love the dog nutrition subjects! Thank you for always trying to educate us dog owners.

  6. erika castillo

    It would be extremely helpful to suggest a few different brands. There are so many out there that aren’t great… just to gauge what to look for. I currently supplement my dogs raw food diet w/”Omega Plus” fish oil 800 mg EPA/525 mg DHA, I believe it’s a good brand. Just want to compare w/others. Thank you! He’s a 80 lb GSD btw.

  7. blkbeauti05

    I give my dog sardine’s, that seems to work just fine.

  8. SooJin Cho

    What do you think of a newer pet supplement company called rogue pet science.? Especially their canine origin 5 in 1 product)

  9. Adventures of Buddha dog training

    What are the fish oils you recommend?

  10. Adventures of Buddha dog training

    I love getting out of the shower and having your podcasts live.

  11. Jannell Meagher

    Fish oils and oils (coconut, flaxseed) are so important for dogs. I use them and it is important to rotate them. Great video! So valuable.

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