The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed... I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.

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The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed… I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.

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76 Thoughts to “The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed… I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.”

  1. Felicity Johnson-Ronald

    Labrador Retrievers stereotypes: **exists**

    My lab: hates water, is bored of fetch after 2 throws and is such a picky eater. But he at least checks the “lazy lab” box ✅ 😂

  2. Super Savvy Travelers, LLC

    I am so glad to hear that it takes 2-3 years to train a dog. I adopted a beautiful Portuguese Podengo mix in Italy and brought her to the states. She was a wild card. She is a year old and we were able to train her as a service dog so she could travel with us on the plane. She is trained to help me in various ways. She did so well. I have to thank you guys because whenever I was desperate I would come check out what you would do and it was so helpful. It seems to me that training is constant and perhaps forever to maintain but it is nice to know that we are right on track.

  3. Kimberlee Mendoza

    I have a Border Collie she’s 9 years old now she has had super low energy her entire life

  4. Katja

    Dog Trainer = Wizard. I concur.

  5. Antwo Poultie

    1/5 Labradors I’ve owned have enjoyed retrieving. The others had no interest at all.

  6. Dianna Haas

    Loved this and agree 💯 %
    Dogs can take on their owners traits and looks.
    My new puppy reminds me of little inertia.
    I’ve learned alot from u Zak.
    I also have an older dog I’ve had for 5 yrs. I thought she could help teach but I think now wishful thinking.
    Now I find myself having to train 2 dogs.
    I found my 1st dog was getting confused.
    Commands I gave the puppy she thought I was telling her to do.
    Like I’d tell her to go in the house and then I’d be calling the puppy to come and she’d be back outside.
    I decided I definitely need alot of patience with both.
    Thank God I’m retired it’s definitely a 24/7 job and then some.😂🤣
    Peace to you all, I look forward to more adventures.

  7. iammike

    I owned a full blood Labrador Retriever who hated water and as a result, never swam a day in his life.

  8. Meredith

    I saw chihuahua and cocker spaniel but missed the poodle! My sister and I have had 5 border collies between us and there have been similarities and differences between. All learned super-fast, were obedient and just loved doing things to please their owners. Drive levels have been very different from high to couch-potato. My 3 have all been very friendly and generally quiet. I still think there will more behavioural differences between say a border collie and a beagle or terrier than between 2 border collies. I love border collies but talk to the breeder and always ask for the placid pup and care less about appearance than personality.

  9. SisterPanic

    Of course all dogs are all individuals but I think what people get mixed up with breeds, is the difference between specific behaviors and general temperament, which is what breeders try to breed for. And these are also just generalizations that give you a rough idea what you will be getting from a certain breed with a high probability. Most labs for example will behave curious and open towards new people because they are bred to work directly with people in contrast to breeds that are bred to work more independently like for example terriers or herding breeds. That does not mean that no friendly open minded terriers or careful weary labs exist. Maybe these kinds of observations are just confirmation bias or anecdotal evidence but I think the rough ideas one gets from these breed profiles are at least helpful for general orientation. My dog trainer always told us anyway: Train the dog you have and not the dog you think he should be. I think that is generally good advice and helps in all situations. I mean generally speaking it boils down to the old nature vs. nurture debate and as in humans, in dogs the answer lies probably somewhere in the middle meaning that both have an important part to play.

  10. Cruzan9

    I think Veronica’s underbite is pretty much from her pug genes. The poodle surprised me; because of her ears I am not surprised about the Cocker Spaniel genes.

  11. Jan Hankins

    I think we put too much stock in “breed” when we try to “predict” a dog’s behavior. On the other hand, certainly breed can give some clues. Border Collies are one of the herding breeds. Compare a Border Collie to an Irish Wolfhound (a sight hound). Which dog is going to be more likely to exhibit herding behavior? It’s going to be the Border Collie. Compare a Labrador Retriever to a Havanese. Which dog is going to be more likely to exhibit retrieving behavior (without being taught)? The Lab, of course. But not ALL Border Collies herd and not all Labs retrieve. Irish Wolfhounds are “supposed” to be aloof with strangers. One of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever had was a huge male Irish Wolfhound who loved everything he saw–adult people, children, other dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, you name it. His favorite thing was to rush up to people and lean up against them. He would frighten people even though he was as dangerous as a limp spaghetti noodle. So I think we may be able to get a general clue about what behavior we MIGHT see in a certain breed. My parents-in-law had a wonderful little Shetland Sheepdog. But she became very upset of part of her “herd” left. She was fine if everyone was in the family room, but get up to go to the bathroom or into the kitchen, she’d “herd” you back to the family room. She’d bark and nip at our heels (she never touched skin with teeth, but nip she did). This was not “aggression”, this was herding behavior. If you don’t like that, don’t get a herding breed because that behavior is more likely in a herding breed.

  12. Jenily111

    Poochiecock 😂 yay part chihuahua! Veronica is a beautiful dog ❤

  13. Sydney

    “We’re going to get it medically corrected”
    “No we’re not, it doesn’t seem to interfere with her frisbee”
    Zak always a frisbee boy through and through lol

  14. Troy Winslow

    Shout out to the malinois! I have a malinois that’s almost a year old. She is amazing! I’m a truck driver and I knew what I was getting into. Everything I heard was pretty much right about the energy level but the whole they are independent and aggressive is way wrong. She loves laying on my lap when I’m driving and is very friendly towards everyone and every animal. I wanted a guard dog and got a love bug. I wouldn’t change her one bit!

  15. T J

    I wish it only took 2 or 3 years to train your kids lol!!!! =)

  16. Greg Gourley

    Anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with many dog breeds and multiple individuals within those breeds knows breeds have tendencies but individuals are one of a kind.

  17. Caroline

    I’ve had two miniature schnauzers now, and their personality couldn’t be any more different. Mini schnauzers are “known” to be very loyal to their owner, and they’re very clever and strong willed (not a negative at all in my book), and that has been true for both of my dogs. However mini schnauzer were originally rodent hunters, which is funny because my first dog was still alive when we had rats and mice INSIDE the house (actually the room right next to where she slept), and she didn’t alert me at all. Whereas my current dog will alert me if a mouse or a cat just walks past the house 😅 so they’re definitely very different and I think, sure, breeds can have certain qualities they’re naturally better at or predisposed to, but I’d rely more on the qualities of your dogs parents rather than the thought that “all mini schnauzers are rat hunters” for example, because no dog fits a mold or is the same. They’re all different and unique, which makes them so so special.

  18. Emma

    YESSSS, Sarah Stremming is amazing!! Everyone needs to go listen to her podcast 😍

  19. mcatronw

    This is a great video. As a scientist, I love your perspective on scientific studies and I think you share them and discuss them in such a valuable way!!

  20. Jonalyn Reynolds

    I have a friend that ended up with two lab/ Australian cattle dog mixes. These dogs have some very interesting traits that are usually connected with both breeds. Unfortunately she is a senior citizen with limited sight and they are young, extremely high energy litter mates.

  21. Caroline

    She’s a cockapoo-chi 😂 what a cutie. Definitely wouldn’t have guessed poodle or pug!

  22. Lorelai Charpentier

    So cool about her results!! Is inertia a pure bred border collie? My dog is a mixture of pit bull, aussie, boxer, and mini aussie, and she’s awesome.

  23. Pup 2 Pal

    I also believe that we shouldn’t put stereotypes on our dogs. This can set back our training with our dog by quite a bit.

    And on top of breed stereotypes, we also need to be careful to not label our dog’s actions. Calling your dog “stubborn”, “dumb”, and any other labels you could come up with for your dog. The reason this becomes a problem quickly is that once you label your dog, you are deciding in your mind that you cannot train certain things with your dog.

    I have a Labrador that doesn’t like to fetch. She does it if I ask her to because I believed that she could, but I don’t ask it if her often because I know she would rather do something else. I think that is where some people go wrong. They think that their dog HAS to learn how to do something and then in turn love it, but they don’t consider what their dog’s favorite things to do actually are.

    In a nutshell, there are no two dogs alike. We should think about what is best for OUR dog, not what is best for the stereotypical dog within the breed.

  24. Kat BeWitched

    I believe breed does impact “some” on the dog’s traits. I just got a Shih Tzu and while he has the friendly and calm demeanor they’re known for, he doesn’t have the stubbornness known with the breed. I’ve also heard it said that “mutts” fair better health-wise because they don’t inherit things that are genetic to specific breeds. I think it’s best to use things as a piece of info and not your full decision. I will never trust an expert for my entire decision.

  25. Steven Markovich

    I got me a German Sheppard who acts differently for every human it meets , 90% of the time he wants nothing to do with anybody / 5% of the time he is highly protective (at night) 4 % of the time he wants to make friends, 1 % of the time he is straight up mean

  26. Elizabeth Briggs

    Doesn’t interfere with her frisbee — sorted <3

  27. Diogo Luis

    The cited study as a couple of limitations, as expected from a survey study. Although the questions are validated through a scientific process they still rely on owner experience. Questions such as “how much does your dog like to play” are definitly influenced by having experience with several dogs and dog breeds. For example, I had a lab as my first dog and I thought that he was always ready to play. That definition of a playfull dog changed when I got my aussie shepard.
    They still report some statisticall diferences between specific breeds, but I think the most importank takeways are:
    – no dog breed is inherently violent;
    – if you are really looking for specific traits those are mainly passed down from the parents, so do proper research.

  28. hcgmelony

    The look on Zak’
    s face when she explained why they are named cocker spaniels and then the jump cut leads me to suspect there was some smirking cut out hahahah

  29. R Johnson

    No Aussie!😱
    I disagree with the study because the differences in my daughter’s Lab and my schnauzer was existed and vast. Schnauzers like their voice much more than some other breeds.

  30. Милена Кириллова

    My dog is a mix between malinois and rhodesian ridgeback – very mellow energy dog. Can sleep the whole day and sometimes wouldn’t even run/play when I take her to the back yard or dog park.

  31. M L

    She reminds me of my rat terrier (size and long legs) I never guessed poodle though I have had several miniature poodles. Thank you for the results!

  32. Sophia Hsieh

    I’ve always said my black lab, Maizy, didn’t get the lab memo:). She hated water and didn’t like fetch, but she loved her squirrels both live and stuffed. She loved her veggies too. Now I have a chowder lab (border collie mostly) and she loves fetch. I’m hoping one day she’ll be a Frisbee dog, but right now she will only bring it to me. I love seeing your two dogs together!! Thanks for having Inertia in the series. Veronica is a doll and wow what a breed mix.

  33. Quinn zablocki

    Exciting to find out what she is! I think that if you are looking for something in a dog and a trait can be MORE COMMON and MORE LIKELY in certain breeds. For example: if I’m looking for a dog that is high energy and would MORE LIKELY do better in agility I would have a HIGHER CHANCE finding this in a border collie or Australian Shepard than a Saint Bernard or English bulldog.

  34. Joan Lynch

    It’s like taking a toddler and getting ready for school. It takes a while.

  35. Wendy Anderson

    interesting! breed personality…. I was refused help training my dog as a service dog; the non-profit organization, without meeting us, simply replied to my application: “thanks for your application. I’m sorry, coonhounds do not make good service dogs.” I never heard another word from them beyond those 2 sentences 🙁 Do you have Service Dog training videos to prepare for Public Access test?

  36. ABC XYZ

    My pup, who is also rescued, found as a stray, was thought to be a Catahoula/Pit mix. I used Embark, and found she is 100% American Pit bull Terrier .


    looks like a kokoni (greek kokoni). kokoni never shows on dna tests but that dog is definitely similar.

  38. Emily Halpert-Cole

    I love CogDog radio!!!! One of my favorite podcasts! <3

  39. Mou Hitori No Boku

    i could see the toy poodle in her body shape before you said it. also, i disagree, i think you can see traits in dogs from whatever breed their apart of, most people just suck at telling dog breeds apart, and have even more trouble with mixes. i named every breed on my dogs dna test result long before we got it back, simply based on his behaviorisms
    my dog is Amstaff/boxer/bloodhound/husky/German shepherd, when we got the result that proved that back my mom went: Wow! i wouldnt have guessed that but you were right on the money!

  40. Suzanne D

    If you love dogs, please rescue and adopt. Dogs are not toys for us and yet so many people say they love dogs and ignore the fact that we are euthanizing so many. It makes me sad. All my rescue dogs and puppies have been amazing. I truly believe that most issues people are afraid of could be addressed with proper training and exercise. I really hope you keep training and finding homes for rescue dogs on your channel!

  41. Stephanie Unknown

    Veronica’s breed is 100% cute. And there are anomalies with each breed. You take the dog as they are. Mine is 87% Husky (breeder said 100% so I got him DNA tested) but is not as energetic, is stubborn, and has a smooth short coat all year round. I get asked all the time when we go out in public if I shave him because he isn’t fluffy. He doesn’t howl and rarely barks. But he is a happy go lucky, loves everyone and wants to be friends with every dog, dog. He is goofy and makes me laugh on a daily basis and that’s all that matters to me. Look forward to the new training series.

  42. karen Eaton

    We have had labs and lab mixes, they all have had different personalities but they all have loved everyone in our family, loved to learn, and are/were very food motivated. The one that didn’t retrieve came from hunting lines, go figure. Appreciate all the information you have provided about research.

  43. Brandie Bishop

    I never would have guessed all those breeds!
    I agree, my Aussie ticks a lot of the “breed” stereotypes but she also doesn’t check off a lot of big ones. But why would people be mad about treating a dog as an individual?

  44. Sarah Thomson

    I have a cocker spaniel and I can totally see the cocker spaniel in Veronica!

  45. trainergirl

    Sorry but the “study” is crap. If the study is true, then why bother with dog breeds at all? Why were dogs bred to have certain characteristics for working etc.? I’m sorry but really? It’s all a load of codswallop. I have pure bred dogs because I know what to expect. I know how big they are going to be, what their temperament is most likely to be, what their medical issues are likely to be, etc etc. I know what their propensities are going to be too, so far as working. My breed is used in water rescue, search and rescue on land. They are strong swimmers, and have webbed feet. I’ve never had one that didn’t love the water. They are intellgent and quick learners. Sure, one of them was a slow learner, but he had a difficult start in life and I didn’t have him from a young pup. Once he was with me for a while, the learning centre of his brain started to develop and he then started to learn quickly. I’ve had one breed for over 20 years. Every single dog of that breed who has passed through my hands has conformed to what I expected.

    I never trust DNA tests for dogs. They are notoriously inaccurate and the fact that all those breeds were mentioned is more likely the result of guess work on the part of the company.

  46. Charlena Sutherland

    We had and Australian Shepherd who was scary smart. We had a dairy so she had a job. She was a wonderful pet and a great help on the farm. Years later I yearned for another dog like her and while I knew she was irreplaceable, I thought I knew what I could expect. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This new Aussie was a scatter brained airhead with absolute no focus. Now, I still loved her but she was not only totally different, she was clueless. 😂

  47. marian smith

    I love ❤️ her teeth

  48. Francesca Mamlin

    I have a rat terrier/chihuahua mix puppy too 🙂

  49. S Chandler

    People can have underbites too but it can be fixed by an oral surgeon.

  50. Valerie Fergusson

    Why would stray/ mutts be from pure bred dogs most dogs would be just from the street/ aria I doubt just pure bred dogs most would be very mixed up

  51. kibrika

    I love that that study exists. It always seemed weird to me that the “research your breed” people sometimes give the vibe that you’d know what the dog would be like just by their breed. Now I have science to back me up on my feeling it’s not such a sure thing. Thank you for bringing science based dog training entertainment to us!

  52. kavita deva

    I have a Miniature Schnauzer
    1 1/2 years. Everything I have read about miniature schnauzers says that they bark all the time. And this goes to prove what you are saying. my pup for the first 6 months I had him never Barked one time. I got him at 8 months old and for the first 6 months he never ever barked. I thought maybe he was mute. And then one day while he was playing with another dog his little voice came out. Now he’ll bark but so rarely it’s unbelievable. So it goes to show a lot of these people or professionals that tell you how breeds act are not true. I really look forward to you showing how your refining the training you’ve done with Veronica. In my estimation trainers on YouTube only like to show you success and never show you what it’s like to deal with the dog that constantly gets it wrong for quite a long time. Please help us. Thank you Bree and Zak

  53. LivGoodhope

    my old lab HATED water, he never wanted to go for a swim or anything like that, which confused many people, because labs are ‘meant ‘to swim.

  54. MT Binder

    I was blessed to find a wonderful breeder and then I gave them my list of wants in a dog and they were able to suggest a breed (mix) of dog for me… so far she’s been perfect for me!! Aussie, Bernese, and poodle mix. Ivy is “weakly furnished” which perfectly fits my lifestyle as well. Part of their reasoning was due to the personality of the parents and even grandparents of the puppy.
    Great video!!

  55. MsJimmysgirl

    Veronica definitely has the underbite of the Pekingese. She is so cute with her furry ears and tail. I don’t know why people cared so much what breed she was, does it really matter. NO .. I would like to know what the smell was in the air because Veronica kept sniffing something.

  56. Here This

    Before having seen the video , I guess mainly Veronica is a Setter ?

  57. gotbordercollies

    It is doesn’t matter

  58. Jen Vills1107

    Lab siblings here, one is more likely to get hit in the face than try to catch something, but has crazy prey drive. Her brother has low prey drive but loves/is great at fetch

  59. Kelly Rowland

    She is cute

  60. rokoroo

    PooChiCock! LOL! Love it!

  61. Derick Kreller

    I thought she may have brittany spaniel but cocker spaniel does make sense

  62. Karsten Topp

    I have two Border Collies and know about 50 other Border Collies very well. What unites them is a general scary intelligence and a high will to please, but that’s possibly true for most canis familiaris – the family dog. Other than that, they are all different, some active, some passive(ish), some skittish, some bold, they are all unique in their own way. Still, there is a general difference between pastoral/herding/hunting/companion dogs.

  63. Justin Christiana

    I’m so surprised they got the dog to fill out the survey joking

  64. Jonalyn Reynolds

    I think I’m guilty of pigeonholing dogs. When you said poodle I thought ohhhh she’s smart!

  65. cellano

    I’ve been waiting to find out what she is for so long. And wow! Very fascinating to see all the mixes.

  66. Chloe Chartier

    So happy to hear that you’re going to show us how to refine those skills!! That’s what we’re struggling with now.

  67. Evert Thielen


  68. 𝗚𝗜𝗥𝗟𝗦𝟲𝟵.𝗫𝗬𝗭


  69. Cricket Kawasaki


  70. Bgees WW

    No matter what she is, she is perfect…..

  71. TheRealJD

    You guys are great. Always enjoy watching. Much love

  72. Cathy Massett

    I love her underbite!

  73. Dumbindisguise

    Your dog is so cute

  74. foxxycat !


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