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The Future of Dog Sports – Episode 114 – K9 and Sports with Florian Knabl & Patricia Pehrsson

Dog Sports such as IGP / Schutzhund / IPO, Ring Sports and others are under attack. Whether you are interested in dog sports or not, this should concern you. These attacks come from people who know little about dogs and dog training.

In this interview I speak to 2X World FMBB IGP Champion Florian Knabl and his wife Patricia Pehrsson about K9 and Sports, an organization that is uniting dog sports enthusiasts to help fight for the future of all dog sports.

Here are some links to K9 and Sports:

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It is also important to remember that supporting K9 and Sports further helps the future of well bred dogs that go on to be pets, companions, and working dogs in fields such as police and military, search and rescue / SAR, detection dogs and more.

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24 Thoughts to “The Future of Dog Sports – Episode 114 – K9 and Sports with Florian Knabl & Patricia Pehrsson”

  1. ToThineSelfBeTrue

    I find it very sad that people are arguing against the treatment of animals not just dogs who have likely never had a pet or worked on a farm. How can you say why have a protection do we live in the same world. People steal rob kill and all host of other horrible things. They clearly have never experienced real violence and FOOLS like this are making the world a worst place and more unsafe.

  2. Rico4you

    What a fantastic Episode Robert…so we’ll explained why it’s so positive to train and do sports with your dog. Creating such a bond between owner and Dog. I have registered to K9 and Sports…thank you Florian and Patricia.

  3. george jetzon

    Wonderful conversation! Thank you Robert, Florian and Patricia!!

  4. Hege Dehli Delmann

    I’m having 12 Malinois puppies in my house right now! 2 weeks old. From working/sport Lines! Dad was in Romania for competition FMBB 2023. We Are living in Norway 🇳🇴✌️

  5. Brenda

    Thank you Robert!!
    This is the group that I hear dog trainers, working dog enthusiasts, dog sport handlers and breeders ALL saying that we need.
    Will be joining immediately. 🇨🇦

  6. Alex Anca

    Very nice interview! I sign the support for the K-9, and I mention you, Larry Krohn, Dave Kroyer, Haz Othman, Andy Krueger, from which I’ve learn a lot, even I am a usual pet owner. All of you put great training videos for free, not to mention the paying personal web pages. Nochmals vielen Dank und vielen Dank an Ihre Gäste.

  7. Darren Pidruchney

    Having a working line breed for protection is a benefit to protect your self and property even a deterrent from criminals. The working line breeds need to be protected. Remember IGP is sill a breed stability test for breeding stable and working dogs not just a sport

  8. Darren Pidruchney

    Having a working line breed for protection is a benefit to protect your self and property even a deterrent from criminals. The working line breeds need to be protected. Remember IGP is sill a breed stability test for breeding stable and working dogs not just a sport

  9. Bre Houtby

    We need to keep dog sports going!!! I’m active with rally, obedience trials and training for service dog. We have also explored scent work and barn hunt (wasn’t my favourite brought out the drive lol). I love the fact a border collie was competing and he gain confidence, that’s great to hear.

  10. Linda McManus

    Good not agree with you more no this topic. I have 2older GSD which I don’t do training with them anymore. I have also 2 Aussies that are both doing agility training and obedience training. They get exercise, raw fed diet with veggies and fruits, collagen , colostrum and the list goes on. From doing training at home and taking agility training we have an extremely great bond. And yes I too have been told from various people that I should not be doing this to my dogs which i bite my tongue and move on. It is getting very annoying in this world we are living in now. Keep up the good work Robert. Love your videos. Lastly all these sports that people do with there dog it improves the relationship and connection with your dog. Its fun and mental stimulation,and great socialization and exercise.

  11. Cianj Cantillon

    Love this this was a fantastic podcast I really find your podcasts very informative thank you Robert

  12. Jackie Pitts

    Hunting dogs have been dealing with this forever. Our sport is at risk on so many fronts. There is a fight going on in our dogs as well.

  13. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great idea to set up an Organisation. Dogs certainly NOT slaves. Animal rights activists are a big issue. Untrained dogs are a way bigger risk then a well trained dogs will ever be. Here in the UK all deaths by dogs are from untrained dogs.
    Dogs need to do have mental stimulus . Frustrated, energy filled, untrained dogs are a problem. Great points made here . Thank you so much for this great video for those that do not have so much knowledge about what dogs really need. Owning a dog and really fulfilling the dogs needs is a huge commitment. I think most people don’t really understand this. Walking, water and food will NEVER be enough for any dog. Great video Robert thank you and thanks to your guests. Brilliant.

  14. Supreme Canine

    My God, this is beautiful. If anyone will save dog sports it will be these good people and others like them.

  15. Alanna

    Thank you! Great interview!

  16. S

    I want to point out to the audiance that there are A LOT of sports that are dog related that aren’t IGP or Agility.

    Lure Coursing is an awesome field sport for sight hounds.
    FASTCAT and CAT is coursing that is open to all breeds including All American (mutts).

    Barn Hunt is great for scenting dogs and is open to all breeds of all ages including All American.

    TRICKS – Don’t underestimate tricks. There are titles and competitions focused solely on trick training.

    There are also herding trials available and those sporting events are really freaking cool.

  17. Vanguard 14

    Robert, would you also happen to have a link to that study of bites of working dogs vs non-working dogs that they mentioned? Would be interesting to read through.

  18. Paul D

    Great guests and great show 👍

  19. Penny Jo Wagner

    I’ve been a Bird Dog Trainer for over 50 years- and sad to see the direction of people in regards to dogs as pets. Very sad. Dogs LOVE to work. I am also working my two Dobies as (pointing) bird dogs. How do we sign up to their group ?

  20. Matvey Nusinkis


  21. Shane Barta

    Florian and his wife are great….saw them at Helper Camp USA in Tennessee last summer

  22. Abandoned Entity. ɴᴇʀᴏ's sᴘɪᴛᴇ

    Another great podcast! I haven’t gotten through all of it (yet) but the topic of how peoples’ perceptions on dogs, and animals in general, has changed to deprive them of a purpose, got my attention. I whole-heartedly agree. I don’t have a shepherd, but I do have a mutt whose genetics have a demand for a job. He’s a Border Collie/Aust. Kelpie. Phenomenal worker. Currently, his most demanding ‘job’ is bikejoring. It takes a fair amount of discipline to have a dog pulling you at questionable speeds with a variety of distractions, sometimes over long distances when conditioned, where he must make some level of independent decision based upon prior training. Whether it’s going around a mailbox correctly and not veering into the street, or peacefully passing small prey animals that will more than likely run when they see a dog running in their direction. He must know his directional commands and when to stop. He has to listen regardless of what is going on around him. He has to tolerate a variety of real-world stimuli and not react, which includes loud cars, people, dogs, etc. I doubt the average dog-owner in today’s age would understand the level of work that went into training him to be this reliable. Fortunately, most people here don’t seem to be bothered by seeing a dog with a purpose other than occupying a couch cushion. However, I do have a member of family (parent) who has two young, capable, dogs with no purpose and I feel as though every day without giving them something to do is a massive disservice to them. Their only outlet is being taken to a dog park on occasion. No reliable obedience on either of them. When I got my current dog, he was an absolute train wreck. All that mental desire for a job was spoiled into this neurotic frenzy from being unsocialized and untrained. When I had to resort to balanced methods after strictly positive methods had failed him, I faced a lot of push back from this member of the household because they saw it as abuse. He’s far surpassed any dog that has been in the family, even prior to me being born which I take a good deal of pride in. I can not imagine why someone would believe that working an animal, who was bred to have a purpose, is abusive or wrong. Seeing how mine was prior to just a basic level of training was done, it was downright heartbreaking. His mind was eating away at him because there was no outlet. Once we switched methods of training and introduced new outlets (like the bike-joring, obedience, foundations in scent work etc.), it was quite literally like watching dust get blown off his brain. It gave him an immense amount of clarity and purpose that he hadn’t gotten up to that point. I can’t fathom how a life consisting solely of 10+ (if you’re lucky) years of rotating from a couch to maybe a short walk, would be fulfilling. I’ve spent about 4.5 years with this dog teaching him a variety of things from the joring, to the basics of scent work, obedience, etc. Had I not, I would not doubt he’d be a living liability for the safety of anyone around him because his ability to handle new things would’ve gone out the window.

    Apologies for the long-winded ramble– but I greatly appreciate your continual efforts to provide education to more dog owners to show that a dog is not an ornament and being able to build a relationship with them through training, sports, etc, is such a wonderful thing.

  23. Theodore Hyatt

    That camp sounds wonderful thank you for your commitment to the sports

  24. Theodore Hyatt

    When I was growing up I was ignorant about the working dogs role . I was told their were vicious mean dogs had to be caged. Like he won’t bite he’s wagging his tail another untruthful statement. People on the left PROGRESSIVE don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves here in America 2A unfortunately we can’t educate them because they don’t want to hear. You are totally right if you know how to defend yourself you will never have to fight.

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