The Dogs That Are Most Similar to Pitbulls
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The Dogs That Are Most Similar to Pitbulls

American Pit Bull Terriers and dogs similar to them can create quite a controversy in the dog-owning world.

Some claim that they are the gentlest creatures alive and extremely devoted pets, while others have had difficult encounters with the dogs.

If you love the look and the personality of a Pit Bull, it is helpful to know about other dogs that are similar in appearance and have many of the same characteristics.

In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that are most similar to Pitbulls.

00:00​ – Intro
00:33​ – American Bulldog
01:07​ – Bull Terrier
01:42​ – Cane Corso
02:15​ – Boxer
02:43​ – Staffordshire Bull Terrier
03:14​ – Dogo Argentino
03:51​ – Bullmastiff
04:21​ – Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
04:54​ – Presa Canario
05:29​ – American Bully
06:10​ – Question

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24 Thoughts to “The Dogs That Are Most Similar to Pitbulls”

  1. Tr Vlogs Car Life

    Mabye just me but none of these dogs look like “Pit Bulls” to me other than Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully & Dogo Argentino.

  2. Gabriel LOPEZ

    How in the world does a cane corso, a boxer, and a bull terrier look like a pit that don’t make sense to me, the American Bulldog(which I have), Dogo argentino, presa canario, am staff, the bully, and the bandog look like pits and have similar features as pits

  3. Abhiram K A

    Bullsh*t. Boxer?? Bull terrier???

  4. Nina Vrhovnik


  5. Kebbe San

    Am Staff simple as that

  6. Perla Soni

    You did something very similar to this 2 months ago

  7. Richard Huerta

    I would be happy with the Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino and Presa Canario my three favorite intimidating boys 🙌

  8. Ray Higley

    Please learn how to pronounce the breed names correctly. Several mispronounced; but otherwise good content.

  9. Hamster luver

    I thought it was spelt Presa Canaria

  10. Hamster luver

    You already did this video.


    Good job I am the 14th commenter

  12. Alejandra Gonzalez

    shar pei

  13. A. Amr

    Are you kidding!! Presa canario is almost twice size of a pitbull

  14. Gheorghita Bogasiu

    How about American Staffordshire? I think they look the most like pitbulls

  15. Foxplayz

    Boo u already made This videp

  16. Donn dubhan

    My top:
    American staffordshire
    Staffordshire bull terrier
    Patterdale terrier
    Dogo argentino
    Presa canario
    Cane corso
    Bull terrier
    American bully

  17. Bryce Landon

    You already made a video two months ago like this

  18. James Bretherton


  19. James Bretherton


  20. Renata Klein

    Can you pls do more infos to the alapaha blue blood bulldog ?

  21. Christian Ferriday


  22. Karen Shen

    I think some kind of bulldogs look like pitbulls

  23. MichaelSwords25


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