The Doberman VS Belgian Malinois
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The Doberman VS Belgian Malinois

In this episode… Two of the best guard dogs of all stand here today! The most intelligent dog breeds in the world! Fearless, alert, protective, and loyal!
They got the beauty and the brains… They have served as guardians, police work, the military, search and rescue… You can put them anywhere… they will excel at anything they put their mind to… But which one of them is better, stronger… THE NUMBER ONE? Let’s settle this once and for all, TODAY, in this battle… The Doberman VS Belgian Malinois

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43 Thoughts to “The Doberman VS Belgian Malinois”

  1. Madhur Jaiswal

    Make a video on husky vs rottweiler and Akita vs rottweiler

  2. Lori Love

    Personally I am more of a doberman girl, speed, tenacity,loyalty and diversity of the doberman breed wins the day for me ❤ although I realized that the Belgian mal is extremely capable and trainable they are to turned on for me

  3. Muhammed Qasim

    Unfair. Mutts best

  4. Xiwen Zhang

    i also like how you think malinois should be considered smarter that is very true

  5. Glenn Lienhop

    Mali gator is the best overall . The most versatile dog and healthy dog . Mali gators can be trained to do anything and they do it extremely well what ever it may be

  6. Muhammed Qasim

    Lol get both of em. Hope u get a cross puppy. Cute

  7. Mindy Worthley

    European Doberman all the way !! Mine lived a very healthy 13 years old, amazing family and watch dog 💕

  8. Jose Rivas

    Two of my favorites dogs on my list …

  9. kewchrist

    I Want métis malinois – doberman

  10. Jeana Gorman

    I like Dobermans more

  11. Akash A

    Next fight between
    German shepherd Vs Belgian Tervuren

  12. Gary Sh

    I’ll take an American bulldog just in case doberman or German shepherd comes after me better to have a dog that can whip man or beast

  13. Tracy Davis

    Doberman Pinschers, are the biggest, baddest, and strongest!💪🏋! I would take a 100lb. Doberman Pinscher, with a 245psi bite force, over a 60lb. Belgian Malinois, with a WEAK 195psi bite force, ANYDAY of the week!!!!!!😎 CASE CLOSED!!!!!!

  14. M-Pact Kennels

    I have both breeds and Dutch shepherds. All are great at what they do but I’ll give the edge to the Doberman.

  15. Xavier King’s Toy World

    I’d want both but more the European Doberman male but one thing was that Dobermans are faster so it was a tie tecnecly

  16. Sebin Sabu

    Dude, dobermans are so energetic than a Belgian mal, Dobermans can rup upto 64kmph in speed that so fast and how does the belgium mal gets best energy? Also dobermans are extreme watchdogs than Belgium mal, dobermans have a lot of bite force and are fearless and will do anything to protect its owner and family. And they can be left alone for 6 hours and how does the belgium mal gets that point because it won’t tolerate being alone.
    So the winner has to be Doberman!

  17. El pro Duro


  18. Govindu Thisara

    need gsd vs belgion malanois

  19. Life Never Ends

    Your categorization is totally not intelligent. However, can you please do MinPin vs Kangal next time?

  20. Yuvak Kumaran

    Always belgian malinois

  21. Reese Moore

    Doberman hands down!

  22. christopher hines

    My Dog,Bobby(Girl) Wins!,But i knew that already,24/7/365,always together now for 11 and a half years,she is called a mechelaar,thats her dutch and belgian name,but malinous,in my country UK and the US,mechelaar is short for mechelse Herder.Bob has only one requirement from me.That is to live forever!.

  23. Joseph Carter the Mink Man

    This is pretty dumb! The only thing a doberman can do better than a malinois is die young, or be a useless pet…….

  24. Ayoub Chalah

    Totally not fair!! Dobermans have tolerance to hot weather 🌡️

  25. Em.m.D1Szy PH

    Nice vids. I love Malinois 🐕‍🦺 i have 1 BM & he is 4mons.

  26. Karen Shen

    I wanted one like a vs with dogs like guard dogs!

  27. Kilij Shark

    Hooray, the BM won!

  28. Andrei Vitelaru

    Mal the better working dog, but dobby the better pet. Two amazing breeds😍

  29. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher💯💙💯💙

  30. drinpubg mobile


  31. Kaleb Green

    Request for next video, can you do American bulldog vs American pitbull terrier please?

  32. Micky Deloach

    I’ll take my female belgium Mal over a Doberman! Had a Malinous in desert storm! She hates the smell of curry as I do!

  33. Hayden Seymour

    Do kangal vs malinois please

  34. cesar vilarinho

    Malinois is the best

  35. Kaleb Green

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  36. cesar vilarinho

    I have a Malinois

  37. sachi pro

    Doberman lovers 👉

  38. RO' HITS

    1st to see 1st to comment 🙌🏻….Shows how jobless I am

  39. Scoot Domin

    Your video is amaizing

  40. Meme tastic

    Rottweiler always ❤️❤️

  41. SnowGlobe

    Jesus is king

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