The Cute Hippo #shorts


The Cute Hippo #shorts

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7 Thoughts to “The Cute Hippo #shorts”

  1. TrassseB

    When will a polar bear ever fight a hippo?
    Did the bear travel to aAfrican Safari holiday or is the hippo on a scientific expedition to the North Pole.
    And what was the hippo scuba diving for a killer wale to eat it. 🙄

  2. Conner Rose

    I’m pretty confident that a hippo has never fought a polar bear or orca

  3. Necalli

    Uhm no. They don’t look cute or friendly at all.
    They look like giant murder pigs

  4. Jesse Molina

    Umm if you’re face to face with this animal then you done fucked up…

  5. Yousuf Khan

    Hippos are cute?
    Thats a new one

  6. ExclusiveDivine

    “After humans” that definitely says something. THE HIPPOS ARE GETTING TOO CLOSE, KILL EM TOO😀🔪

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