The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy!
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The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy!

Potty training a puppy can be easy! Watch how we did it!

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116 Thoughts to “The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy!”

  1. Avery Ptaszek

    My dog is very aggressive towards other dogs, he sprints down the street and will attack any dog he sees. I’m hopeless at this point. is there anything I can do?

  2. P!e

    Ngah! You’re so helpful! Every time I search something up about dog training, your videos pop up, and I don’t regret clicking them.

    And I love Inertia’s floppy ears! they make her so unique!

    Okay, my new puppy lmao

    I have a new puppy, Kayla. It’s kinda hard to uh, look at signs when she wants to go potty. She just drops her toy and goes potty *immediately.* I mean, like BOOM. It’s kinda easy to potty train her, like a few day she won’t go potty, then one day she’ll go potty 5 times in an hour O_o

    She hasn’t been going potty in her crate since we got her, that’s good, though we still take her out just in case.
    She knows that its bad to pee/poop inside. . . but I guess she was trying to warn us secretly :I
    Anyways, thanks for the information! I love your dog training videos!

  3. Estrella Alvarez

    Hey Zak, I was wondering what your thoughts are on ecollars! I’ve been seeing them gain alot of popularity recently.

  4. Nour Zein

    Hey Zak, a question I’ve always had was will dogs know how to do things without treats present? So for examples teaching dogs not to bark all the time. At first you’ll be giving them treats, but what if I’m in the kitchen doing something and my dog doesn’t have treats? Will it still not bark even when there’s no reward? Will it start to go back to old mannerisms when they realize they’re not being rewarded? How often would I have to give my dog treats for the behavior to stick? This goes for all training like no biting as well. Thank you Zak

  5. Alexander Caro

    Hello Zak George, I got a boxer puppy not too long ago and have been watching your videos constantly I subscribed and also wanted to say thank you so much!

  6. Rachael

    Hoping these tips will work for older dogs. We have a two year old that’s never been properly potty trained. I believe she has a “complex” about it. No matter how much we control her environment (tbhthe control isn’t as good as I’d like), recognize her cues, or spend time outside with her, she will NOT poop outside!

  7. Elisabeth Underwood

    By the time your dog is an adult and is potty trained completely you can and should correct them for going in the house just say NO but only if you catch them in the act and it was un reasonable that they pottied
    But you also should know what those rare corrections so here is when you should and shouldn’t correct them

    Let’s start with should
    If the dog sent mark pees after they have been out and peed
    2. If they pee after another dog pees just because of dominance
    3. They have both peed and pooped within 45 minutes of the accident and made no effort to let you know that they needed to go.
    If its An elderly dog
    If it is under 1 1/2 years old.
    If you left them for an extended period of time.
    If it’s right at the door (you likely just missed the signs).
    If you didn’t let them out before you leave .
    NEVER YELL OR HIT just give a firm No and take them to the potty spot (pick up if possible) then when they go outside be sure you make a big deal about it lots of praise and treats for a few weeks after an accident so you reinforce pottying

  8. Sam Laudor

    is there certain ways to potty train for certain breeds ?

  9. Soggy Brownie

    I just got the notification for this ಠ_ಠ

  10. Kayden Yowell

    Do you do shoutouts? If so can I have one? ☺️ in a huge fan

  11. Reina

    can u teach more stuff for outside dogs

  12. Butlins58 Bradley

    Our puppy has a crate , and play pen, area attached, at night he goes in, we shut the big door, and put cover over, but we leave the small door, open, during the night, and he is great, does potty, we have, put dwn, pads, with fake grass on top. During the day, we keep the big door, and small door open , and try take him outside

  13. Falling Skys

    I needed this my 2 month German Shepard keeps peeing inside the house but she always goes number 2 outside

  14. Dog Training

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  15. The Young Artist

    My friend has a Australian Shepard who looks a lot like Inertia when she was little, also do you reply to comments?

  16. kay_baby18

    Perfect timing, just brought home my Border Collie girl from Kim Gentle Shepherds! Hopefully she is as successful as Super Nova 🙂

  17. Vishakh Raja

    Im getting a bichon frise puppy next month and this video will definitely help!

  18. Rachael K

    These have helped us so much in training our puppy. Had him sitting, laying down, and knowing his name within a couple days of having him. Still working on potty training but our pup has been excellent with that as well 🙂

  19. Dikke Big

    I really Neede this, in november im gonna pick up a JACK RUSSEL puppy. thank you!

  20. Anna Piper

    Hey Zach, when it comes to keeping your puppy on a leash with you at all times, would you say that this can later cause separation anxiety? I’m worried that if I keep my pup so close that he will have a harder time when it comes to leaving him alone.

  21. Dania Flores

    I just got my new puppy today, she’s a poodle and I’m not prepared even though I made a whole dog playlist. 🙁

  22. Nugetz

    Phew… ok I’m ok……. he made a potty training vid…. I’m good

  23. eminikols x

    I just got a puppy this morning! Shih tzu, she is a wonderful puppy. Really quiet and has not caused any problems yet. Except potty training. The breeder said that we can’t give her treat yets cause she is not old enough, she is going to be 8 weeks in 7 days. What do you think? She is also really tiny and the breader also told us that we shouldn’t put her on a leash yet

  24. Lizzie W

    I love that you said it’s ok to use the pads too. My Mom is disabled and my puppy will be staying with him when I work. She cannot get down the stairs fast enough for a small puppy. It will be so much easier for her to take him to a pad. I think it’s better for him to be with her then to stay alone all day

  25. Creative Diamond Dogs

    This is what I did last year since my collie is just a little younger than Inertia. She went outside about every 20 minutes when she first arrived, and over time the time between potty outings extended. However, late December or very early January is when everything clicked with her and she has had only one accident since then.

  26. Don Wickelgren

    Zak, can you do a video on potty training an older dog? We have a 2 1/2 year old that is potty trained well outside on grass. But we want to travel and it requires she use pads and boy that’s a struggle. No success yet, I think I’m more stressed than she is.

  27. Lizzie W

    Yes! Thank you! I have your books on audible but I needed the extra help

  28. K1kuch1

    Make a training schedule video using puppy age as reference.

  29. Jennifer Shih

    Inertia is so cute!!

  30. Rizzlafication

    My puppy gets so distracted by my two cats that I’m constantly telling him to leave them and go potty. How do I get him to not be distracted by them and just be.

  31. RoseBud

    How often do you need to take an adult dog out? I might be able to get a dog, but I don’t want a puppy.

  32. Hayley Wargnier

    Took one week to potty train my youngest dog 🙌 just stuck to getting him outside every time I thought he might need to go. He’s only had 5 accidents his whole life and he’s 8 months old now. I’m so proud 🥰


    I have a tip if ur just starting to potty train your dog put pads all around the house so it will be much easier to have access to

  34. Haneen Yazbek

    thank you Zak for this video ❤️
    I really needed it

  35. Logan Booth

    I have a 6 month old Vizsla and he is potty trained, but I watch all of these anyway for all the good tips

  36. Ally Rabasco

    Thank you for this video! i’m getting a dog this Friday and this came out just in time

  37. Banjaran

    You’re a mind reader! We were fussing about when our beagle pup will be potty trained, and when dogs in general are successfully housebroken!

  38. nyxonlinee

    my landlord better let us get a dog🥺any tips?

  39. LaurensGamingAdventures

    I just got a new puppy if you ever read this then if you go to my yt channel click on the video it’s called meet Luna and she isn’t getting potty trained well since she had a dairy stil has it a bit and we have had her bow for two weeks and she still is doing it inside and all that we are gonna try this when she wakes up !

  40. That Climbing girl

    Guys don’t use puppy pads, they are a waste of time and money.

  41. Mikski

    I’m getting a dog tomorrow! This is so helpful 😃

  42. Xo Droxxzy

    Keep up the great work

  43. Páraic Haughey

    Zach my puppy is 3 and half months old she is almost 100% potty trained during the day but at night it’s like she just can’t hold it and does a pee every night. Is this normal for a puppy.

  44. Crónicas de una Merodeadora

    I’ve been trying everything but my 5 month Samoyed puppy just won’t potty outside. He was awesome at potty pad training, but everytime he goes out he refrains from pottying and then, the moment we go back to the apartment, he pees and poos 🙃.

    If any of you guys have advise for me, I’ll gladly take it!!

  45. beep

    hey zak! would u please tell me why my dog turns back around and attacks me on walks?? and how to stop it?

  46. Chrisrock Hlatshwayo

    Zak please see this my dog is on a chain and my parents won’t listen to me so that I can train him. But they won’t listen

  47. Emily

    Perfect timing! I’m getting a puppy soon, so this is much needed guidance. Your videos are so helpful!

  48. Damian M

    Thank god for these videos because without them my dog would be a mess

  49. H Forshaw

    My dog is 11 months old and still peeing on furniture in the house. I have done something similar to this to train him when he was young but it never seemed to work. Any tips?

  50. Aja Baker

    My dog won’t come when called can you help

  51. Ronit Wankhede

    My future dog doesn’t need any training center

  52. Ansh Gupta

    I live in a high rise (9th floor ) and should I use pads of shall I take it out every hour for potty or are pads as good as grass?

  53. NightDust

    And these treats taste great,

    So you eat the treats.

    No But for real these videos have been helping me a lot.

  54. Livie Bills

    I needed this so bad I’m potty Training my Australian Shepard and I want to train her the best I possibly can!

  55. 78987987

    Hey zak I have a three month old Caucasian shepherd and people tell me there impossible to train I was wondering if you can tell me if their easy to train

  56. Sam Mooney

    I have a labrador puppy and this is very helpful

  57. Adriana Leder

    I really needed this. I recently got a new King Charles Cavalier puppy and we can be outside with her for like 10 minutes and she’ll still choose to use the bathroom in the house…
    thank you so much for this!

  58. Mariana T

    I get my puppy in about a week and I’ve been watching so many videos. These have helped so much

  59. DeathDEVIL YT

    Best vids ever !!

  60. SilasZoeBell

    Great video. I’m trying to train kids as much as the puppy, and they are as bad as the puppy at waiting till the last minute before going to the bathroom. So of course the puppy has lots of accidents when she’s with them. We are going on a sailboat soon and wondering if you had any specific advice for keeping a puppy on a boat? We will take the potty pads to put out on the deck at potty time.

  61. Kristína Hollá

    We had so many difficulties with potty training our border collie. She still peed in house at 5 months old. Nothing seemed to be working, she would have accidents several times a day. We were so frustrated we her, (parents even considered giving her away because of this) but we went to a vet and found out she had medical issues! She was put on anibiotics and life became so much easier after that 🙂

  62. corinne jordan

    What about a 9 week old miniature golden doodle?

  63. Gubbin_Malarkies

    This guy is the best

  64. Neechan91

    our puppy always destroyed the pee pads…so we stopped using them. but it turned out fine and now she is doing really well with doing her business outside 🙂 thanks to your videos and advises 🙂

  65. sudhanshu pathak

    My friend who have a pet: how do you know so much about dog training
    Me who watch Inertia since episode 1:😊😂

  66. Sophia Hsieh

    Baby Inerta! She’s so cute. Where did you get your dog’s paintings done?


    So useful . Thankyou . This channel is awesome👏

  68. Jungle Drone

    I’ll use this for my future dog

  69. Swiedy

    I am very happy that I watch you because when I have experience with dogs I can tell my dad to get me one shortly 😁😁

  70. Tuva Andreasson

    I have a 15 week old Cavalier King Charles and she sometimes still pees inside even though we took her out and she still pees during the night, is there anything else I could do?

  71. StitchBallistic

    i just love your intro <3

  72. Greyhawk Reborn

    Just as I was watching I was thinking to myself that 3 day’s in and my puppy has only had two accidents and as the video concluded I picked my head up and uh oh🤦🏽‍♂️ he’s catching it to sit, look at me and leave it but I’m failing miserably at down.

  73. Swayam Pisute

    Thanks for the video I will teach my puppy

  74. Adasha Amazing

    Early! I love your channel it’s helped me a lot, I’ve been following you even before Inertia but I’ve followed you since you got Inertia too, your videos will help me with my puppy a lot! I subscribed to you!

  75. MSC

    Yess!! He uploaded again!! Thank you sooo much!!

  76. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    My dog is already potty trained

  77. Hidden Spring Farm

    Love all your videos Zak, Molly is loving life on our farm. She is my Old English Sheepdog and is 3 months old. We crate trained her and she won’t go in the crate but she’ll still wee wee whenever she wants indoors. She is also very nippy and has attitude. Any tips? I’ll just keep at it. Keep up the great tutorials. 🙂

  78. ღ LpsCocoHearts ღ


  79. Rainbow Cat25

    I just got a dog her name is Luna we have tried Five different kinds of treats she doesn’t like any of them so do you have any treat recommendations

  80. Albatross Branding Private Limited

    My puppy is 1-2months old but he barks when ever he wants to go to potty and he never goes to potty when he is in the crib or on someones hand and he goes to places like the corners

  81. Rhys Gaming

    Can you do a video dedicated to cockapoos as I am getting one soon

  82. Donald Martinez


  83. Tarlochan Singh Shergill


  84. Lucky Ranapaheli


  85. Lucky Ranapaheli

    Can it be delivered at nepal??

  86. Gaming Legends FreeFire

    I love Inertia. Can I have her?

  87. Tiger games lover

    Wow very nice and informative video thanks Zak.

  88. Avery Colbert

    My puppy nova is still having such a hard time with going to the washroom outside thanks for this video it helps a lot! Also one of the issues we’ve been having is since In the morning the grass is wet Nova will not want to go to the washroom or step a paw on the grass.

  89. Ishaani Creations

    Just wanted a new video on training..
    By Zak Georgie
    You are an amazing trainer.
    I am trying to teach my pet new tricks by watching your videos only

  90. Julia Abdalla

    Thank you so much for this video!!!! I just got your books a few days ago and the have really helped me!!!

  91. Wolf 2019


  92. Hood90 NUGGETS

    I’m getting a little Rottweiler puppy named Mars next month and potty training will be the first thing we work on! 🙂

  93. Ace Trainer MAT

    Why are there so many self promo here? Nice Training vid tho. I watch your videos Everytime I want to teach my doggo something new

  94. Sarah Tassone

    222 views how does that even work it was only posted 2 minutes ago and the vid is 12 minutes

  95. Sofía Vélez

    I love how the videos are now overviews

  96. King ZayZay

    I’m getting my puppy in 8 weeks so this was the perfect video 😂💙

  97. Marisetty Shyamaj

    My 2020 goal is to get a heart from zak

  98. *_n i c o l e_*

    I definitely needed this, the one thing that i would be nervous to mess up when i train my future dog (hopefully )

  99. Hoodie Life

    I wishI had a puppy just watch your vids and pretend

  100. Sara Helmy

    Early squad

  101. terry Aorm

    I have a basset hound, it’s been difficult to train him. He’s 3 months. Thanks for this video 👍🏻

  102. Hug Able

    I just got 3 puppies this was really helpful 😺

  103. Animish Gaming

    Wow you and pewdiepie uploaded a video at the same time and now im confused on who to watch first (i think you guessed it)

  104. Martini Martini

    Thank you Zak George you’ve help me soooo much!!

  105. Little Leopard371

    Hungs to everyone😀😁😀

  106. Boey H.

    Intertia is so beautiful!
    Can you make a video talking about the best chew toys for young dogs?

  107. DiyVlogGirl

    Hello everyone!!! My new puppy Rocky is on my YT channel

  108. Danielle Carr

    Have a blessed day

  109. Sophie Talbot

    Omg you just read my mind😂 I got my puppy yesterday and she’s so far away from being potty trained 💗

  110. klxdy kay•.*

    This is gonna help me a lot for my Labrador pup

  111. 100K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    Literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.🙏 fgr

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