The BEST way to PLAY TUG with Your Dog
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The BEST way to PLAY TUG with Your Dog

The best way to play TUG with your dog requires understanding a couple of things that I explain in this video.

If you’d like to see the full 27 minute lesson, check my #onlinedogtraining

In this video I help Harold and Rio learn the finer points of playing tug. There are usually very small things that can change the game and i address them in this lesson. They include, frustrating the dog through misses, proper handling while the dog is engaged on the tug and building possessiveness over the tug. As well in the member lesson we address obedience.

Whether you’re a beginner dog trainer or just learning some new tricks, this is a great lesson.

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28 Thoughts to “The BEST way to PLAY TUG with Your Dog”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Love this video? Full version and lots more on my site

  2. Gary B.

    My Great Dane’s favorite game. Thanks for what you do Robert!

  3. Lebanese dude

    Robert will make tug entertaining with any creature lol

  4. Shane McHugh

    Can’t beat a good tug

  5. RISER

    I skipped forward and saw two grown men playing tug. Instant like! Haha

  6. Never Let Go 💙

    My pit border collie mix excels at tug. He plays the game as if he were taught protection.
    He’d hold on for days if he wasn’t told to stop.
    I never let my pit win the game. It always ends with me holding the tug. I use it to teach a stop and drop command.

  7. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    The full lesson is packed with great advice. Love the new web site. Got so involved I had cold food : ) Worth it though. Thank you : )

  8. Decoye

    Hi Robert, Love your videos and we watch it slot as advice to train our 5 months husky lady puppy.
    One Thing that we don’t find a proper solution for tho is, her laying down behaviour.
    When we walk her and don’t let her interact with other dogs, she just falls down on the ground, and I really mean it, she is not laying down, she falls.
    She does not move a muscle.
    What works is that we just drop the leash and continue to Walk like nothing happens and don’t pay any attention to her, she hates that. But of course that’s not always possible.
    Do you have a advise?

  9. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Just looking round your new web site. Wow. I have some catching up to do Robert . Thank you : ) It is amazing.

  10. john jackson

    Hi Robert, learned to play tug with my GSD Bonn when he was a pup, by watching a previous video of yours. Great way to really bond and to reward when adding some obedience to it. Keep up the great tutorials, I am a member of your online classes and look forward to Thursday morning when I receive them here in the UK.

  11. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Beautiful Robert . Frustratingly I cannot do this with Zed at the moment due to my ulcer, Doctors orders. We usually do as you do a little every day and she comes right back for more every time just like Goofy. Zed rags it hard when she wins it : )
    I have put you in my 3 Highly Recommended Dog Trainer video and listed you on my home page, hope that was ok. Thank you . I so want to play tug with my dog as I miss it big time. Old age is cruel lol : )

  12. J-s

    what the brand of that toy?

  13. Barry McKokiner

    I wonder if anyone was walking by watching two adults play tug o war lol

  14. Jason Yeung

    This is awesome, thanks Robert!! I need to try this with my standard poodle, his bite is off just like in this video. Perfect!!

  15. Keith Locke

    I have used your previous videos on training my dog tug of war. IT WORKS. My dog’s (Labrador) tug is focused and intense. People are always amazed that kids can be playing, cars driving by, other dogs playing, but, my dog is focused on playing tug.
    I will say one thing though, I don’t do the miss stuff, me or my dog have issues setting it up so that the tug is gotten in those situations. I have been bit a few too many times trying the miss stuff. Maybe I can try it again, maybe I should wear gloves. Stay safe.

  16. Sean - YouTube

    Fantastic content! Thanks for taking the time to do this and put it up on YouTube!

  17. Stan Libuda

    Love to see you work with the dogs and their owners, I always learn a lot

  18. parker gammon


  19. J Pucci

    It’s really hard to get my dog interested in toys, which is a shame because it makes it harder to get her energy out with ways that are not obedience. When she does get interested, she just wants to toss it around herself. I’m trying to find ways to keep her engaged with me.

  20. JB

    My dog hasn’t met a toy that isn’t a tug toy . . . . 🙄

  21. Peace4MEarth

    God you are good Robert,

  22. no name

    Needed this.
    My Malinois, 11 month old, is similar to client dog.
    Not holding tug, doesn’t really bite hard.
    I can see I am not doing the tug properly.
    Perfect information and timing.

  23. ccam001

    Do you have an affiliate link for the tug you are using or recommend?

  24. Mark Vidales

    Once my dog is out in the open like where you guys are he’s sniffing everything for about 10 minutes before he will do is on me but does get distracted easily at home he’s on me like white on rice

  25. LumpVision

    I have a 2 year old Boxer who has a soft bite until it’s tug time. It’s REALLY easy to get his prey drive up and then it’s game on! I have to pay more attention to what he does when I let him have the tug toy. I don’t remember if he comes back for more or runs away with it.

  26. Eric Weiman

    Why wear the mask at all? Lol just take it off.

  27. Ameerkat

    Love playing tug with my malinois!


    The tug videos are my favourite👍

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