The Best Leash Walking Tips
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The Best Leash Walking Tips

Walking your dog should be enjoyable. Pulling and fumbling with your dog on a walk is frustrating and can be dangerous. Some simple tips can help. In this video, I address several things like:
How to hold your leash.
How to correct your dog for pulling.
Why do we walk a dog on our left vs. right side?
and much more.

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27 Thoughts to “The Best Leash Walking Tips”

  1. Robert Cabral

    The full video includes another section on which leashes and lengths I prefer. Check it out on my page:

  2. Ruthless Van Schalkwyk

    What I do I feed the leash through the loop and than I put my hand through the loop I created I tighten the leash around my wrist before choking the leash. So now even if the dog can pull the leash out of your hand it won’t pull from my wrist

  3. Sarah K

    Very helpful video! Question: so far I only use a regular flat collar on my medium sized dog. She isn’t a strong puller or a very excitable dog but when she still tries pulling the corrections don’t feel quite snappy enough and she just kinda hangs on the end of the leash sometimes. Would you recommend switching to a different collar?

  4. Shana Karlsen

    Can u please tell me the best way to stop dog barking? When dog is in crate, he cries incessantly. I’ve tried saying “stop”, “no”, and shaking the crate. Then, I tried ignoring him completely, which did work for a little while

  5. George W

    across the body? I got to try that! May I ask what your thought about belt leash?

  6. saramations

    Made me feel uncomfortable/nervous encouraging putting your hand through the loop… 😩💦

  7. Michelle Borchardt

    The portion about leash grip is helpful, but OMG Robert, this video is more about how to use the leash to give more effective corrections and restraint. How about ways to help your dog better understand leash walking through teaching tips, rather than assistance for a more effective correction. Oh, and give that dog a treat – he’s worked hard, even with you feigning corrections. Give him some love.

  8. Jerimiah Reece

    So honest question for those of us who don’t live in the People’s Republic of California. Right handed folks carry their defensive tools where their right hand can access them. One can’t expect to have free access to tools with their right hand if there is a leash handle wrapped around their right wrist.

    How would you suggest we free Americans hold the leash in that case?

    I usually put the loop around my left wrist and then hold the slack off the leash in my right hand. That way I can drop the leash from my right hand and still have my dog tethered to my left.

  9. Michael Sable

    Goofy doesn’t need any corrections! 🙌

  10. port29dr

    Why are you focusing so much on the “the dog doesn’t get away from me”? And you are putting your hand into the loop. It’s a safety nightmare in my opinion. My mother did the same with my dog. A 1-year-old 40kg White Swiss Shepherd. During the walk, they were attacked by street dogs. And yes, my dog defended them, he made two steps forward, but my mom was on the other end of the leash. She tried to hold my dog back, but couldn’t. But she also was unable to let the leash go because it was around her hand. So she felt. At this moment, my dog tried to escape and dragged her to one side. So she didn’t only felt down, but was also dragged around.

    Same for me, now is winter and some roads are full of ice and slippery. I don’t care, if the dog get away from me, but I don’t risk to fall down, if the dog start to pull for any reason.

  11. Sue Fleming

    I like the quick release leash lock. Great video!

  12. Shannon Davidson

    Thank you for the detail Robert. Love the detail!

  13. Vince King

    Thank you Robert.
    Another very informative video.
    Always a pleasure to learn from your goodself and when I am lost and unsure I can always count on you for help.

  14. MariaElena

    Great video. Do you regularly use prong for all walks or should prong be discontinued after a while for a dog who is sometimes dog reactive?

  15. Jannell Meagher

    Watching that tail wag speaks volumes alone. It is all about fun, yet structure. Nailed it.

  16. vesa

    Simply thank you sir!

  17. watchmoivies123

    Good morning and thank you very much for your videos I love them but I have a question? Can you do this video with a novice young dog that is distracted and pulls thank you

  18. Alec Johnson

    Great video Robert thank you. The leash lock looks like a half bowline knot I think from my Boyscout days long ago.

  19. Angelo

    There is no way someone didn’t say Hi to you or compliment Goofy. Your Robert , everyone knows you! Love the videos

  20. Milena Taylor

    Yesss Robert. I love YOUR leash lock. I’ve been using it since your video with it came out, probably a year ago at this point.

  21. Veer Sin

    Hey can you please make a breed break down video on doberman pleaseee

  22. Rico4you

    Great video Robert! the leash is an extension of us. So critical to being a good leader, obedience and security for all with our dogs. Thank you.

  23. Ares the Euro Dobie

    Oh sweet goofy boy 💖 and this is why you are my online trainer 🙏🔥🙏 best money spent every month , thank you Robert for everything you do for all of us 🤗

  24. ElainesDomain

    My favorite people trainer. Because of this man our local K-9 patrol dogs are better. Thank you Mr. Cabral.


    Thumb locks and finger locks. Finger lock lets you pump the leash to give information

  26. Peter

    Great video great Dog Training walking great Job working

  27. Cute Japanese Cats and Animals Channel

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