The BEST ECollar for Your DOG

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The BEST ECollar for Your DOG

Everyone knows that the ecollar is one of my favorite dog training tools because it is a fair and highly effective tool for communicating with and correcting your dog. It is more humane than any other tool provided you know and choose to use it in that way.

BUT… what is the very BEST eCollar that you can get and what makes it the best. In this video I introduce you to what I have found to be the best ecollar. The features are amazing, it’s extremely well made in Europe and it ensures against malfunction in many ways.

This is the unit I use and LOVE most:
MICRO B K9 Kick set (you’ll still need the extender, see below)



This is the Chameleon: (no extender needed)
CHAM 3B K9 Kick


You can use the extender to modify any brand of ecollar.

EXT MB med

EXT MB small

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17 Thoughts to “The BEST ECollar for Your DOG”

  1. Le Wang

    I know a couple of people in real life with these. I asked them why their dogs were wearing dogtras? It’s always on the fritz! They seem to have some pretty extreme quality control issues. Or it’s just not designed for reliability.

    Was this a sponsored video? Robert said in comments he also had quality issues with one of them, but he was able to get support being an influencer and all.

  2. Oso Kealy

    That’s a fancy stick you’ve got there!


    Can u make some more videos of how to use it….. For retrieving and rest all commads

  4. CraigV

    Almost 900 dollars. Yikes!

  5. Yoshi Eggbreak

    Robert, your a gem 💎

    Thank you!

  6. Jan

    The price is of some good dog. So I stay with Dogtra Arch, long points for deeeep fur. Works excellent.
    Thanks for the information!

  7. D C

    Something to add. The Martin System operates on a non-approved frequency in the U.S. , and may be susceptible to interference, specially from the 800mhz Public Safety spectrum.

  8. jjs811

    The ring alone seems to make that collar stand above all the rest. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Adam W

    Whether you use a remote collar or not, comparing 1970s remote collars to what we have today is like comparing a rotary phone to the latest iPhone. Look at any remote collar technology advancement, almost 100% of the innovation is to 1) offer much finer tuning between levels and 2) finding ways to make the collar itself more comfortable for the dog. Awesome.

  10. 4legg

    I saw a video a while back where you modified an e-collar to work with a prong collar similar to this tool, but I can’t seem to find it on your channel


    Thank you so much for the information

  12. Gas Axe

    I’m curious on learning how to use them as a tool for training.
    This far we use it only to keep the dogs with the property lines or to come when called.
    They run free but have been going outside the boundaries lately, so we use this to keep them from straying.
    Note I have used E shock but find the vibration collar workers very well on the healers.
    The teen malagator needs E collar.
    Vibe is a fail on her.

  13. Vertisce

    Holy crap! $800 to $1200 for an E-Collar?! You have got to be kidding me! No thank you!

    Honestly, this has to be the worst thing about your videos. Your recommendations are always extremely expensive and it seems like you are entirely out of touch with your viewers. Not all of us are rich and can afford to spend thousands per month on our dogs like you seem to do.

  14. port29dr

    The collar is great. But the support of Martin system is crap.

  15. Michael Rice

    Those are very nice, when training beagles I use the Garmin GPS collars.
    ?Do you know the range on those collars?

  16. Abandoned Entity. ɴᴇʀᴏ's sᴘɪᴛᴇ

    This is such a fascinating collar. I’ve been doing urban mushing with my dog and while he is reliable on his commands, I still habitually put his Dogtra 280c on to make sure that if anything were to change I am able to reenforce the commands I ask for. The only qualm I have about that is struggling to snag my receiver with all the movement. Having a ‘hands free’ feature is something I’ve been lightly looking into, and the fact this one is programmable is very interesting. That, and the distribution of the contacts. I actually had to order Dogtra’s enhanced comfort pad for my unit because the solitary pair of prongs was causing discomfort. Thankfully the pad solved it, but I wish that was something they had included alongside the collar/developed sooner. This is definitely a unit I’ll be looking into should his current unit fail or become especially outdated. Thank you for making a review of it! I always try to look for insight on equipment to better understand the functions and reliability of it 🙂

  17. SawBlade Entertainment

    Can I use it on a pomeranian? was looking at the mirco educator for them.

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