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The best dog cage for puppies

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The best dog cage for puppies

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The crate training method of domesticating pets may be an important tool for potty training of new puppies.

Crate training includes keeping your puppy closed for a period of time to reduce the chance of house accidents, chewing on something inappropriate (such as sofa legs), or injuring yourself into puppy pranks in other ways.

Petmate Ultra Vari Doghouse

This hard-sided puppy box is sturdy and durable, easy to clean, very suitable for travel and home use, and comes in various sizes to adapt to the growing variety of different breeds.

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Certified professional dog trainer Shoshi Parks wrote that in addition to the obvious benefits to puppy moms and fathers, crates can also benefit puppies.

“The magic of the crate is that it can stimulate your dog’s inherent genetic desires so that you want to ‘shrink’ or curl in a comfortable, dark, and warm space. As long as the puppies are correctly introduced into the crate. They will not be forced to be placed in the crate for too long. It will usually become a favorite space for people.” She explained.

Successful crate training will take some time, but with proper supervision and active reinforcement, this will give your puppy many opportunities to go out and bring rewards for doing business there. Crate training can be very effective.

Another key element of crate training is to choose the right dog crate for the puppies. The best option is to keep your puppy calm and comfortable while restricting his access to your home while he is learning the rules. The puppies crates also provide a useful way to transport puppies in the car and provide him with a safe and comfortable place to call himself.

Choosing the right box for your puppy depends on your specific needs, puppy size and activity level, and your future plans. Keep reading to learn about the best dog cages for all kinds of puppies!

How to choose the right puppy box

One puppy box may look the same as the next, but not all models are the same. If you don’t pay attention to details such as materials, size, and design, you may end up wasting money on crates that don’t meet the puppy’s needs or expectations.

Here are some things to do when looking for a puppy in a dog cage:

  • Hard side or soft side. Hard-sided crates can better hold puppies for longer periods of time and are easier to clean. Soft crates may be suitable for travel, but overnight stays are not recommended.
  • High-quality construction. Whether you choose a soft-sided or hard-sided crate, make sure it is well constructed. This means sturdy walls, sturdy doors, and quality hardware that won’t be damaged.
  • Durable material. In addition to choosing a well-made crate, you also need to make sure that the material is hard enough to withstand sharp puppy teeth and some wear and tear.
  • Adjustable size. Many crates have dividers that allow you to adjust the internal dimensions of the crates as the puppy grows.
  • Easy to transport. Choosing crates with handles will make it easier to transport, although choosing flat folded crates for storage will not cause harm.
  • Easy to clean. Many dog ​​cages have slide-out trays that are easy to clean. Soft-sided crates are usually more difficult to clean.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we have compiled some of the most recommended dog cages online. From plastic double-sided dog cages for safe travel to stylish furniture cages for living rooms, there is a cage everywhere that will surely be perfect for you and your puppies.

Top dog cage for puppies

Although you are free to choose different designs and materials, remember to set the golden rule of dog cage size for puppies. Your puppy should have enough space to lie down comfortably, stand up and turn around. Too much space increases the risk of accidents for your puppy during crate training. However, once your puppy’s house is broken, you can upgrade to a larger crate.

This is our first choice for providing the best dog cages for puppies.

1. The best all-around puppy box: Petmate Ultra Vari Doghouse

Vari-Kennel is strong, easy to clean, and useful in various environments, so it is favored by veterinarians and pet care professionals. You can tie it to the back seat to ensure safe car travel, or install it in the living room for reading at home. This is ideal for puppies who need some safer items on the side of the wire crate to keep them comfortable but restrained.

Petmate Ultra Vari Doghouse

This hard-sided puppy box is sturdy and durable, easy to clean, very suitable for travel and home use, and comes in various sizes to adapt to the growing variety of different breeds.

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2. The best configurable puppy box: Life stage double door folding dog cage

MidWest produces a variety of high-quality crates for dogs. If you need strong and reliable metal crates that will grow with your puppy, this model is especially recommended. The LifeStages series is equipped with divider inserts that can divide the crate into separate compartments, so you can limit the puppy’s space to just what meets its needs. As your puppy grows, so does the crate!

Life stage double door folding dog cage

This simple dog cage is made of heavy-duty steel and wire mesh with roller feet to protect the floor surface, size, and single door or double door options for your choice.

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3. The best basic puppy box: MidWest ICrate Double Door Foldable Metal Dog Cage

If you like the previous crate design but have a limited budget, then this Midwest ICrate can provide many of the same features, but it is made of more affordable and lighter steel and mesh materials.

It comes in a variety of sizes of single or double door designs, with trays and optional dividers. It is an excellent choice for puppies who need a crate to grow with it.

MidWest ICrate Double Door Foldable Metal Dog Cage

This popular dog cage is an Amazon bestseller, thanks to its reasonable price, two-door design, and availability in various sizes.

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4. Best heavy wooden box: SmithBuilt heavy duty dog ​​cage

If the rigid crate is not strong enough to hold your puppy, then this heavy-duty dog ​​crate can definitely solve the problem.

With an advanced structure made of commercial-quality steel, the crate can hold even the most destructive puppies. It has a ¾ inch frame, reinforced with welded steel pipe with a diameter of ½ inch, and has a convenient two-door design.

It even comes with four rolling casters for easy transportation-considering that high-quality materials will become heavy, this is a blessing.

This crate may look stern, but you can soften it with a dog crate cover, a comfortable dog bed, or a crate cushion.

SmithBuilt heavy duty dog ​​cage

This heavy-duty dog ​​cage is strong enough to withstand even the most destructive puppies’ behavior.

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5. The best soft crate for puppies: PetNation Indoor/Outdoor Pet House

This soft but sturdy dog ​​cage is perfect for puppies that are carried with you. It is made of heavy-duty fabric and provides extra strength and support on a steel frame.

Padded handles and mesh windows make them suitable for travel or outdoor activities. Moreover, in the event of an accident or overflow, the inside is easy to wipe clean.

notes: This cloth box is most suitable for puppies who have been trained in the cloth box or are unlikely to chew. It is strong and durable, but indestructible!

PetNation Indoor/Outdoor Pet House

This durable soft-panel crate is perfect for taking puppies with you.

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6. The most suitable top dog cage for puppies: Petmate two-door top pet nest

If you have a smaller puppy that will grow into a puppy, then you might like a top kennel. This is helpful for puppies who don’t want to walk into an open kennel but can be picked up from above and put in it. Like other hard-sided plastic kennels, this kennel is durable, easy to clean, and well ventilated.

Petmate two-door top pet kennel

For small dogs who may not be willing to walk into the crate, this kennel is equipped with top entry doors and side passages.

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7. The best puppy dog ​​cage approved by the airline: Petmate Sky Doghouse

This hard-sided dog cage for puppies has a heavy-duty structure of durable plastic and super-strong steel wire, which is recognized by most airlines. It comes in six different sizes, with interlocking doors, 360-degree ventilation, and sturdy handles. It also comes with travel essentials, including two “living creature” stickers, a tongs bowl, and an ID sticker. In addition, it is made of recycled materials and has a minimum size of less than $50.

Petmate Sky Doghouse

This travel-friendly crate is made of heavy-duty plastic and steel wire and has been approved for use by most airlines.

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8. Best furniture crates for puppies: Coffee table dog cage

One of the most common complaints about dog cages is that they take up space and look unattractive. Of course, safety and practicality are the most important factors to consider when choosing a puppy crate. But you can also want something attractive!

This coffee table is made of durable, sustainable rubberwood and looks lovely in your living room. Note one: The wood is strong and durable, but indestructible.

Supervise your puppy during crate training and make sure he has a firm chew so that he will not be tempted to hesitate on the crate.

Or, as suggested by some commenters, fix a piece of plexiglass in it at the puppy level!

Coffee table dog cage

Although it is not completely chewy, this attractive crate is made of durable rubberwood and can double as a bedside table.

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9. The best dual-purpose dog cage for puppies: Merry Pet 2 in 1 configurable pet box

At first glance, this puppy crate looks very similar to the previous model, but there is an important difference: the crate leads to a wooden pet door.

When configured as a crate, it has a removable plastic tray and a sturdy wire panel to keep your puppy safe.

When you need to play, the crate will open a wooden pet door, which you can use to close the door or open the space. With its solid wood veneer, the model is attractive whether it is used as a crate or a door.

Merry Pet 2 in 1 configurable pet box

Compared with other options, this kind of furniture-quality crates has great advantages. It can be opened and used as a gate to block the doorway or area of ​​the pet.

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10. The best budget puppy box: Petmate Puppy 2 Door Training Retreat Crate

Looking for a budget-friendly puppy box? This sweet pink crate (also available in blue) is perfect for puppies and small dogs. It comes with front and rear door entrances, handles, slide-out plastic trays, and convenient partitions. Most importantly, it is very affordable!

Petmate Puppy 2 Door Training Retreat Crate

Skip the boring black and choose this reasonably priced option, choosing pink or blue crates. Among other functions, it also has a front door and a side door entrance.

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Choosing the right dog cage for your puppy is just one item on any new puppy list. You also need to stock up some necessities, such as puppy collars, leashes, and seat belts, and some cute puppy clothes to make new friends feel comfortable. It is also important to choose a healthy and balanced diet to provide the ideal nutrients to support the growth and development of the puppy.

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