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The best collapsible dog cages


The best collapsible dog cages

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When it comes to the most versatile crates on the market, collapsible dog crates are usually the best choice. The foldable dog cage can be folded for storage convenience, is ideal for travel, and can be easily moved from one location to another for various purposes.

Collapsible dog cages are usually made of metal to improve durability, but you can also find foldable dog cages made of fabric or wood (sometimes other materials).

We’ve broken down some of the reasons you might consider using a collapsible dog cage and suggested some options for online purchase.

Frisco Dog Cage

Carlson Pet Products Secure and Foldable, Carrying Single Door Foldable Wire Dog Cage

Heavy-duty, safe crate, suitable for your dog. There are several sizes!

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Foldable dog cage: advantages and disadvantages


If you have a puppy or puppy, or need an easy-to-use portable crate, then a collapsible dog crate would be a good choice. The reasons are as follows:

  • Foldable crates come in different sizes, prices and several different materials. These crates offer many options and have multiple functions.
  • When using crates to train puppies, collapsible metal crates are a good idea. Even if no crate is 100% dog-proof (any dog ​​in a crate needs supervision), in the long run, metal will hold better when matched with the teeth and paws of a determined or curious puppy, and Foldable metal crates usually come with dividers that you can remove as the puppy grows.
  • Whether you are moving house, crates when your company is founded, traveling with puppies, or crate shipping indoors and outdoors, there are many reasons why easy-to-transport crates are an advantage. Being able to move the crates easily by yourself provides more options for crate placement and allows for consistent crate training.
  • If you live in an apartment or a smaller space, you can choose to store crates when not in use, which is a convenient way to save space.
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Foldable dog cages can be used for many purposes, but they do have some setbacks.

  • Like many dog ​​cages, collapsible cages can be ugly. Foldable metal crates can resemble cages, while crates made of plastic or fabric look cheap.
  • If you buy cheaper, or worse, imitations, the quality of its moving parts may be poor, and it may damage or damage the dog, causing it to break or malfunction. Then, of course, you have to buy another crate, which will waste your time and money.
  • Since collapsible dog cages are made of multiple materials, they cannot meet all the needs of all dogs. Soft collapsible dog cages or wooden collapsible dog cages are more challenging to clean than metal and are more likely to be damaged by chewing or scratching. (These crates are more suitable for dogs that have been crate-trained.)

Quickly understand the size

The size of the foldable dog cage is as large as the number of dogs. To keep your dog comfortable but still provide a nest-like experience, Kate LaSala is a dog trainer, behavior consultant, and dog owner in New York City. Be trained to rescue, It is recommended that “the crate is large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around. That is of any breed.”

Before buying, please pay attention to the size of your dog and pay special attention to the size of its crate. Also, please pay attention to the weight of the box and make sure it corresponds to your dog. LaSala also mentioned that if you have a growing puppy, “please consider using a crate with dividers so that the crate can grow with your dog.”

End game

It is important to remember that the goal of any crate is to make your dog feel safe and secure.

LaSala said: “After proper crate training, the dog will treat the crate as a happy, safe place and enter the crate voluntarily.”

Successful crate training is equal to a happy dog ​​and a happy owner. Therefore, you will need to choose a collapsible dog cage carefully and carefully.

A selection of the best collapsible dog cages

Now that you know more about collapsible dog cages, please continue reading our selection to learn about some of the best options available for purchase in 2020.

Frisco Dog Cage

Carlson Pet Products Secure Foldable and Carrying Single Door Foldable Wire Dog Cage

Heavy-duty, safe crate, suitable for your dog. There are several sizes!

Buy now

About Carlson Pet Heavy Duty Folding and Carrying Single Door Foldable Wire Dog Cage

It is heavy-duty, but it is also foldable. The metal crate is made of strong thick metal wire, has a foldable and portable design, and has a handle for easy disassembly and transportation.

The size is different, you can choose one door or two doors, the smaller size crate has a door with a single latch, and the larger size crate has a double latch. The plastic bottom pan can be slid out for easy cleaning, and the optional divider allows the crate to grow with your puppies.

Soft dog box

Petnate Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home

This lightweight portable crate is comfortable for you and your dog.

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About Petnate Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home Furnishing

This versatile, soft, and foldable dog cage is made of double-woven waterproof mesh fabric and includes mesh windows for ventilation. The crate is constructed with a top door and a front door, and also contains a steel frame, which is an excellent choice for vehicle travel. Petnation’s flexible crates can be set up or folded in a few seconds for easy transportation and storage.

Wooden folding box

Lovupet Wooden portable foldable pet box

The beautiful wooden box is foldable and easy to store.

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About Lovupet Wooden portable collapsible pet crate

Lovupet Wooden’s solid wood cedar crates are perfect for medium-sized dogs (45 pounds and under) and can be easily assembled and stored. Just fold or unfold and voila! Everyone is ready to create space for the puppies at home, or store the crates and luggage on the next trip, and bring the kennel home. The crate has two entrances-a lockable doors at the front and a solid folding door at the top.

Double door crates

Folding Metal Dog Cage for Midwestern Life Stage

The crate is not only folded but also has a handle that can be moved easily.

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About the foldable metal dog cage in the midwestern life stage

The metal crates are available in double or single door options, ranging in size from 22 inches to 42 inches. The crates are foldable for easy storage and transportation and are also equipped with removable plastic pans, just in case something happens to your puppy. The divider allows you to adjust the size of the box as the puppy grows.

OMORC Pet Carrier Airline Approved, Expandable Foldable Soft-Sided Dog Carrier

OMORC Pet Carrier Airline Approved, Expandable Foldable Soft-Sided Dog Carrier double-sided pet cage

This soft crate has two pop-up sides to add extra space for your pet.

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About OMORC Pet Carrier foldable double-sided pet cage

This box can not only be folded but also expandable. OMORC Pet Carrier cork boxes come in different colors and different sizes. The two mesh side panels are uncompressed to show more space, which is perfect for leaving more space for your Doggo or for packing more than one dog. The nylon shell is reinforced by a metal frame, which can also be folded down, and also includes a zippered pocket at the top for storing your puppy’s stuff.

wooden box

Merry Products 2 in 1 configurable crate and door

If you want a crate suitable for other home decorations, this is a good choice.

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About Merry products 2 in 1 configurable crate and doors

This is a wooden crate, and more! Wire and wood add an alluring charm to your house and can be used as a coffee table or shelf. Available in medium and large sizes, slide the panel out and connect the pins to convert this space from a crate to a door. In any configuration, it can be easily folded for quick storage.

Amazon box

Dog Crate MidWest double door foldable metal dog cage

This kind of crate is moderately priced but has the same portability and ease of use as other high-priced pet crates.

Buy now

About Dog Crate MidWest Double Door Foldable Metal Dog Cage

A budget-friendly option, and a reliable foldable crate option, it includes a partition for adult puppies and a removable plastic bottom pan. There are a variety of sizes of single-door or two-door models for you to choose from. Note that the crate comes with double latches on the 22-inch door.

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