The benefits of a puppy playpen

An expandable dog pen can be of great help. You can have peace of mind knowing where your furry friend is and what they’re playing with, with plenty of space to play safely. A dog playpen will also help your pup feel more secure in their new environment and give them an area they can proudly call their own!

Follow our helpful tips for everything you need to know to give your playful pup the perfect dog pen.

The basics

You should be able to find a puppy playpen at most good pet stores, or you can buy one online. Look for an expandable pen with sides high enough to prevent your adventurous pup from escaping! Most are available in small, medium, or large. So choose the right one for the breed or type of your puppy. Ideally, you will need a wire or slatted puppy playpen so that your puppy is safely protected, but can still see what is going on in the world around him and get used to the sights and sounds of his new home. Puppy play pens can be used both outdoors and indoors. However, keep an eye on the weather and never leave your pup alone or in direct sun.

If your pup has not yet mastered Toilet training or you just want to protect your carpet from accidents and watch out for any warning signs your pup may need to use the bathroom. These include sniffing, circling, or squatting. It is important that your puppy, while he is still learning, not associate his puppy playpen with an area in order to relieve himself.

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Puppies can be bundles of energy, but they also need lots of sleep. So put a comfortable bed in your dog pen so they can take a nap whenever they want.

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Growing up is thirsty work, so your puppy will always need access to safe drinking water. Remember, once they are in their puppy playpen, they cannot get out and find a drink without your help. So make sure you put a bowl of fresh, clean water in it to keep them hydrated while you play.

It can also be a good idea to feed your pup in their playpen. This gives them peace and quiet to eat without being disturbed by other pets or children and helps them learn that mealtime is a quiet, quiet time.

Toys and accessories

You want your pup to enjoy their time in their puppy playpen. So give him a range of toys to play with. Exploring puppies by mouth and safe chew toys are a great way to distract your gnawing pup from your furniture and fingers! These toys will also help their little puppy teeth grow big and strong as they get older, help them study and also burn off some of that excited puppy energy.

Puppies can be bundles of energy, but they also need lots of sleep. So put a comfortable bed in your dog pen so they can take a nap whenever they want. Since resting is incredibly important to your pup’s growth, they will likely need several small sleeping spaces throughout the day so that you can use the playpen as an alternative to their crate during the day.

Your pup doesn’t need a puppy playpen forever. So don’t worry that it will become an integral part of your home. Once your new pup has been trained and settled in his new home, you can start introducing him to more of the house. Until then, you can relax knowing the dog pen will help you stay safe and happy.

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