The Alabai is Banned in Denmark!


The Alabai is Banned in Denmark!


If you enter Denmark and have your dog with you who turns out to be from the Alabai breed then in all likelihood you will be left without him! TRUE or FALSE ?

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11 Thoughts to “The Alabai is Banned in Denmark!”

  1. KaceeGreer

    There are no bad dogs – only bad owners . There should be laws to register your dog, they should wear licenses; people should have licenses to have such dogs, and proof of training registration and attendance, and it, of course, needs to be State Approved to have such dogs if people have met that Standard.

  2. Helle Fur

    I do understand why some breeds are banned.
    But it’s allways either the breeder that have failed the breed.
    Or that the owner hasn’t been able to study the breed good enough, and train the dog correctly (socializing it from a puppy).
    Or a combination of both, and that could be a deadly outcome for both humans and other animals.
    I think a better choice would have been, special breeder educatin, and a licens to be a dog owner of certain breeds, and a mandatory course to train your puppy, no mather what breed or mix breed you have/ wants.
    Most bite are from small breeds, that’s not correctly socialized.

  3. Bart Angel

    The law is questionable at best absurd at worst. first of all its more about the owner than the dog. second different breeds have more potential to do harm than others (mostly because of their strength) but in general its about the individual dog. furthermore they started at three breeds then moved up to 12 at some point every breed that isn’t strictly lap dog will be put there. If pushed even golden retriever will fight to protect his owner and that is a good thing. But if this continues at some point its entirely possible that even it will be illegal. I mean greyhounds are already illegal in some places. and the idea that you can be not only fined but jailed for something like that that is basically abuse of power as far as I’m concerned. and killing the dog for just being there. at least they should give you an opportunity to leave the country. Denmark has their own large powerful breed broholmer which is not as aggressive as a pitbull but is no golden retriever either and it is a large and powerful dog. by this logic he should already be illegal in Denmark. I mean If Alabi is illegal than why not broholmer. also pretty much every dog raised right is tolerant of children no matter the breed. and the most aggressive dog is actually chihuahua its just that he is very small.

  4. APack Dog lover

    This is so wrong 😑

  5. Lora Weeks

    I think that they all shouldn’t be banned I think it’s the trainers fault why they’re so aggressive if you train a dog to kill they will kill but if you train a dog to love there would be no problem it’s the trainers fault and how they’re brought up

  6. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  7. Eric Ralph

    Ridiculos law

  8. DK

    My cane Corso protects me from anything

  9. Karim Mohamed

    It’s the owners fault they don’t have required responsibility to handle such strong dog breeds

  10. The Hewlett Vlogs

    Always first!!!

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