The Absolute Best Gifts for Dogs -2020
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The Absolute Best Gifts for Dog

In this video, I give you the Absolute Best Gifts for Dogs and their owners.

Gifts that dogs are bound to love and dog lovers are sure to appreciate.

Better than those doggie socks or cheap bone treats.

These products are the very best.

Use the links below to go directly to the products described.

Some items may pay me a commission, but you pay nothing extra. This commission comes out of the manufacturer’s end.

Check out:

For the complete online dog training system.

Each product that I talk about in this video is a product that I own and use.


They are products that I love and believe in.

They are of great quality and very very useful.

Some are very expensive, some are very reasonable… So something for everyone!

Nest Camera –

Yeti Bowl –

Taser Strikelight –

Fi Collar –

Keeper Collar –

Dog Trotter –

Visionary –

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21 Thoughts to “The Absolute Best Gifts for Dog”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check out my online dog training lessons at:

  2. Bobby Daniel

    Thanks for the advertising

  3. Sav - Tac

    Hey Robert what do you think of the use of Wolf collars aka spiked collars it sounds like a good idea because you never know if another dog or predator will attack your dogs neck. Seems like a good deterrent.

  4. Vegan Power Couple

    Great list!!! Loved this.

  5. Sasha Kazmar

    Thanks you for sharing! I getting the Keeper collar for my very good girl:) and a taclight for myself. For being good to my pup:)

  6. terrierized

    Anything that is locally made and wont be automatic land fill (cheap toys etc. I’ll be looking at those taser torches.. Thanks Robert

  7. terrierized

    Great video, you look so relaxed there in the garden

  8. Chikyu skin care

    Visionary pet food is excellent. I purchase it for my two pups and they love it.

  9. Clara Moreno

    Great ideas!! Thanks

  10. Ariel Taranto

    For “Dogs” Woof Woof

  11. Granny Gear

    Can you do one on good tough toys? I luv the tough chewer box from Bark Box. Can’t afford it now, but my dogs got excited when the box came every month.

  12. bladethorn

    Great video as always! I love my Fi collar, but have one big issue with it. I bought the martingale attachment when first buying it, and both it and the flat collar loosen just through normal use (running in the yard, playing). We’d have it well fit, then a couple hours later she’d drink some water and it would slide over her head. I ended up cutting the fabric to separate the special connectors and zip tied them to a better collar, works great and keeps her safe. I’ve already reached out to Fi for a better option, and haven’t heard anything. Glad the gps itself is so awesome!

  13. Theodor Tuvendal

    4:38 when it comes to concealing prong collars, I’m assuming that’s to avoid the stigma associated with using them?

  14. Wakandan Spy

    Loved this, thank you for sharing your experience sir!

  15. BJ Bumblebee

    thank you for sharing, I now know what Sherman the German is getting for Christmas!

  16. Милош Радановић

    For what do you use that bracelet on your left arm?
    P.S thanks for useful advices!

  17. Jan

    What on Earth…?
    Ok, l’ll put this in the vid store, thanks.

  18. J Dovey K

    Thank You! This is a well thought out Christmas list and essentials all! 👍💥💥💥🌼

  19. Hector's Kmetija

    Only a couple of days ago I ordered a smart cam, for my 6 month old doby. I want to see how he behaves out of create with my other dog. Without them knowing I’m watching 😂. No more than 5 mins, as still young.
    As for prong collar not sure, I’m using martingale and sometimes putting lead round tummy. Maybe another 6 months before that. Great video, no fluffy beds or Santa suits 😂

  20. Linda Reda

    I love my Keeper Collar. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about any of the prongs coming apart. I was using a leash that connected to the regular collar and the prong collar before this. So the Keeper is easier. And they come in really nice patterns.

  21. Sang Trandinh

    Hi Robert

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