The 3 MOST Important Words in Dog Training
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The 3 MOST Important Words in Dog Training

The three most important words in dog training are YES, NO and GOOD. How they are used and the meaning we give to them can make or break your relationship with your dog. In this video, I explain how I use these three basic words to develop a relationship with my dog or any dog that I am training.

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Communicating with your dog, motivating your dog to work with you, and developing a relationship with your dog that is based on fairness and compliance is the goal in any dog training whether it is obedience, protection dog, hunting, agility, or anything.

Gaining a solid dialogue with your dog will help you be a better dog trainer and it will balance the relationship with your dog. Communicating with your dog is the path to getting what you want and getting your dog to understand what you want.

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25 Thoughts to “The 3 MOST Important Words in Dog Training”

  1. Robert Cabral

    check out the full version of this video as well as all of my dog training resources:

  2. jo bond

    Is the shirt made in china 🇨🇳

  3. jo bond

    Totally agree with you clear concise short non emotional word information also need to be aware of body language too I’m working with a wild cat with the hope tame. He very happy to come up for food next step is hands are not the food. He goes to hit the hand I say no. No change in body position head down eyes slowing blinking cat sits back and looks at me. Then no food what does she want. Hopeful I will achieve my goals. Point is clear consistent language set up for animals to understand. And for you to always learn

  4. jo bond

    This behaviour way is great for most domestic animals from pigs hens cows horses cats(although cats are a special category independent thinkers, maybe) it’s all about behaviour the more you understand the better it is. My advice is you can and have time go and sit in paddock of sheep and watch you will learn so much

  5. Pingping Xu

    Hello Robert, I love your training videos, simple but effective.

    Our 11 weeks old flatcoated retriever male puppy is getting a bit far on the biting thing, (we have him when he was 9 weeks old) he always touched the skin and even blooding a bit, sometimes also growing as accompanied with biting and pulling our cloth. His behavior gets worse when he is overwhelmed or overexcited.
    He is otherwise doing pretty well with house training, puppy pen playing( we haven’t completed the crate training yet, at the moment he can stay in his crate for about 4-5 minutes with the door closed)
    I have a daily schedule for him to go out potty, short walks/socializing, play, and short sessions of basic training everyday…
    We always say “No” right away or walk away or put him into his play pen and ignore him when he bites too much/too hard. But he hasn’t be able to slowing down much, could you please give any good tips how to stop that behavior effectively?
    Many thanks🙏


    Very clear how you explain. Thanks Robert 👌

  7. Bare Knuckle DT

    I love your videos they have made me a far better handler you are a badass!!

  8. Lynn Ellison II

    I need a crate for my Belgian Malinois, lost my company an my $20k in emergency funds in 2020 due to Covid-19 closures an now collecting unemployment an food stamps. If anyone is willing to donate or sell for cheap it would be much appreciated. I live in Cape Coral, FL 33990. Thanks for your time anyone who reads this comment.

  9. Edgar Froes

    Absolute chad. Thanks for this video.

  10. Thomas T

    Robert, When my dog is in the back yard and barks too much I call him to come and sometimes he ignores my command (1/2 great pyre [typical behavior]) but eventually comes to my command. How should I respond? I am torn between discipline for not coming and praise for coming. Please help. Thank you.

  11. Three Muskeeters

    Thankyou very much robert.

  12. Bartek Kondrat

    Sir Robert,
    as usual thanks.

  13. rakesh hazarika

    My gsd is 5months old but dnt knw how much I shud give..rit nw im giving 2cups of royal canin 3 times a day..plz let me know how much to give..from India..

  14. Jeeraphan Kanchanaveera

    Thank you very helpful for training,

  15. D F

    Good, good, good !!!

  16. Shannon Davidson

    Robert I LOVE how clearly and concisely you communicate.
    Your body language with whatever dog you are working with is perfect.
    Thanks for being such an awesome dog trainer.

  17. Milena Taylor

    Very clear explanation. Thanks Robert!

  18. attic1 project

    Great tips! Like it!

  19. Market Share

    Great information but I’m sure you knew that. 👊👍😎

  20. Carrie Levine

    Excellent. Clear and precise.

  21. Diego Whittembury

    Very nice explanation! I always confused how to use good and yes.
    I have a question Robert! I feel like I was a bit too rough with my dog during his first year of training and I feel that the relationship is a bit damaged. How to improve the relationship?

  22. Catherine Evans

    Very sound and clear advice. Thanks

  23. sheila graber

    I have a 7 month old poodle that will bite and lunge at you. I am a retired dog groomer and have had dogs my entire life. I am at a loss as to how to deal with it. I have always had amazing and loving animals

  24. Dhameer Govind

    Very helpful. Thank you Robert.

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