The 10 Most Tough-Looking Dog Breeds Ever
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The 10 Most Tough-Looking Dog Breeds Ever

Have you ever wondered what the Tough-Looking dog breeds are?

There are many reasons a dog can appear Tough to people.

Their appearance, for one thing.

If you’re confronted by a large dog that’s showing all his teeth and growling, then you know to be scared, or at least wary!
Sometimes the dog is not only large but also has a muscular build, strong jaws, and a big head.

You think about those huge jaws coming down on a hand or leg, and that’s enough to scare you out of your wits!

Generally speaking, Tough looking dogs are usually on the larger side.

Another characteristic that’s associated with Tough dogs is their disposition.

Let’s not forget a dog’s bark! Some dogs have a bark that’s worse than their bite.

Big dogs usually have a big bark, along with a deep growl.

No one wants to mess with them!

If you’ve ever wondered about Tough-Looking dogs, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll take a look at 10 of the Most Tough-Looking dog breeds around!

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Bullmastiff
01:40 – German Shepherd
02:03 – Rottweiler
02:42 – PitBull
03:23 – Presa Canario
04:01 – Great Dane
04:32 – Giant Schnauzer
05:05 – Cane Corso
05:57 – Boerboel
06:44 – Doberman Pinscher
07:43 – Question

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63 Thoughts to “The 10 Most Tough-Looking Dog Breeds Ever”

  1. Iziah Salter

    Wolf dog 🐕

  2. Rhonda Magee

    Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest of canines not the Great Danes. Danes are however heavier than the Wolfhounds

  3. Kira Woodcock

    An old mate of mine had a great dane cross mastiff

  4. Advaith Masthipuram

    Tianetan mastiff

  5. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    Presa Canario
    Fila Brasiliero
    Caucasian Mountain Dog
    Central Asian Shepherd

  6. Cherie Bell

    They forgot the Belgian Malinois

  7. necrom2099

    No Kangal no Bully Kuta No dogos no bamboo tail no Caucasian Shepard no Tosa this list is a freaking failure

  8. Rome Julio

    Where’s the Caucasian ovcharka that should be number one man

  9. Jill Collins


  10. Big Boy Cochise

    Rottweiler 💯👑

  11. Cristian Izzini - Endurance Athlete & Coach

    Proud owner of a Boerboel. Caucasian Sheperds are very intimidating though. As well as the Fila Brasileiro….

  12. Sarah Kirby

    Pitt bulls are cute😍🥰

  13. Stephen

    Greyhounds should be on that list

  14. Joshua Zamora

    There should be a boxer in there

  15. Yousef Taha

    Dalmatian, Boxer and St. Bernard.

  16. Yasmin Mejia

    I love all the dogs you send

  17. Zachariah Jordan

    Doggo argentino

  18. Zachariah Jordan

    English mastiff

  19. Zachariah Jordan

    Do you miss the bully Cuda Neapolitan mastiff American molasses Tibetan mastiff

  20. Ruben Mukoyan

    My favourite dog is the xl merle American bully

  21. Andrei Mitroi

    my friend has a 7 month old cane corso,last month i visited him and waited in his yard,i called the dog by the name and when i saw that mastiff-like face with bloodshot eyes i felt like my life was drained away. I froze and just said “no,behave yourself”. Big boy recognized my voice and started jumping all over me, what a big,not so gentle,gentle giant <3

  22. sharmaine ip vai ching

    There should be a second list: Tosa inu? Caucasian Sheppard? Bully kuta? Dogo Argentino?

  23. mario gaudioso

    Dogo argentino

  24. Rami Shaashoo

    Where is the alabai and kangal

  25. Natalie Ochoa

    YES doberman!!

  26. Trevor Kingsley

    Alapaha blue blood bulldog and old English bulldog

  27. Gheorghita Bogasiu

    Fila Brasiliero

  28. SIMP

    You forgot the boxer, saint bernard, Newfoundland, American Bulldog.

  29. Kimberly Baker

    I had a german shepherd and wolf mix as a child he was hugh

  30. Eti Elezaj

    You miss some but you could make a part 2 dog you miss are:dogo argentino ban dog alabai sarplaniacn tibbeta mastiffs Kangal Caucasian overcharka leonberger dogue de Bordeaux great Pyrenees.

  31. Flutter Girl Mystified


  32. James Bretherton


  33. Growing Up Ontai

    Very informative! Awesome video! 🤙

  34. Ghost

    Rotties are adorable.

  35. Chrystal Sabin

    My English Mastiff is very scary looking and sound scary. Her bark keeps any rif raf away. Beautiful and very loyal.

  36. Sparkey Aguilera

    some ideas

  37. Sparkey Aguilera

    Best dogs for wilderness life

  38. Saikumar Kare

    Kangal ❤️

  39. Sparkey Aguilera

    Most deadly dog breeds

  40. Sparkey Aguilera

    Dogs for camping

  41. Sparkey Aguilera

    Camping dog breeds

  42. grim squad

    Tibetan mastiff


    You missed the bully kutta , neapolitan mastiff

  44. Alejandra Gonzalez

    hi you forgot shar pei

  45. • Willow•

    Out of all of them tell me the pitbull ain’t the most intimidating!!!

    Not in like a Bad way,I have pitbulls!!!

  46. Gradey's Place

    English Mastiff

  47. Jose Rivas

    Dogo Argentino?

  48. tyler hartree

    american bulldog

  49. giorgi taziashvili

    Georgian(caucasion) shepherd

  50. Luis A Lopez

    American Akita

  51. Luis A Lopez

    American Akita

  52. Enrique Martinez

    You forgot the Japanese Tosa

  53. Ojay_ gaming

    I didn’t see a single pitbull in this video 😒 I saw a amstaff and a American bully


    I was the 216 one to see the video

  55. BRJ Momma

    Do Top ten best agility dog breeds

  56. Jenny Cooper

    Rottweilers rule.

  57. Aimee Frosland

    I just love 💘 ❤ 💕 Rottweilers

  58. Arana

    AYEEE thanks bro

  59. Dogs Are Pawsome

    Hello to all the early squad commenters, have a pawsome day!

  60. Layla Assange

    16 likes 1 view youtube is broken again😑

  61. Prasenjit Dey

    Is there anyone from northeast India ❣️

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