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The 10 most important training methods for our readers in history (updated)

The 10 most important training methods for our readers in history (updated)

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We reviewed many snacks in “Dogman” magazine, but based on purchase data and further screened for healthy ingredients and responsible sourcing (and no junk fillers), these are the favorites of our readers. You will find freeze-dried crunchy biscuits, chewy debris, fruit bites and more.

Remember that snacks only account for 10% of dog food, so if you are in a strict training mode, you need to adjust the amount of food they get with meals.

The most popular training content ever for our readers

Whether you are teaching new tricks to old dogs, or training puppies from scratch, our user and reader communities will sniff these respected brands to keep the dog’s attention during class.

Happy training!

1. Free training treats for healthy puppies biting natural grains

Grain-free training gums that contain no grains, soy, or artificial ingredients.

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2. Stewart freeze-dried liver

For a long time, this dry liver treatment has been very popular in the dog show world.

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3. Fruit crunchy snacks

Edible fruit is a great way to give your dog some healthy fruit in a form that the dog likes. They also have a low-calorie version, Skinny mini, Each person only has 3.5 calories.

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4. Zucker’s Mini Naturals

Zuke’s offers various training dishes (chicken, rabbit, salmon), each bag size (6 ounces, 1 pound, etc.). A training addition: Mini packs only pack 3.5 calories each.

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5. Soft and chewy biscuits

These grain-free soft training foods are perfect for older or younger dogs and come in three different flavors: roast chicken, peanut butter, or slow roast beef.

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6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Food

Blue Buffalo’s variety of grain-free snacks is suitable for every dog. Jerky, semi-moist or crunchy baked goods come in many flavors. Since all protein sources have been clearly named, this is a good treat for dogs suffering from protein allergies.

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7. Balance belly naturally

These training foods have a unique chewy texture that will please even the most discerning taste. Four flavors are available.

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8. Nutro mini bites berry and yogurt flavor

It is made with belly-loving probiotic yogurt and contains blueberries, an antioxidant.

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9. Train me! Triple treatment package

Mad Dog’s Triple Pack has a resealable 4 oz. Bagged bacon, chicken, and beef-flavored foods to keep the training interesting for dogs.

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10. Pure bite freeze-dried 100% liver snack

The freeze-dried raw liver has a unique smell that dogs really care about.

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