The 10 Most Cuddly Dog Breeds
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The 10 Most Cuddly Dog Breeds

While we all love to cuddle our dogs, there are some who are more receptive to it than others – and some that just put up with it because they know it makes us happy!

Then there are certain breeds whose crazy soft fur, sweet personalities, and snuggle faces are just irresistible when it comes to giving hugs.

Whether they love to give cuddles, take cuddles, or both, these pups have that “it” factor when it comes to cuddling.

In this video, we have listed The 10 Most Cuddly Dog Breeds

00:00​ – Intro
00:33​ – Pomeranian
01:13​ – Golden Retriever
01:54​ – Australian Shepherd
02:30​ – Labrador Retriever
03:05​ – Pug
03:42​ – Shih Tzu
04:11 – Dachshund
04:37​ – American Eskimo
05:02​ – Collie
05:33​ – Coton De Tulear
06:15 – Question

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10 Thoughts to “The 10 Most Cuddly Dog Breeds”

  1. Sityx

    Author, please, can you clarify where do you get such insanely good footages/video-chunks for the videos? I’m a newbie here, and planning to create a youtube channel for non-english speakers, but can’t find great footages.
    Would appreciate any response!

  2. Karen Mullen

    Where’s the Maltese, the Mi-Ki, Italian Greyhound?

  3. Growing Up Ontai

    We used to have a pug! Yes he was very cuddly and loving. Full of personality!

  4. alex jacobson

    do best pack dog breeds

  5. Timothy Josifek

    Cuddle dogs are just fine as long as they get the proper exercise and health care. You can have both. Love your dog.

  6. wockpod

    anyone else got a Bernese?

  7. Ghost

    rotties are cuddly af.

  8. Hickha TN

    Cuddly dogs and that’s a Problem, because dogs are not there to be cuddled and they’re not teddy bears. The most of “cuddly” dog breeds are suffering from many health diseases.

  9. DragonicOverlord


  10. Jasmine Wilson

    Me to i love dogs

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