The 10 Hidden Superpowers of Dogs
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The 10 Hidden Superpowers of Dogs

As dog-lovers we might think we have learned everything about our little friends of furr. But let’s face it! There are still a lot of things that can surprise us about these four-legged cute creatures. They have already proved to be very smart creatures, but sometimes it takes some great talent to not only take the spotlight but also impress us with their amazing skills. We know that all dogs are fun, intelligent, unique, and adorable. But what are some other special characteristics that make the doggies stand out even more?
In this video, we have listed these 10 hidden superpowers of dogs that are purely insane.

00:00​ – Intro
00:33​ – Dogs can sense the aura
00:58​ – Dogs can detect cancer
01:18​ – Dogs can’t get lost
01:50​ – Dogs can be multilingual
02:32 – Dogs can sense a woman’s pregnancy
03:01​ – Dogs can sense the earth’s magnetic field
03:33​ – Dogs can run over 100 miles everyday
04:10​ – Dogs have night vision
04:39​ – Dogs can sense earthquakes and storms before they happen
05:26​ – Dogs can see radiation and UV light
06:06​ – Outro

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  1. Big Boy Cochise

    Oh Yeah Rotties Got Super Power 👑💯🔥

  2. All About Animal

    Thirteenth 🖖💪

  3. David F. Connor

    We speak Spanish, Mandarin and English to our Bordernese puppy and he gets everything, it’s amazing.

  4. TripleX

    I’m not surprised about any of these qualities dogs have!! Love it 👍🏻👍🏻🍀

  5. Complete K9 Canada

    I can’t imagine what the world would be like without dogs. They have always been such an important part of our existence 💕

  6. Biswajeet Singh

    It’s a really superb channel.

  7. Karen Shen

    Great vid this convinced me more!Well We are getting a rottweiler but how do you ask a dog to smell you cancer and How can I understand there language?

  8. Maireg Kibru

    Dogs never gets is right mine was a hoolgan he used to escape and almost roam very far

  9. Akash A

    Next video
    Top 10 hidden Superpower of Cats

  10. Gabriel LoPeZ

    This is why I’m a dog person 🤣

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    Shout out next video IDOL!!!

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    Third and nice video

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    OMG I love this amazing channel😍

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