The 10 Famous Dogs Who Changed History
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The 10 Famous Dogs Who Changed History

Some of the most influential and famous dogs in history left their paw-prints on and around world events.

Dog heroes have been marking history for as long as they’ve been man’s best friend.

“How many times has the fate of a man, or even a nation, hung from the collar of a dog,”

We are convinced that some dogs have truly changed the course of human history, sometimes in small, personal ways and sometimes significant ones.

In this video, we’ve listed 10 Famous Dogs Who Changed History.

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    hey where is balto…sergeant staffy…bethoven…they must be on the list

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    Dogs are natural born Heroes. 😇🐺

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    Dogs are pure Love and Life 🐕❤️❤️

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    What dog breed is soter?

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    Dogs are my favorite animal and I am a huge dog lover 🐶

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    What about Balto who helped save the ppl of Nome Alaska?

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    Where is the Beethoven?😁

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    Awesome ! Your videos are amazing.

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    Hlo i brought germsn shepjerd is that dog good telk me


    How you gonna make a video about dogs that changed history and not mention MAYDAY and PLUMBER’S ALLIGATOR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Nice video sir

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