The 10 Dog Breeds With Unusual Coats or Markings
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The 10 Dog Breeds With Unusual Coats or Markings

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Even though each dog is unique and oh so adorable, they can kind of all start looking the same after a while.

Their coats are one color, or maybe two.

They have short hair or long.

Coats are curly or straight. And ears are either floppy or pointed.

But every so often you meet a pooch with markings so interesting you can’t take your eyes off them.

Spots, stripes, patches, and multiple colors can add a lot to a doggo’s appearance.

In this video, we have listed the Top 10 Dog Breeds With Unusual Coats or Markings.

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12 Thoughts to “The 10 Dog Breeds With Unusual Coats or Markings”

  1. Vibing with Phoenix

    My Rottweiler seems to have stripes on her face though

  2. igantinok OMG

    Hi viralbe can I get a shout out saying that I have american bully

  3. Gheorghita Bogasiu

    Four people can’t be “first”

  4. Great White

    Love doggies

  5. Ганг Рена

    The mess sounds like a cute name for a mischievous dog =Džumbus That’s how it’s written and pronounced and it can be called Wolfie.
    Because I’m the only one who heard them ask for a suggestion for the dog’s name at the end of the video, or was I the only one who watched the video?

  6. Yuvraj Saini


  7. kevin kahembi

    Second for the first time ❤️, love dogs

  8. Ushmangini Patel

    Love your channel

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