The 10 Dog Breeds With SuperPowers
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The 10 Dog Breeds With SuperPowers

Dogs, the best friends of humans, are not only known for their loyalty and warmth. They are also blessed with some incredible skills that not many people are aware of. Different breeds of dogs specialize in different super skills, making them the pride of their owners. In this video, we have listed 10 such dog breeds and the superpowers that they are famous for.

00:00​ – Intro
00:22​ – Husky
00:47​ – Kangal
01:18​ – Dalmatian
01:50​ – Shar-Pei
02:38​ – Rottweiler
03:01​ – Pitbull
03:33​ – Basset Hound
04:05​ – Catahoula Leopard Dog
04:47​ – Dachshund
05:26​ – Greyhound
06:05​ – Question

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34 Thoughts to “The 10 Dog Breeds With SuperPowers”

  1. Karen Mullen

    Tough Guy; Tuffington; Tuffy seem good monikers for the li’l black/blue pup.

  2. Kevin263

    What about “Weather Dog”, there’s a Boerboel that barked at a hurricane and made it change course….I should know…I went with the hurricane.

  3. notsosilentmajority1

    I really enjoy this channel but why don’t you learn the proper pronunciation of things, animals, places, people, etc. before posting the videos?? It takes away greatly from videos that are usually very good.
    Some of these “superpowers” are not superpowers at all and are just traits that many other dogs also have.
    Name the puppy “Pudgy”.

  4. Melvin Chavers


  5. Anishka Raghuraman

    I would name that male dog hmmm uh george

  6. Anishka Raghuraman

    you forgot a cane corso cause those guys are not named the gentle giants for nothing when 2 cane corsos play they sound like lions they are super kind to there family

  7. TrickerybyMitch

    I would name that puppy Cash

  8. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the mutt dogs

  9. Patricia Sandoval

    huskies are the supermans of the dog world, thats right

  10. Karen Mullen

    You really should let people know that there are three coats types for the Shar-Pei: brush, horse, and bear. You should also let them know there two types of dogs: the meat mouth, having tighter skin and is most usually a working bloodline. The only one you showed is the one with the the most excess skin and that is for the show ring. with what they called pudding on the snout (the fat deposit of flesh atop the snout.

  11. Big Boy Cochise

    Rottweiler 💯👑

  12. A.K Karadeniz

    you can use “kangal yavuz” he is most famous kangal in turkey

  13. A.K Karadeniz

    KANGAL most powerful dog in world but this pictures ı dont like thats

  14. Riot SURVIVAL

    please tell the breeds when u ask “what will you name this puppy?” plz.

  15. Karen Shen

    What about german shepherd I love them can you make a vid of dachshunds vs. German Shepherd thanks make more videos

  16. sherrie zhang

    how about border collie there are as smart as a whip

  17. Nina Vrhovnik


  18. erblin fejzullahu

    what about belgian malinois

  19. Abhishek Kumar

    Make a video on indian dog breed

  20. Emmanuel Nathi Kunene


  21. Ahnaf Tazwar

    Turkish kangal is the best one😍

  22. Shubham Bhatnagar

    Cane corso deserves to be in the list

  23. Calin Stefan

    the power of OWA OWA dog

  24. ÙñKńØwñ

    Some said first when I really was first but it all good,no beef.

  25. NXW FF

    Im your number 1 fan i love ur vids

  26. Shakira Jarrett


  27. ÙñKńØwñ

    I’m first?

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