The 10 Bravest Dogs in History
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The 10 Bravest Dogs in History

Dogs have always been known for their loyalty, unconditional love, and friendship.
There are a few dogs in history, however, that went above and beyond their traditional role as pets, and became heroes.
In this video, we have listed 10 of the bravest dogs in history, whose remarkable journeys and achievements are of incredible strength.

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31 Thoughts to “The 10 Bravest Dogs in History”

  1. itskarln Indonesia

    Sangat Bangga dengan mereka😍

  2. choco chip squad roblox

    I love these vida

  3. Kate Kater

    I seen alto all the time when I study there I love him

  4. swordfighter grr

    Feel bad for the first dog he gotta meet trump pray for him

  5. Tyler Anderson

    Do some research on the Doberman Pinschers of WW2 that served with US Marine Corps. Absolutely outstanding and incredible truths there.

  6. Kilwa

    I wish i could be a (?)

  7. Phillip jr

    Stubby I’ve watched that movie

  8. biswa ranjan

    Great vdo

  9. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Do a video of bravest dog breeds

  10. Natalie Carson

    My dog saved a women in my neighborhood the woman was walking across the road and I’d say the women was around it’s 80’s and she went on a walk and you had to cross the road and there was a car that I’d say was going 100 miles per hour and my dog was outside playing and my dog was around 9 months and my dog jumped in front of the car and then the car stopped and the car let the lady thru and if it weren’t for my dog the lady would’ve died that the end and my dogs name is Leonitist but we call him Leo and ever since he has been to most great dog but he lost a leg but we still love him

  11. Victor Vilhelmsen

    The Story of Cairo the millitray dog

  12. Matthew Pattison

    I have found some facts about the bravest dog has ever known:
    Meet Yuki. He may be the biggest wolfdog you’ve ever seen.
    Yuki has been at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida, for more than a decade, the organization explains on its website, which duly refers to him as “Yuki The Giant Wolfdog.”
    In 2008, his owner left the animal, just 8 months old, at a kill shelter because the man was suffering from health issues and the animal was getting too big to handle. The shelter then contacted Shy Wolf.

  13. A.K Karadeniz

    where is the “wolf hunter (KANGAL) ZORRO or kangal mezgitli)

  14. charles samuel

    You didn’t told names of those dog breeds properly in this video.

  15. Big Boy Cochise

    Dog Is Truly Mans Best Friend

  16. Aris Simion

    The are amazing.

  17. Creepy_ Timmy

    Why do people always forget what a border collie is ….Some people don’t even know what a border collie is search in up then you will know .

  18. Victoria Larkin

    I don’t think it was right to send the dog on her suicide mission send a monkey or something. I forgot to include that it brought me to tears.

  19. Javier Segura Prat

    Hello Viralbe, the hero wasnt Balto, he only did the final part.
    The dog that guided untill almost the end was Togo.


    I have a Labrador retriever

  21. Leon Chambers

    Great video man, remains mw how dogs can do anything if they are smart

  22. Farkan R

    67 the like…anyone???🤣🤣🤣🤪

  23. Andre Andreea

    Team Husky

  24. Peter Harper

    Nice one, you should start your own school ViralBe Academy 😁

  25. Muhammed Khaled

    Can u tell me what should I buy husky or malamute
    Isaw many comparision

  26. Jason S p u r l e y


  27. Diane Patricia OGorman

    Im first here

  28. The Magician

    First comment also great video

  29. Muhammad Abbasi

    First viewer

  30. Izzy And the dog


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