The 10 Best Dogs To Be Disciplined
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The 10 Best Dogs To Be Disciplined

Tens of thousands of years ago, early humans formed an unlikely partnership with the Gray wolf. The fates of our two species became and still remain so, braided together. As we changed and evolved, dogs evolved along with us. As a result of this physical and social evolution, many dogs readily respond to social cues common to humans, quickly learn the meaning of words, show cognitive bias, and exhibit emotions that seem to reflect those of humans. Loving and always loyal as we know and love them when it comes to learning, some are just a bit better than others. In this video we have listed the better ones; The 10 Best Dogs to be Disciplined.

00:00​ – Intro
01:01​ – Australian Cattle Dog
01:32​ – Labrador Retriever
02:03​ – Shetland Sheepdog
02:40​ – Golden Retriever
03:11​ – Doberman
03:40​ – Poodle
04:11​ – Papillon
04:42​ – German Shepherd
05:20​ – Belgian Malinois
05:59​ – Border Collie
06:35​ – Outro

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17 Thoughts to “The 10 Best Dogs To Be Disciplined”

  1. onedayimgonna_die YT


  2. AnimalSphere

    The best breed for discipline is the german Shepard. They are really obedient and smart.

  3. Gracie Allen

    I don’t think the Border Collie is any smarter than the Aussie

  4. Platform less artist

    Where is rottweiler?

  5. Burim Kzyeziu



    I love GSD

  7. Qasim Afham

    Wonderful post 👍👏👌

  8. Miguel Ramalhão

    Cane corso? Ever heard of them?

  9. Akash A

    My fav GSD and Belgian malinious and Golden retriever

  10. Jill Collins

    Hay wait a minute..Where am I the ROTTWEILER..I do not mind to be Disciplined..I live to please my Human(SHOUT OUT from TEAM ROTTIE) ! 🙂

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  12. Archit Sharma

    Fun fact 100 % people watching this video with eys

  13. Ghosr 123

    best channel

  14. The Gacha Spoiled One

    3 seconds ago lol

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