The 10 Best Dogs for Emotional Support
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The 10 Best Dogs for Emotional Support

Emotional support animals provide their humans with therapeutic benefits—including anxiety relief and comfort in social settings—without any requisite training. While all dogs can offer support, certain breed traits make a dog more likely to excel in the role. They tend to be gentle, laid-back, trainable, and sociable. Here are the 10 Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support.

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45 Thoughts to “The 10 Best Dogs for Emotional Support”

  1. Nadia Abdulahad

    I love German Shepherd’s they are the best they are better than any dog in the world they’re cute and they picked kids that’s why I love them and they’re cute and they are fluffy and they can be licking every dog in the world because they are the strongest dog in the earth they can kill a pitbull

  2. Keith Sage

    Yorkies rule.

  3. Victor Norberto Duban

    Am staff

  4. Robert Wade

    My favorite dog is the Pitbull

  5. king z Pradhan

    Can we get long and double coat German shepherd

  6. king z Pradhan

    German shepherd

  7. The Flomie

    I dont think ive been so excited!
    Seeing the pitbull as number one was so deserved!!!

  8. Romelia and dixie

    As long has the dog stays home for a emotional support, I respect them. But emotional support animals dont have public acess rights!

  9. biswa ranjan

    Gsd all tym favorite

  10. Melissa Brown

    My favorite one is labrador retriever. I had one.

  11. Akashdeep Singh Gill

    Amstaff and GSD

  12. annedye1944

    My favorite is the AmStaff.
    Named my pocket pittie Tinkerbell so that children would not be afraid of her. Super smart, playful, and just pure love. I also had a Boxer (which did not make the list) but his name was Scooby-Doo and he was the best emotional support dog ever. Tinkerbell use to grab his leash in her mouth when she was a baby and walk him when he was 3 years old

  13. Jon Astrope

    end the evil Chihuahua breed!

  14. Nobody's Account

    You forgot the pugs

  15. Marlén Ruiz

    I like the German shepherd

  16. ycart tosey

    siberian huskys, mine talks to me till i stop complaining and than some.

  17. Josue Gonzalez

    Repent of your sins, believe in Jesus Christ, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and receive the Holy Ghost. Fear God and obey His gospel, and save yourself from burning in hell forever.

  18. Jeevendra Bandara Ranasinghe

    Yey… Amstaff made it to the top….

  19. Chrystal Sabin

    I absolutely love yorkies..

  20. Aris Simion

    Golden retriever really yes.

  21. ALI C

    My favorite dog is German shepherds

  22. Prince Ela

    My fav lab & golden retriever

  23. Corey Sanderson

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  24. Robert Bingham

    The last one st.tery.

  25. Diego Rodriguez

    My favorite is the German Shepherd those are first place in the dog 👍

  26. Judith Abla

    Where was rottie

  27. Archreikage

    Throw a fuckin kangal in there

  28. Natalie Carson

    Bruh I heard that amstaffs were really dangerous

  29. Natalie Carson

    My favorite animal was the golden retriever

  30. Farkan R

    1st one really surprised me.💖💖💖👍

  31. Rebekah Mcgee

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  32. Elijah Hunter

    Very good. I’m glad amstaff was first because they deserve it.

  33. Varun Shastri

    Very nice video guys… Keep it up 👌🏻👍🏻

  34. Mike Tyson

    Do best dogs to have when you have a job like this so VIRALBE can see

  35. dog

    I have German Shepherd how I am doing another friend Dog

  36. Diane Patricia OGorman

    I am fith here so cool , not the point , I enjoyed this e

  37. Udayan Udayan


  38. Bro Buffin Tube

    Very superb IAM from Chennai tamilnadu india

  39. Axel Luis

    Do you know what I subscribe

  40. Prabhjot Singh

    First like

  41. Peter Harper

    This is a sweet video my friends.

  42. Burim Kzyeziu


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