The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors
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The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

In addition to lowering your stress level, blood pressure, and heart rate, pets are a tremendous source of companionship, and dogs in particular are a great source of socialization.

Ever walk a dog and not get into a conversation with someone?

From health benefits to a bigger social circle, there are plenty of merits of being a pet owner.

For seniors, fur-kids provide a sense of purpose, a source of exercise and they can be a great addition to an empty nest that’s beginning to feel a little lonely.

In this video, we have listed the 10 best dog breeds for Seniors.

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25 Thoughts to “The 10 Best Dog Breeds For Seniors”

  1. David Hernandez

    French bulldog!

  2. gizze mo

    Dogo arkentino

  3. andres Suarez

    Come on, what about basset hound? there is not such a good older walker as the BH

  4. Elijah Hunter

    I thought it meant seniors like in high school omg

  5. Aimee Frosland

    My parents have 2 doggys named bear and oliver!

  6. Pratham Kaul

    Next Vid: Best dogs for Kids and Teens.

    Please Viral Be, I was one of your subscribers when you were at 5k subs but I never got a heart…

  7. Manikandan. A Mani

    French bulldog is best for seniors

  8. The hunting Schnauzer

    I have a miniature schnauzer

  9. Adithyan M

    Rottweiler and german shepherd

  10. K9boxing

    Hey this channel should partner up with me my Boxing name is K9 and I’m a Champion like this Channel

  11. Hims Priyankarage

    do best off leash dogs

  12. mhamoudi mansour

    Dode german shepherd is the best dig

  13. Aaron Pritty

    why am i always this late ……..?

  14. Neositis `

    In my opinion the best breed for seniors is pug. Lazy, love sleep and eat too much😊

  15. JAPTVツ

    HI vro from Philippines🇵🇭💖🔥

  16. V.I.P Dragos

    HATS JONULE!!!💪💪💪

  17. Karen Rinearson

    I have a Mini Schnauzer love this breed.

  18. Diego Rodriguez

    My favorite breed is a German Shepherd

  19. Kaleb Green

    Boston Terriers are good with elderly‘s

  20. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام

    ,^ ^,

  21. TheLuxurious

    “Viral BE” your passion inspired us to start our OWN Youtube Journey🙏 Thank you!

  22. Sushant Lokhande

    Plz making the hindi language

  23. Peter Harper

    You’re brilliant ViralBe 😁

  24. Lucas Ladendecker

    How do I make a post on my YouTube channel

  25. Lukas Karmark

    1st like

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