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Belgium’s fascinating history provides an apt setting for the diverse selection of dog breeds that originated in this small European country. Once a part of the region of Gaul, the nation gets its name from Julius Caesar, referring to the Belgae people living in the north. Its population is diverse, which is reflected in the types of dogs and their functions throughout history. Many breeds served as herding dogs in the rugged landscape of the Ardennes Forest. Some are very similar in appearance and temperament. There are influences from other nearby countries, including Germany and France. That has given rise to varied dogs for other purposes, such as hunting rodents. Others are more like companion animals. In this video, we have listed the top 10 Dog Breeds Originate From Belgium.

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Bouvier des Flandres
01:17 – Schipperke
01:43 – Bloodhound
02:10 – Belgian Mastiff
02:37 – Belgian Shorthaired Pointer
03:03 – Brussels Griffon
03:26 – Belgian Tervuren
03:53 – Belgian Laekenois
04:20 – Belgian Sheepdog
04:46 – Belgian Malinois
05:12 – Question

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17 Thoughts to “THE 10 BELGIAN DOG BREEDS”

  1. Cheree Cargill

    We have a Tervuren. Great dog.

  2. sonablom

    Bouvier yay! My childhood pet Gigi (gentle giant) was the best dog in the whole word. She was naughty but a sweetheart

  3. Pople BackyardFarm

    Beautiful creatures

  4. top ie

    I love the bouvier de flandres i have 1 and he is my buddy and there are really good guard dogs too

  5. Dariusz Roganski

    Dogs are the best people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, which of these Belgian dogs did you like the most?

  7. Donn dubhan

    *groenendael not sheepdog please

  8. Melvin Chavers

    Belgian Malinois
    Bouvier Des Flanders

  9. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    I so agree with this

  10. alex jacobson

    next you should do best pack dogs breeds

  11. Kebbe San

    The four belgian sheperd are one of the same
    Groenendael (black one) and Tervueren are the same character wise, only the color of their fur being different.
    The Malinois is the short coated version of the Tervueren, Malinois having a pinch of ADHD to top it all off.
    The Laekenois is the least popular, and is a 100% working sheperd dog. He is the curly coated one

  12. octopus lee

    I’m from Dr Congo and I love Belgium malinois
    And you :

  13. Mr Gamer

    No1 Belgium Malanois because i have also belgium malanois and i love him and he also😊

  14. Schildpad

    Yes finally Belgium 🇧🇪
    I’m from Belgium and I love dogs so good match !!

  15. Valeria Juarez


  16. Jeremias Heikkilä


  17. Gheorghita Bogasiu


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