The 1 Thing I Do Every DAY (ALMOST) With My Dog
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The 1 Thing I Do Every DAY (ALMOST) With My Dog

This 1 thing can make a huge difference in training your dog!

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109 Thoughts to “The 1 Thing I Do Every DAY (ALMOST) With My Dog”

  1. Kobe The Vizsla

    Watch all your videos. Teaching kobe what I’ve learned from you thanks

  2. Blaze Fairchild

    This series is great because he started from the day he got her home as a tiny puppy 😍 She is growing so fast.

  3. iamcuddles

    dude like the warm ups

  4. Adriano Bracamontes

    Are you gonna do another playlist of Inertia’s training like the last one?

  5. sonnyandcobi

    This info is so interesting. My dog is a rescue and because he was mistreated he learned to guard resources. When I try to get him to play he guards the toys and he growls and tries to bite. Our other training is not going great, spotty at best. I finally got him to walk properly on the leash. I finally got him to the point where I can put my hand in his bowl of food & he loves to be hand fed. But “leave it” isn’t going so well and if a treat falls on the floor, I had better keep my fingers out of his way. I don’t know if I will ever get him past these issues but I keep trying.

  6. Jan Hankins

    I challenge you, Zak George, to teach an Irish Wolfhound to fetch. I tried and it was a miserable failure. I was unhappy and frustrated and my Wolfhound wasn’t having fun and was frustrate. I quit. I’m certainly not a professional trainer by any stretch, so perhaps my method was wrong. Just would like to see if someone can get a Wolfhound to fetch happily.

  7. Justin Cotton

    Which frisbee is that? Any favorites?

  8. Gina Smith

    love your videos! You’re the reason I refused to ever get a shock collar or prong collar for my dog when I got him! I have a 145lb mastiff and have trained him without ever resorting to pain methods. Thank you!

  9. RandyFPV

    This biggest crime ever committed against the people. CRIMEDEMIC!!! Some real facts about the covid crimedemic.

  10. Hope Yerkes

    If Inertia gets tired half way through fetch, half way through bringing it back, what do you do? Try to get her to continue bringing the frisbee back? Let her lay down and not bring it back?

  11. Alpha Bain'š

    These dogs are awesome, look at this dude how he ensures dog’s behavior

  12. Nala Bear

    This is great! I have a pretty big park that’s usually empty and gated so itll be an amazing way to practice this.

  13. Stephanie Saunders

    The first two minutes is Zak flexing how smart Inertia is lol I’m here for it!

  14. Caedmon Calbero

    I love when you relate her to your past dogs! Need more videos of your previous doggos:)

  15. Jasmine Jiang

    I love your intro it goes so well with the words and music and pictures and i also got your book!

  16. Fabio Tiburzi

    Where is Tiberius? 🙂
    I’d love to see more videos with him

  17. Samantha Dulgar

    My 3 month old yorkie won’t let anyone groom him he goes into this scream of death any suggestions ???

  18. Dead Chill

    I wish I had a dog I want a gsd

  19. Aman dur

    Hi, Iam from India what is the time there?

  20. Sasia Kosinska

    My 12 week old puppy, also a border collie gets a bit crazy and growls after too much play. He’s starting to teeth and his bites during this time are getting a bit concerning. I’m hoping he’s not gonna be aggressive and he just needs a nap or time out 😔

  21. Darlena Akin

    Hey zak I got a new puppy, he is a pug. He is high energy and runs, jumps and bites me all the time. He will grab my dresses and tug them, if I try to pet him or pick him up he bites. He has drawn blood many times. I got him to sit but other tricks and calmness seem impossible to teach to him! Do you have any advice? I have a 4 mon tr h old son and another baby on the way and I want to be able to keep him but I cant have him biting the babies. Hes already scratched my son twice. He has been neutered. Please help!

  22. Yunalesca

    Good job Inertia ! I am so lucky my australian sheperd instinctively knew how to play fetch I just had to reinforce the behavior. Love your videos <3

  23. Olvin Rodriguez

    I’m getting my dog in 3 days

  24. Gabby Getkate

    I love my dog and want to train her but she’s 1 yrs I’m scared it’s too late I’ve been told it is,is it? Also love the video!!

  25. jkg2754

    Our Cane Corso shows no interest in fetching anything. He will go after things sometimes but never wants to bring it back .

  26. Alysani01

    This is one of the only things on your channel i disagree with, and im not trying to hate on him im just explaining why i disagree. I never try to teach a dog an extremely important behavior when they are tired from running around. for example leash walking. My boy when he is suuuper tired will walk just fine on a leash but the next day when i try to walk him as exercise he just goes insane and tries to pull. So basically when i thought he was learning to walk nice he was actually just too tired to try and go after all the fun smells and sights. If you want to teach a dog something then dont make them so tired they dont even bother to do their normal (bad) behavior, because then you cant teach them. im sure its different for every dog but this is just my experience with this. of course though if you just want your dog to be quiet and leave you alone for a few hours this is a good way to do it.

  27. Georgia

    I thought I was early
    I was the 89th comment
    Oh well
    Hi Zak 🙂

  28. ronnette harvey

    I know this is going to sound crazy but my Dog forced me to play ball. My last Dog never played with toys at all so in 16 years I only bought about 5 things but this boy demands toys or he steals my things. So I must keep him satisfied. When I got balls for him he would take them up the handicap ramp and roll them down but now he is four months and much bigger and wants to run a long way so he brings the toy to me and pushed the toys on my legs till I throw it. I’ve had to run in the house and shut the door so I can have a break!!!

  29. My Sweet Scottie

    I REALLY want to teach my Scottie frisbee!! Lol I think his legs are too short though !

  30. My Sweet Scottie

    Loving the intro !!

  31. Aaditya Solse 8B

    The thing is i have tried every trick you told but my dog doesn’t do anything he just watches my hand full of treats …………But when i tried with my friends dog it wroked soo idk what to do.

  32. Rebecca Wiltzen

    Can you make a step to step guide on how to teach fetch?? Nothing seems to be working for my pup🤦🏽‍♀️

  33. Prasun Kunwar

    And can you please see your Instagram dms

  34. Prasun Kunwar

    I love your vids

  35. littlebee93

    Love your videos! Would love to see a video on tripaweds (3 legged dogs).

  36. leafXstrom

    Ill try this!
    My dog is so energetic and wont stay still.

  37. WIIZ OB

    i think the dog is forced to catch 😂

  38. Droxxzy

    My Rottweiler puppy has so much Energy i can play fetch with her for 30 min and she will still be running up and down the house

  39. MSC

    Whoever is Reading this:
    Your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it.
    Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it.
    Your heart isn’t a door don’t shut it.
    Your life isn’t a movie don’t pause it.
    Your brain isn’t a computer don’t turn it off.
    You’re beautiful.
    Be you.. Stay Safe

  40. Sarah Walker

    Getting my black Labrador puppy in a couple of days and your videos have helped so much!! I may have watched all of your inertia videos in less than a week… oops, THANKYOU from Australia ✨

  41. Reginald Oheneba Atta-Kesson

    zak george should get 1 billion subs cause there are billions of untrained dogs out there.

  42. Слични но различни

    I want a dog and i think i will get one in the next year and i found your account and I think it will help a lot

  43. Deshan Hewavithana


  44. PK Yang

    I’m getting my German shepherd puppy next month. It’s my first time getting a big dog so I’m excited to train him.

  45. McKenna Rickabaugh

    In terms of this rigorous exercise for dogs, how often do you do this a day? I have a four month old German Shepherd dog and we exercise her with fetch in the mornings for half hour to an hour, but then she always gets the zoomies around 4-5:00 at night. Is it ok to exercise her a lot at such a young age?

  46. Imogen Downie

    thanks for all the tips and tricks Zak!!!!
    It’s really helped me with my two crazy pups

  47. Carolina Massironi Berchez

    I would love to have a place like this to play with my dog.
    Dog parks here are very rare and full of other dogs. And other places usually are not dog friendly.

  48. Titan Of Titans

    Wish my Doberman could focus like this. He’s 100% enthusiasm and play is more important than everything.

  49. Freezeray813

    Guess who is back in town this should help me a lot was making a Minecraft Jedi and all just had to stop.

    Ok mybe not lol Tyson Zak

  50. Rainbow Cat25

    Just got a dog a little while ago and this has helped a lot

  51. MacKenzy Studios

    Can you make a video on how to teach fetch, like having the dog actually catch it? I understand it takes a lot of time and effort to have a fluid game, but I really don’t know how to get my dog interested in a frisbee and bringing it back. She’s a 6 year old Weimaraner who’s strengths are hunting and running, so I don’t know how I can use that, especially when there are no dog parks near me and I can’t get a long leash because my parents don’t know what good it’ll do.

  52. Victoria -

    I’ve been following you since videos with Indie and who let the dogs out etc and it’s so amazing to see Intertia doing so well – how did she grow up so fast?! Should be moving in the next year or so and want a dog so badly then! Thanks for all the tips and tricks ❤️

  53. Shivam Kapoor

    Hey sir love from india

  54. Nellija Grocka

    Zak, can you make a video of your morning routine and a night routine?

  55. Madeline Richardson

    Just adopted a ~1yo from the shelter! Your videos are really helping!

  56. Madeline Richardson

    Inertia’s grown so much! 😭 So proud!

  57. Brittany Hatfield Alexandria Estrada

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  58. Leslie Villegas

    It’s been a year? Time flies so fast!! She’s almost going to be 2 🥺. Thank you for these videos they help me A LOT in getting a puppy soon!

  59. Derakos Zrux

    Long-time fan I was watching your videos six years ago when I got my GSD Stella. You really turned me from ok to pretty good. After some basic clarification on terms she really became an avid fetcher and it was our daily activity for years. Unfortunately she tore an ACL a couple years ago and we couldn’t have it fixed, partially because it seemed unrealistic she wouldn’t hurt it again because of some quirks she has.

    Now she can’t really do anything without hurting it so I’m looking at amputation but it’s still outside my budget right now. I hope to be able to have it done early next year. I think it has really hurt her feelings that our relationship has essentially changed so much and she doesn’t understand why.

    Sorry for the shpeel guess I just needed to get it off my chest.

  60. Gertrude Lamb

    I’m Single 😍😥


    Fabulous!! 😁😁Thank you !

  62. Molly Dog

    I love that you take her leash off now! I am impressed with how good she is. I have friends with nightmare border collies

  63. Shane Revill

    I love this series!
    Poppy, our 2 year old Collie, is not interested in the slightest with playing fetch, but she is so agile and energetic that I might try her again to see if she takes to it 😊

  64. William Robillard


  65. joey97007

    Thank you for stressing paitence while training your dog. People expect instant results when its just not realistic!

  66. Jash Modi

    Dont have a dog or any other pet but love to watch ur videos..

  67. Matthew Hernandez

    You posted this video the second I was going to get my dog

  68. Gopika Kathu

    Hi zak l am your new subscriber few days ago l got a street puppy l am trying to train him but he never listens to anyone but l will try training him by watching your video❤love from lndia

  69. The Golden Otty

    Goodjob❤️❤️❤️, Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously never owned a dog.❤️🙏🙏

  70. Subhashree Mohapatra

    Hello… How to solve biting problem of dog? My Labrador is 4.5 mnths now

  71. Simran Khurana

    i literally have pile of homework to complete but even if i dont have a dog i see your videos.. love them

  72. Даша Ян

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  73. Siddeswara's Dogs

    I got a border collie pup and we watch your videos together and she comes and licks the screen when she sees Inertia 😂

  74. Sheila Long

    How hard is it to train a mini dachshund ?

  75. yash nalawat

    Hi zak you are amazing

  76. Raneem Saher

    I really love your vids

  77. IslandBrosCo.

    We’re getting a miniature schnauzer puppy in 2 weeks. Your videos are so informative!

  78. Jerman Gomez

    Is there a video of how to potty train my dog

  79. Bibo Bibo

    Ily soooooooo muuchhhhhhhhh dont atop

  80. Eggz Gaming

    I got a lab a second ago plz give some tips 😊

  81. Lazer Lord15

    I’m learning to train a dog form this Chanel

  82. Livie Bills

    Love your tips and tricks with inertia. She is so well trained. I’ve watched all your videos. I got a new aussie puppy and your videos help me so much!!

  83. Aimee Foxworthy

    Thank you so much for this series! My family and I are planing on getting a puppy soon! I am much more prepared for this exsiting experience! Thank you!!!!

  84. Lazer Lord15

    I love this chsnnel

  85. LT Boss

    Zak you should make more videos about getting a dog from a shelter. Too many people just assume everyone gets their dog from a breeder. Also, I’ve been looking for a good dog from a shelter for a while and it’s hard so talk about that too. Sometimes shelters are very non inclusive and a first time owner like me or someone without a fenced in yard can’t get one from a shelter because they are too strict with their requirements. I think more people need to know about things like this

  86. Jerman Gomez

    You’re really good tips for me to train my dog

  87. Mr Reyath

    Im still scared of getting a puppy lol, i dont understand how people go pet new dogs 🙁

  88. Sam Parker

    Hey Zak I love your videos! Can you make a video about how to convert members of your family to the modern training methods instead of old training that is more harsh? Thanks!

  89. Sam Parker

    Hey Zak I love your videos! Can you make a video about how to convert members of your family to the modern training methods instead of old training that is more harsh? Thanks!

  90. Sam Parker

    Hey Zak I love your videos! Can you make a video about how to convert members of your family to the modern training methods instead of old training that is more harsh? Thanks!

  91. Emilia The Husky

    I love your videos! You inspired me to make my own husky channel! I hope to be as big as you soon. Thank you for posting such good content🥰

  92. Mochii


  93. #Triple Threat's Tutorials

    We love your training method!

  94. Amica Ray♡

    Early!! Also I love these tips! I just got a 8 wk old lab and rottie mix 🙂

  95. zade ahlat

    like if this guy always helps u

  96. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Yay thank you you hellped me a lot and I hope you guys to

  97. #Directionerforlife

    Hey love ya 😙😘❤❤

  98. Snorkable

    hi zak, can you make a video on beagles because they are much different than other dogs. they much more stubborn

  99. The Randumbness of Cola

    yay, i have been looking forward to this

  100. NYA Cuddles

    You have helped me with training my golden so much!

  101. Sanjay S

    Love your tips. The timing lined up nicely when you got inertia and I got mine

  102. Stitch Thealien_123


  103. yash patel

    Thx for this series
    Just got an 8 week old Golden Retriever
    Helps a lot

  104. Kacie Griffith

    I love you so much you help me so much with my new puppy!😍

  105. Dawn Pesz

    I love this guy!

  106. Thomas A Camel


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