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Testicular Swelling in Dogs | Wag!

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Testicular swelling occurs in male dogs with no preference for any specific breed. Epididymitis is most often found in adult-aged dogs. However, it can occur at any age. Testicular swelling is very easy to diagnose at home, as you will be able to identify the change in size in your dog’s testicles; however, you must bring your dog to a veterinarian for immediate attention in order to ascertain the cause and severity of the condition and seek treatment. While there are several possible causes associated with testicular swelling, the most common cause for testicular swelling is trauma from an injury to the scrotal area.

Male dogs can suffer from orchitis, an inflammation of the testes in which one or both testicles become hard and swollen, or epididymitis, an inflammation of the testicular tube that contains sperm.

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