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Ten essential dog toys

There is a vast toy world waiting for your dog to explore and eliminate. Fortunately, we are here to help you avoid going home and find the completely deconstructed remains of the toy that just arrived yesterday. It looks so charming and fluffy.

It may be a challenge to cause a sensation among the cute plush toys, countless kinds of ball and frisbee animals, and attract your attention.

We have eliminated the confusion and provided you with ten must-have dog toys and some bonus toys.

First of all, here are some reasons to buy dog ​​toys:

  • exercise
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Relieve stress
  • Bonding
  • Dental care

Types of toys

Not only can toys blend with your dog, they can also bring more fun. They can be effectively used as training tools and even as meal providers. If your dog will be alone for a long time, toys may be particularly useful.

Distraction toy

Although we desire to be with our dogs, sometimes they want to play at the most inappropriate time. In this case, distracting toys may be useful. The most common scatter toys are chew toys, and you will have no shortage of options in this area.

Creative snack distribution toys are the best choice to keep dogs active for a long time. These toys are very useful for entertaining and training your dog to show his/her brain muscles.

Training toys

Although almost every toy can be used for training purposes, some toys have been specifically designed as training tools for dogs. An interesting example is Trixie Pet Toys, whose purpose is to seek a therapeutic strategy game. You place the snack in the toy, and your dog must figure out what he needs to press to reveal the snack. Trixie has various games with different difficulty levels.

Fetch toys

Fetching toys is suitable for you to play with your dog. The most common toys are balls and frisbees.

Tug of war toy

Sometimes you will hear controversy about whether you should play tug-of-war with dogs. Tug of war may be a fun game for your dog, but be sure to teach a command word to end the game. Also, try to use specific toys for this game so that your dog does not think that every toy is for dragging. West Paw’s Bumi with Zogoflex is a durable and pleasant tug toy, but it is not listed below.

Durability is king

There is nothing worse than buying a dog toy. Within an hour, you will turn your head to look at the scattered remains that you think are wise. To avoid this is to know how your dog will interact with certain toys. Usually, if each plush toy is alone with a dog that likes to chew, it will eventually die of chaotic death.

The possible problem is that your dog has ingested something that shouldn’t be ingested, such as plastic screams, which is interesting for them.

When considering the purchase of toys, durability is the first two reasons to consider: nothing is more important than the safety of dogs; and what is the point of buying toys for less than a day?

Without delay, here are the top ten must-have dog toys, and finally some honorable mentions:

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10. Chuckit! squirrel

Frisbee is a must-have dog toy for most dogs and Chuckit! The flying squirrel has a unique design that makes it higher than other flying discs on the market.

Technically speaking, squirrels are not frisbees at all. The toy has four outstretched paws and a toy raised backward, just like a squirrel flying from tree to tree. This unique aerodynamic design brings maximum lift and compared with traditional flying discs, it also makes the toy easier to pick up on the ground.

Bonus toy: There is also an indoor squirrel with a smaller and lighter design, but it is equally popular among dog owners and the price does not exceed $7.


Kong Wobbler is a classic interactive dispensing toy that can provide hours of pleasurable attention and can stand the test of time.

The shaky upper part falls off and quickly fills up with coarse grits or snacks. Then, your dog must knock the swinger big enough to get good things out of the holes on the side. The shaking motion brings endless entertainment to you (the viewer) and your dog.

Depending on the size, the wobbler can also be used to feed your dog a meal.

8. West Claw Zogoflex evening dress-interactive treats with dog chew toys

The toy almost checks whether there is the dog toy you want in every box. First, it is very durable. This toy is very suitable for aggressive chewing. The fun of the evening dress comes from its unique shape, which makes it rebound unexpectedly. Most importantly, it is interactive and attractive to your dog.

Some work needs to be done, but does your dog want to play? Fill it up with some candies, bounce, and release yourself on the ground while treating your dog to a fun and interesting game. West Paw’s Zogoflex is made in the United States, is dishwasher safe, and 100% guarantees that the manufacturer will not harm dogs.

The reason why we ranked it ahead of the wobbler is because of interesting factors. When a wobbly person is usually still, a tuxedo is fun, and your dog will bounce around the room because he tries to throw everything off.

Can provide large and small.

7. Omega Prick Tricky Treat Ball

The never-ending tricky snack ball is like a west claw tuxedo, which can exercise both the dog’s body and the brain. The tricky hospitality ball is ranked higher than the evening dress because it has a higher replay value. It is also difficult to take out the snacks. Tricky Treat Ball not only brings greater challenges to your dog but also distracts them.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

6. KONG Kink Raccoon

A common theme on this list is versatility. Provide toys for multiple purposes or with multiple playable parts.

The KONG Scrunch knot raccoon has a unique design, which is characterized by stitching the appearance of a stuffed animal on a multi-knotted rope.

Eventually, the raccoon will probably tear off the knotted rope, but if you don’t tuck it in, you will be a mess. Now, your dog can use two different toys.

5. Outward hound’s tail teaser

Outward Hound’s TailTeaser is a popular toy, perfect for indoor sports.

TailTeaser comes with two plush squeaky toys attached to the end of the nylon rope you control with a pole. By bouncing toys around TailTeaser, imitate the prey and dazzle your dog with realistic movements.

TailTeaser can be a useful training tool for teaching your dog to let go as ordered without having to grab amusement toys.

4. Outward hound hidden squirrel dog toy

Squirrel skin is one of the most highly-rated toys we have ever seen, which makes sense. Not only is the little squirrel undoubtedly cute, but this toy is an interactive brain teaser for the dog, and the squirrel is an interesting acquisition target.

Amazon’s choice: “boring dog toy”.

Honorable mention: ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Cave

3. Nylabone Original Dura Chew

Nylabone won third place due to its extremely high durability. No matter how durable certain toys are claimed, certain dogs can usually find a way to eliminate them over time. Destroying toys will not only cause confusion when burning holes in your pockets but most importantly, the destroyed toys are a safety hazard for your dog. The value of almost indestructible toys cannot be overstated.

Nylabone comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. The original product is an add-on product stolen on Amazon for less than $6.

2. Hong Kong

The original KONG is a classic must-have toy for dog owners. Due to its unique shape, KONG will bounce in unpredictable directions, providing your dog with endless hours of chasing entertainment.

KONG stands out for its versatility and durability. KONG is rarely destroyed and can also be used as a snack dispenser.

Staff tip: Sometimes when I leave home for a few hours, and I know that my dog ​​might be eating dinner, I will stuff a circle of coarsely ground KONG and put some peanut butter on it to seal the food.

Available in various sizes.

1. Chuckit! Dog ball launcher

There is no more useful dog toy than Chuckit! Dog ball launcher. Pack with durable Chuckit! For tennis, this launcher is perfect for use with other tennis balls around the yard or any other 2.5 inch ball.

The launcher not only allows you to throw the ball much farther than you, but it also saves pressure on your arms and makes it easy to pick up the ball from the ground.

When I sit down, my dog ​​has an incredible ability to throw the ball beyond my reach, and being with me with the transmitter is invaluable for keeping a good time. I don’t mind, it allows me to exercise her in a comfortable chair.

Another great benefit is that using the launcher can keep your hands clean, which is great after a long lobbying game.

Chuckit has multiple benefits! The dog ball launcher ranks first on the list because of the unlimited value it provides.

Reward toy

There are too many dog ​​balls on the market, it is difficult to prove which dog ball can be ranked in the top ten, but my personal favorite is Planet Dog’s Orbee Tuff style ball.

The snowball is always a fun and durable toy, although the 3-inch snowball is heavier than other Orbee balls. One notable feature of Snowball is its incredible durability. Its unique shape can also make jumping fun.

For the darker Orbee Tuff ball, your dog personally likes this 2.5-inch ball infused with peppermint oil to make it brighter.

Homemade toys

Some of the most interesting toys may be old objects around the house. Tennis is a timeless classic loved by dogs, and it is very suitable for use with Chuckit! launcher. You can buy a bag of 18 durable balls for less than $13 here.

Another toy that some dogs can have fun with is an old deflated basketball. They are durable and a fun and safe chew toy.

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