Teach Your Puppy To Fetch - Retriever Training
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Teach Your Puppy To Fetch – Retriever Training

Welcome to Standing Stone Kennels!

In this video, we are going to introduce Sprig to retrieving with a simple hallway exercise. Follow along to learn some helpful tips for teaching your dog to retrieve.

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8 Thoughts to “Teach Your Puppy To Fetch – Retriever Training”

  1. Dorris Tuff

    thanks for this video! you give me inspiration to make a new puppy training video for my channel, thanks

  2. Ethan Hale

    Is the yellow bumper the large or small DT bumper?

  3. Deniz Bakirci

    Make a video on potty training

  4. Tara Horton

    Shared and liked y’all o everything.

  5. Shawn Wood

    When training your puppy is it ok to have more than one person doing the training with a clicker? Also, you folks make some great videos, best out there in my opinion! I will be using your techniques on our GSP pup, so thank you for the videos!

  6. Marc Walter

    Do you think playing fetch with a puppy, then playing fetch with other objects as he gets older, you can avoid force fetch training? Also, is he to young to start using a fetch command? My thoughts, is nope on the fetch command.

  7. Brian Fisher

    Great video, my 12 week old does the same thing. Or just lays down and wants to chew on the bumper. Keep the instruction coming, I love it.

  8. Jason Petik

    I used this with my DD and it has worked great. I started with some of his toys and as he showed interested in the retrieving I moved to the winged bumper.

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