Teach Your Puppy To Fetch And LOVE To Bring The Toy Back - Professional Dog Training Tips

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Teach Your Puppy To Fetch And LOVE To Bring The Toy Back – Professional Dog Training Tips

Have you wondered how to teach your puppy to fetch so they LOVE to bring the toy back? One of the most popular outdoor activities any dog owner can share with their dog is to play a game of fetch. The only problem is, that a lot of dogs don’t truly understand how they are supposed to play the game! All too often we see dogs running around their owner with a toy in their mouth, bringing it just close enough that the owner will try to get it, and their dog zooms away. It’s almost like the dog knows exactly how long their owner’s arms are;) In this video Kayl McCann will quickly teach you how to get your puppy to retrieve their favorite toy for you. And how to stop your dog from running around you with a toy in their mouth!

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48 Thoughts to “Teach Your Puppy To Fetch And LOVE To Bring The Toy Back – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. McCann Dog Training

    Does your dog love to fetch the toy, but they aren’t so keen on dropping it? Then this video is for you: How To Teach Your Dog To Drop Things –
    Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  2. tricia portugal

    This is a great idea, I can’t to try this with my puppy.

  3. Cindy Mello

    When I first got my dog (GSD/Doberman mix), we tried tennis balls at the dog park. My last dog–who was also my first dog–was a Lab, so he loved them, and that was what we knew. New dog was uninterested. Two things changed everything: different shapes, and a squeaker. She learned to be interested in fetch with a rope toy, a squeaky bone, and a kid-sized foam football. Now she’ll even chase and retrieve tennis balls! Another thing that helped was that at first, we only played fetch indoors, throwing a really short distance, because indoors was the only time she’d want to play. Then she’d get so interested in the game that if she couldn’t find whatever the toy was, she’d bring random items like a bottle of nasal spray. We’re trying to get her to like frisbees next because she can jump very high.

  4. Alana Meneilly

    As soon as I put the lead on my dog lost interest in the game he would run after it but he never brings it back to me and I don’t know what to do anymore I feel like I’ve tried every method. Does anyone else have the same struggle???

  5. oldgamerchick

    Awesome video great idea. I have been doing this with my 3 mo Border Collie/Kelpie mix. I screwed up and missed an opportunity when I threw the ball the 1st time she brought it and dropped it at my feet. She loves the tug o war at the end.
    Now if I reach for the toy she runs away with it. So I wait for her to put it in my hand snd she will try to jerk it away before I can wrap my fingers around it. She dose this till I successfully get ahold then we tussle till I get control and throw it again and the gamr startd over. She is very mischievous and me being 65 I am not sure who’s smarter. Simple games are very boring so we one up each other. Her name is Chicky which gives me opportunity for many nick names lol. Thank you for such a great series Ms Michal

  6. Kristin MacDougall

    Can you try this with an older dog ? Is she a border collie ?

  7. cemd105

    These are the best training videos…. ever… Thanks for posting, McCann!!!

  8. Cameron Newbury

    Why’s she hitting the dog with her hand?

  9. Ciara Shine

    Hi I’ve only recently got a dog so I’m not an expert but why does she keep slapping the dog when after she throws him . Lovely dog

  10. golemkonty

    when playing tug its a nice idea to let the dog win from time to time.

  11. Judy Weikum Benson

    Thanks for the great idea of having a leash attached to the toy.

  12. Whitehat Whitehat

    damn that dog is fast

  13. Sarah Eiswerth

    What if my dog won’t go to get the ball?

  14. Richard Patton

    Great video. Do you teach your dog to drop a toy and fetch at the same time? If not, which comes first? Will the fetch training have a negative impact on the drop training if done together?

  15. Ryan Gonzalez

    I have a 1 year old mini Aussie he doesn’t like toys and doesn’t want to fetch any suggestions help

  16. Chrissy Simpson

    OMG I’m going to try this.. My pup is only 3 months old and is learning really quickly but I’m having trouble to get him to bring the toy back.. This is amazing thanks…

  17. Rachel Wilder

    My puppy was so good at fetch, such a natural. And I thought he was really enjoying it. We’d play tug, I’d say give and he’d let go, I’d throw it, he’d bring it right back, we’d play tug, and so on. He did that for a couple weeks and it was so easy and fun. And then he stopped bringing it all the way back. I will try this technique of putting a leash on the toy. If I were to run the opposite direction, I”m pretty sure my puppy would lose interest and go off to do his own thing. I will try that also, though.

    So that I don’t keep doing it wrong, I’m wondering, what I did wrong to make him not want to bring it back to me. I really thought he was excited and enjoying all of it.

  18. Debra Levesque

    I need a toy like that one too LOl

  19. G J

    Chamois Demister Pad tied to a shoe lace, my 5 month old GSD loves it.

  20. Amber Mawji

    Absolutely love your videos! I’m addicted and have learned so much more with your videos than with any other. What do you recommend if your dog really doesn’t want to bring the toy back? I leash the toy so she can’t play keep away but when I bring the toy back to me on the line, I’m practically having to drag my dog back to me. I’ve tried being exciting and running back to encourage her to bring it back but it always ends up with me dragging her back to me to play tug when she’s caught it. I have two pups that love to play but I’ve never been successful in incentivizing them to bring it back to me for a game of tug.

  21. Moosk Here

    Actually probably shouldn’t tug when the dog brings the toy back. The dog will then think the game is to keep it from you. It would be better to use a dog who didnt know fetch to see the method of how to teach it. Duh

  22. Willow Ridge

    What if you need to teach retrieve but they don’t like toys at all? Service dog’s need to retrieve even if they don’t want to…so there has to be a way.

  23. Sheila Harris

    What is the name of that toy? Can you get it on Amazon?

  24. Cooper the Dachshund

    When should you start not giving treats for tricks

  25. Cooper the Dachshund

    My lab only does down in the arena i practice I went to a different place an should we not do it it took a couple of times then I went back to the spot she does it in but she only did it the 3rd time or 2nd help

  26. Cooper the Dachshund

    With a trick say the fort stall when the learn it do they jump up on you feet every time you put thi]em up wanting them to do the trick will they do it ?

  27. Cooper the Dachshund

    If you do a trick say if you wanted to do hand signals and commands at you only aloud to do one way

  28. Khader Bandak

    Do you think my 3 months old GSD would learn to fetch?

  29. Loren Ellis

    You should explain how you get Bee to actually give you the toy & “drop it.” It looks like he easily brings it back, but then, puts up a bit of a fight everytime you try to take it. You don’t really show your “drop it” command…. and in one instance, it looks like you cut that part short & then continued the scene after you already have the toy. My dog has no problem bringing something back to me, it’s the letting it go & relinquishing control of the item once he returns that gives me trouble. More explanation on this would be helpful. Great video!

  30. James Taylor

    Our new puppy (6 mo. old) likes living room fetch but we can’t get her interested in outdoor, no matter what toy we use to entice her, she is much more interested in smelling every square inch of the yard and eating as many twigs as possible.

  31. McCann Dog Training

    If you’re still struggling with teaching your dog to fetch, we have another video that will show you exactly how to build value on bringing that toy back to you, by playing another game! Link HERE:

  32. R W

    i’d be impressed if this video was you teaching a dog that wasn’t already bringing the toy back

  33. Grumdy

    I wish I could find dog training videos where they teach tricks to dogs that *aren’t* Border Collies. Teaching a Border Collie how to play fetch must be as difficult as teaching Einstein long division. I’d be more convinced this method works, and respect the trainer more, if they were doing it with literally any other dog breed.

  34. Miranda Moreno

    Yeah what if your dog is a 2 month old chihuahua how does this work

  35. Qalb Abbas

    How much time.it’lltake?

  36. Cynthia Sterling

    I’m sorry but it looks like that could be rough for the dogs teeth, the way you jerk him around. I have 2 dogs who loved to play tug a war with the stuffed animals. I thought it was cute until I noticed blood on the toy, which was coming from one dogs tooth. I no longer let them play that game.

  37. Charles Li

    I really like the cheerful sweet voice you talk to Beeline with.

  38. Tana Tanaki

    Best dog training video’s! My dog takes the toy and runs away, or don’t let it afterwards. Now I will do like you do.Thank you so much.

  39. Alma Fong

    I watch and love your show but it makes me feel discouraged. My pup is two years old and while she can do many things her recall is terrible and most of the time when I call her name she doesn’t even look at me.

  40. jsadecki1

    Ah I t was a sneaky unexpected intro, good work aha

  41. Maureen Snider

    My puppy enjoys a toy tire for her retrieving play. I roll it on the ground and she chases along until she cuts it off or it bounces off something.

  42. MakaniValur

    With my very food motivated little dog, I got one of these retrieving dummies that store treats deep inside them. They’re impossible to get to without opposable thumbs and once my dog had worked that out he took it to me for help – every time he brought it I’d get a treat out for him. He learned fetch in a few minutes and we’ve been playing it ever since.
    My mum’s dog meanwhile isn’t interested in food and doesn’t seem to understand the bringing it back portion of fetch. Going to try the leash trick shown in this video to see if t works for him. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  43. Lucija Mršić

    Thank you so much for this video! I will try it…

  44. redsherbet

    Will any dog enjoy fetch?

  45. Piano by Daniel

    i love that toy i have one <3

  46. Kodie Levine

    What a great video. I love the energy. I love how Beeline jumps up to you hands when she is bringing her ball back. Can I ask what size Holy Roller you are using. Snap is my pup and her favorite thing to retrieve is her metal food dish she used as a puppy. I think she likes the sound it makes when it hits my tile floors.

  47. McCann Dog Training

    Is there one toy that your dog LOVES to retrieve? Is there a toy that changed the game of fetch for you and your dog? We’d love to hear about it!

  48. EssieGirl85

    When my border collie was a pup he loved toilet roll tubes haha. He didn’t seem to like other toys that much, but loved these.
    He’s now into frisbee. But he ends up biting his tongue quite often 🙈

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