Teach Your Puppy STAY in 5 Minutes - Puppy Training

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Teach Your Puppy STAY in 5 Minutes – Puppy Training

Lesson 7 with Max the Akita starts out with a short engagement routine I teach my dogs. This helps the dog engage with me. This works whether its a puppy or adult dog. Once the dog is engaged with me, I can start training. So in this video lesson you get two lessons in one. First the engagement and then the LESSON on STAY.

The FULL member lesson on this is 20 minutes long and only available at:

Teaching a puppy to stay is no easy task because puppies want to be near us. BUT, we have to get them to understand what it is we need and why.

To teach this I use a platform to make “breaking the stay” very obvious.

Be sure to watch all the other videos in this series. This is Lesson 7.

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10 Thoughts to “Teach Your Puppy STAY in 5 Minutes – Puppy Training”

  1. Robert Cabral

    Check the complete course and more on my site:

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    So much information on your web site. The difference in drives between the 2 puppies is interesting to see. Even after decades of training dogs I find it fascinating to observe canine behaviours. Thank you .

  3. Haley Bunker

    The other dog is beautiful and gorgeous!🥰🦮🥰

  4. Haley Bunker

    What a beautiful gorgeous dog!🥰🦮🥰

  5. Macedonian GangsteR

    Love to see Max again, is he doing good about his reactivity on other dogs in walks?

  6. Shannon Davidson

    What a good student.

  7. Von Ragnar Nicaragua

    Thanks Robert. More of these practical vids please. Love what you do

  8. Leon Bosset

    Goood, but I’m confused because the word STAY was never uttered.

  9. Donald 🐾

    Mr. Robert. Outstanding knowledge video like always my friend,Please Go live 🔜 Q & A . Your fans appreciate always look forward to it

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