Teach Your Dog to HEEL Competition Style
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Teach Your Dog to HEEL Competition Style

Teach your dog to heel competition-style takes a little more work than just getting your dog to do a loose leash walk. In this video lesson, I give you some tips to get that fancy AKC IPO Obedience style heel. There are a couple of tools that may help you achieve an even better result and I address one of them in this video.

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Happy Training!

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21 Thoughts to “Teach Your Dog to HEEL Competition Style”

  1. Robert Cabral

    The FULL 15+ minute version of this lesson and many more are available on my site at:

  2. Jacob Bali

    Tried this with my six month old shepherd fox terrier mix and it worked instantly, thank you so much Robert!

  3. Alex Xela

    Thanks, but this is more like polishing the heel than teaching the heel.

  4. R E Malm

    … Mia … youre a beautiful lady … you go girl …

  5. terrierized

    Great tip with the corrective tap to focus. She loves you, good old girl 👏

  6. saramations

    Maya is a good girl. Very good looking. 🐶

  7. Wouter Visser

    Again great content Robert! Good job 🙂

    A small non related question. In a lot of positive only circles I read the opinion that there are no dominant dogs. Just dominant behaviour. What is your opinion on that?

  8. Saaba Stapleton

    A soon as ya boy gets paid, im signing up!!

  9. Daisai Gaming

    cancelled my subscription after watching this.

  10. Miss Mai

    I learn more from your videos than expensive dog training class that I singed up 😅😂

  11. Alain bourrien

    Bonjour sa serai sympa si c était en français

  12. Optimus Prime

    Does the dog strain its neck like that?

  13. Sylke Bambilke

    the tambour I also did to my hedog, but with the umbrella

  14. The Jindo Man

    Hahaha @ 1.20 Robert “Maya, Fuss!” Maya “Hmm, Hmm” – what a darling with her GSD “talk”. Really like the idea of using the riding crop to guide the dog. Thanks for this vid.

  15. Lives of dogs تدريب كلاب

    Excellent work … Thanks for all

  16. Donald Dj

    MR. ROBERT, Thanks 🙏


    hello sir robert im audz from philippines and working here at saudi arabia as a dog observer🥰

  18. Nathan Mayhew

    Hi, love the videos they’ve been so helpful with our 7 month border collie. Do you have any tips for keeping her closer to us when on walks? She likes to wonder fairly far when she has been off leash. We do use a long line when out now as we are working on multiple things but would like to know if there’s a specific thing to do in order to teach her to stay closer?

  19. Law Enforcement Today.com

    Love seeing Maya again, what a beautiful lady!

  20. A

    Love Maya’s chattering, is this considered a penalty in a trial if she chatters excessively ?

    Also thanks for the left turn,right turn tip, never really thought of it that way. Will practice more, my dog tends to get ahead of me.

  21. Ricardo Orozco

    Hey thanks for the video is okay to have my dog heal on the right side of me thanks?

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