Teach Your Dog to Be Confident

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Teach Your Dog to Be Confident

The number ONE thing that all dogs need is confidence. Insecure dogs are a huge risk. After a session of training I noticed that Rio would always roll onto his back when I (or anyone) went to pet him. Cheri, Harold and I talked about this for a while, and I address it in this video.

Building confidence in your dog is one of the best training gifts you’ll give him. Confidence will go a long way to building a happy dog. Many people will argue that a dog being submissive is a good thing, and it can be. But a dog that thinks he should always go into a submissive posture can lose his confidence. I want my dogs to be confident, happy and secure. In this video I give some simple steps to accomplish this.

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15 Thoughts to “Teach Your Dog to Be Confident”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Confidence is so important. He even lip licks , lots of dog body language. Great lesson to show. : )

  2. Theresa w

    You the man!

  3. Jaime Miller

    Thanks for this! Great info!

    I would love to also see some videos how to address a dog who lacks confidence, but is not submissive and instead barks or growls out of fear

  4. Viking Dogmanship aka Freya Hundepensjonat

    100% 👍 Dogs are opportunist and will take advantage of a situation! A clear and understandable message Mr. Cabral! Well done!

  5. Lukas Sorber

    My dog doesn’t roll onto his back with other people, but he does this with my wife and I when he’s excited to see us after we come home from work. Not necessarily a confidence problem, right, Robert or should I be not allowing that? He’s a Neutered Husky/shep/pit mix

  6. Von Ragnar Nicaragua

    These real time training vids with real dog owners and real time explanations of the dog language help out tremendously. Keep em coming

  7. Rico4you

    Great video! That comment “Don’t scold correct” is pure Gold! Confidence builds Leaders. Thanks Robert

  8. Dustin Koehn

    My malinois does the same thing. Partially because my wife taught him that she will scratch his tummy when he does it too….

  9. karin lutz

    Always learning ,thank you! My dog do it a lot while sleeping, feel sorry to wake her.

  10. Gwen Treb'

    What about the situation where your dog is chilling and without any solicitations goes on his back all four paws in the air. Like it happens often when I meet a friend in the street, my dog will go down on his own since he knows he’ll have to wait, then if the discussion last for a little long, more than a few minutes, he’ll start going into this position. For me it means that he’s getting comfortable but maybe I’m misinterpreting ?

    Thanks for your content !

  11. Betsy Maas-Key

    Wonderful lesson that is not always addressed. Confidence training outstanding

  12. Lowrider

    How do I get my German Sheppard to not aggressively bark at someone who approaches us and won’t let anyone pet him right away?

  13. D F

    I did see some stories, news blurbs about electronics sniffing dogs. Acura y data still out. I still little skeptical

  14. Tyler Goudy

    Thanks Robert. Your principles carry over through so many of your videos. Receive behavior you don’t like? Redirect then reward

  15. Laura N

    Maybe that tone the owner uses constantly and the constant “no” taught him low confidence in the first place. He cannot do anything right with this lady.

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