Teach Your Dog SIT DOWN STAND Basic Dog Training OBEDIENCE Positions
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Teach Your Dog SIT DOWN STAND Basic Dog Training OBEDIENCE Positions

Teach your dog SIT, DOWN, and STAND. These are the basic obedience positions for any dog. Most people don’t teach their dogs the correct way, so in this video, I break down the proper way to teach your dog to sit, down, and stand. I use a platform to make it easier on both you and the dog and explain why in the lesson.

All dogs should know how to SIT, DOWN, and STAND. Of all three, the stand is the least taught. This video lesson will walk you through all THREE positions very easily and help your dog learn quickly.

I also cover why we should progress these positions in a certain order and why that is so important.

The complete 24-minute lesson is available in my online training, and where I offer a complete online dog training program for all dogs, ages, drives, and obedience levels.

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17 Thoughts to “Teach Your Dog SIT DOWN STAND Basic Dog Training OBEDIENCE Positions”

  1. Lauri Barck

    Your videos are so helpful! I’m getting an eight week old golden retriever puppy in 2 weeks and I have a question. At what age should I swap a normal collar to a martingale or is it okay to start using it right away?

  2. Francois Schippers

    People always teach sit into down. This makes so much more sense.

  3. Wakandan Spy

    I haven’t seen a video of yours for a few months; the quality! Excellent work Mr. Cabral.

  4. Gypsy Feet

    I love your videos and pod casts! Before a severe head trauma 6 years ago, I helped train people to train their dogs. Lately I’ve been seeing if I have it in me to do it again. When I can’t convey the basics in a way that a person can comprehend it, I share videos. I admire your leadership and how you stress leadership because dogs aren’t for sissies lol.

    My 2 shepskies will be 2 years old on New Years Eve. Despite initial littermate syndrome issues and my scrambled brain, they are well on their ways to passing the public access test so their training patches can come off.

    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. Love from Northwest Montana.

  5. Magearon

    I’ll definitely use this guide! Also, Maya’s looking good!

  6. Nik Ang

    Great exercise Robert! We are going to try it on park bench tomorrow.

  7. Larv Larv

    Nice video , I’m having a really bad problem with my German shepherds and their both females and still little puppy’s one is called roxy and the other one is called mocha.Roxy is more in the aggressive side than mocha.While mocha is more chill and relaxed.when I play with roxy and mocha with toys , roxy would play with the toys then start to focus on mocha and she starts to bite her for fun then roxy starts to get too aggressive and starts snarling and growling.usually I try to break them up before it happens. I love these dogs to death and I’m really in need in some tips.

  8. Renee Nestle

    Thank you so much for teaching us!!


    Thank u, Sir

  10. Vanessa Weis

    Thank you Robert! I really appreciate your time and effort to help us.

  11. Gutierrez, Juan Rafael

    We’re having a bad time during our walk with my dog. She easily get distracted to other dogs anf start getting agressive towards them

  12. Allen Ballard

    That’s really good to take it to the next level.
    Because of your trainings I’ve been able to see my GSD become an amazing therapy dog

  13. Jeannie patterson

    A really good instructor makes the lessons look easy! You are BRILLIANT!!! I love your instructional videos!!!
    Thank you for teaching us!

  14. Steven Scholl

    Robert where can I find one of those elevated pedestals? I’d like to buy one to conduct this training with my dog but haven’t been able to find one anywhere! Closest I’ve gotten is an elevated bed

  15. Samiyah Eaton

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  16. Kingdom K9 Training Academy

    Thank you Robert! Keep em coming. Have a great holiday weekend with the pack!!

  17. n Vidmar

    Thank you for a great video!!!

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