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The Dogs That Are Most Similar to Pitbulls

American Pit Bull Terriers and dogs similar to them can create quite a controversy in the dog-owning world. Some claim that they are the gentlest creatures alive and extremely devoted pets, while others have had difficult encounters with the dogs. If you love the look and the personality of a Pit Bull, it is helpful to know about other dogs that are similar in appearance and have many of the same characteristics. In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that are most similar to Pitbulls. 00:00​ - Intro 00:33​ - American Bulldog 01:07​ - Bull Terrier 01:42​ -…

These Are The 10 Scandinavian Dog Breeds

The Scandinavian region is part of northern Europe, which is universally known to consist of three countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Yet some argue that other areas, like Iceland, should be considered Scandinavian for geological reasons. No matter the actual landmass of Scandinavia, there are several dog breeds known to originate from the area. Scandinavian dogs are typically hard-working and loyal, and they’re efficient when it comes to handling tough terrain and extreme weather conditions. Many Scandinavian dogs were bred to hunt wild animals and manage domesticated livestock. In this video, we have listed the Top 10 Scandinavian Dog Breeds.…

Top 10 Black & Tan Dog Breeds

Black and brown (or tan) is among one of the most striking color combinations found in dogs. The two colors offer a stunning contrast which gives them a regal and smart appearance and once you see a dog of this hue, it’s sure to make an impact. In this video, we’ve listed the Top 10 black and tan dog breeds which are as wonderful in personality as they are in looks. 00:00 - Intro 00:31 - Rottweiler 01:06 - Dachshund 01:28 - Doberman Pinscher 01:53 - Airedale Terrier 02:21 - Miniature Pinscher 02:51 - Beauceron 03:18 - Jagdterrier 03:45 -…

Top 10 Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

PREVIOUS VIDEO: Stay tuned in our Community: What is a physical trait that almost half of the top most popular dog breeds? Pups like the French Bulldog and Boxer have flattened faces with shorter muzzles, called brachycephalic. They differ from what you see in other canines like the German Shepherd or Golden Retriever with their longer snouts. The degree varies across the board. The number of pet owners of these brachycephalic breeds has soared in recent years. There’s a lot of speculation about what is driving it. Some think it’s the shape of the face, which gives their…

Police Dog K9 Decoy Eric Shearer – Episode 70

Talking today with my good buddy and police k9 decoy Eric Shearer (IG) @RXK9training Talking about the ins and outs of bite dogs, protection dogs and police dogs. Getting bit and avoiding getting bit. What are the differences between Ban Dogs and Shepherds when it comes to protection sports and the protection / biting mindset of the various breeds. An awesome conversation. I think you'll love it! #policedogs #ipo #protectiondogs

The 10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Pitbulls.

There is so much controversy these days about Pitbulls. Are they a breed or are they a “type” of dog? Even owners can’t agree. The truth is that American pit bull terriers are in fact a distinct breed, part of a group of working breeds that descended from the Molosser dog. Because of this, they look similar to many other breeds. The true American pit bull terrier is people-friendly to a fault and weighs no more than 60 pounds at the absolute largest. In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that look mostly like Pitbull. THANKS for watching,…

These Are 10 Dog Breeds Most Often Found in Shelters

If you visit a local shelter or large rescue organization to check out the dogs available for adoption, you have probably wondered, “Why do I keep seeing that breed? It’s in all of the shelters?” The assumption may be that dogs of that particular breed may not make a good pet, or maybe it reinforces stereotypes in the media. In this video, we have listed 10 Dog Breeds that are Most Often Found in Shelters. Visit us for Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Pet Care Guides, Dog Behavior Guides, Dog Grooming Guides, Pet Training Guides, etc. here.

10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Babies

Young couples often start out with pets before bringing tiny hoomans into the world. While many pups transition easily into life with babies, others find it difficult to share their homes with a pooping, screaming bundle of need. In this video, we have listed the 10 dog breeds that are widely considered to be good with babies. Visit us here for Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Pet Care Guides, Dog Behavior Guides, Dog Grooming Guides, Pet Training Guides, etc.

These Are Top 10 Manly Dog Breeds

We all know a dog is a man’s best friend, but determining exactly which type of dog fits the “manly” mold can be a bit trickier. In this video, we have listed Top 10 guy-friendly Dog breeds, all of which have varying degrees of courageousness, intelligence, friendliness and skills in the field to make the perfect companion for you or the man in your life. Visit us here for Dog Training, Pet Sitting, Pet Care Guides, Dog Behavior Guides, Dog Grooming Guides, Pet Training Guides, etc.

Top 10 Non-Sporting Dog Breeds

There are definitely some breeds of dogs who excel at sports and agility training, but that's not all we may want in a pup companion. For some of us, a non-sporting dog better fits our needs and lifestyle. These can include hunting or working canine kids, as well as show or lap dogs. Whether you are looking for a big fur buddy to hunt with or a lap dog to cuddle with, In this video, we have listed the top 10 non-sporting dog breeds. Visit us here for Dog Training, Dog Behavior Guides, Dog Grooming Guides, Pet Training Guides, etc.